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“Flash isn’t a fad, it’s an art; and while I hope people can have fun with it, its pursuit should still be taken seriously.”
— Tara L. Masih, editor of Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction

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Name of Author Title of Work Genre Issue
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Jimmy Pappas Jimmy Gets Invited to His First Tea Party Meeting Poem 8
Jimmy Pappas Last Words Poem 8
Jimmy Pappas Pet Peeve Jimmy Poem 8
Pamela Johnson Parker Art Through the Ages: Botticelli Poem 6
Pamela Johnson Parker Wardrobe’s Advice to Norma Jean Poem 6
Pamela Johnson Parker What I Told the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Why They’ll Never Be Back Memoir 11
Nancy Parshall Real Calcutta CNF 10
Nancy Parshall The Neighbors Will Take the Chickens Flash Fiction 5
Nancy Parshall Where the Piano Stood Flash Fiction 6
Gabriel Patterson The Here & Now Haibun 6
Lynn Pattison Desert Isle Motel 1975 Prose Poem 9
Lynn Pattison I planted it under a giant cypress Prose Poem 9
Lynn Pattison Remember how droplets skittered the frypan? Poem 8
Lynn Pattison Three Excerpts From The Meaning of Flowers (Alstroemeria; Daisy; Poppy) Prose Poems 9
Lynn Pattison Two Stories [Obituary; and Obituary II] Micro-Fiction 8
Matthew Paul Adjudication Report and Commentaries for KYSO Flash HTP Contest 2016 Nonfiction 6
Michael Paul Sarajevo, June 28, 1914 Haibun 4
Amy Penne Gephyrophobia Prose Poem 1
Michelle Perez Reflections in a Diner Window Pane Poem 5
Richard King Perkins II Natural Deceptions Poem 8
Richard King Perkins II Trinkets of Blue Smoke Poem 8
Barry Peters Fingers Flash Fiction 10
Barry Peters How Miriam Became a Poet Micro-Fiction 10
Karen Petersen An Orkney Weekend Micro-Fiction 11
Karen Petersen The Gaucho Haibun Story 11
Kate Petersen Postage Micro-Fiction 8
Linda Petrucelli Big Island Guidebook Micro-Fiction 11
Linda Petrucelli Genus: Fabella Ekphrastic Micro-Poem 11
Linda Petrucelli This Is Not a Drill Flash Fiction 11
Sylvia Petter Uncle Henri Micro-Fiction 3
LeeAnn Pickrell Hand and Wheel Ekphrastic Poem 8
LeeAnn Pickrell The Ostrich Ekphrastic Poem 8
Marge Piercy My shadow is long Poem 8
Stella Pierides Drawings Haibun Story 3
Stella Pierides Fish Bowl Haibun 7
Stella Pierides Loving Haibun Story 3
Stella Pierides Time Haibun 3
Stella Pierides Wet Behind the Ears Haibun 3
Drew Pisarra Beware of a Holy Whore Prose Poem 6
Drew Pisarra Desk Haibun Story 6
Drew Pisarra Sonnet <2 Poem 6
Kenneth Pobo Selfie Poem 6
Meg Pokrass Greetings From Mars Micro-Fiction 11
Meg Pokrass Mood Ring Micro-Fiction 11
Meg Pokrass Recent Rejection Letters Micro-Fiction 10
Meg Pokrass The Price Is Right Micro-Fiction 10
Kayla Pongrac all these little symbols Prose Poem 2
Kayla Pongrac Bee-Begging Prose Poem 2
Kayla Pongrac Borborygmi Micro-Fiction 2
Bethany W. Pope A “Boy’s Body” Found Poem 3
Leslie Powell Stuffed Poem 7
Gleah Powers Time Travel Micro-Fiction 2
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Katherine Raine + Sheila Sondik Plumage Haiga (Rengay + Art) 5
Ray Rasmussen Ecotones of the Spirit Haibun 6
Ray Rasmussen Lichens Growing on Stone Photograph 5
Ray Rasmussen Life After Floss Haibun 5
Ray Rasmussen Lucky Day Haibun 5
Ray Rasmussen Modern English-Language Haibun Craft Essay 5
Ray Rasmussen Sunspot Haibun 5
Ray Rasmussen This Too Shall Pass Memoir 5
Ray Rasmussen To My High School Girlfriend Haibun 5
Ray Rasmussen and Nancy Hull Moonbeams Haiga 6
Lynne Rees A Time Before Haibun 2
Lynne Rees Dream Date Haibun 2
Lynne Rees Hurricane Haibun 2
Lynne Rees Stories Haibun 2
Lynne Rees Wherever we go, there we are Haibun 2
Judy Reeves As If Loneliness Prose Poem 8
Pierre-Auguste Renoir Mussel Fishers of Berneval Painting 8
Alexis Rhone Fancher Because He Used to Love Her: A Story in Photographs and Senryu Ekphrastic Senryu Sequence 5
Alexis Rhone Fancher Death Warrant Poem 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher For Kate Haibun + Photograph 4
Alexis Rhone Fancher For the Russian Waitress at the Yorkshire Grill Who Reads Akhmatova on Her Break Micro-Fiction + Photograph 11
Alexis Rhone Fancher God As Ice Cream Vendor Prose Poem 4
Alexis Rhone Fancher Hard Rain in DTLA Photograph 4
Alexis Rhone Fancher I Prefer Pussy Poem 6
Alexis Rhone Fancher It Rained Today in DTLA Haibun 4
Alexis Rhone Fancher Madhouse Pas de Deux Poem 7
Alexis Rhone Fancher Morning Wood Poem 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher My Dead Boy’s Right Arm Poem 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher Nebraska Micro-Fiction 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher Pick-Up Micro-Fiction 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera Flash Fiction 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher Seven Images Photographs 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher Staying Put Poem 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher Sunset Over San Pedro Photograph 9
Alexis Rhone Fancher The Animal Inside Photograph 10
Alexis Rhone Fancher The Competition Poem 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher Thin-Skinned Micro-Fiction 9
Alexis Rhone Fancher this small rain Poem 4
Alexis Rhone Fancher Tonight We Will Bloom for One Night Only Poem 3
Alexis Rhone Fancher Uncaged Ekphrastic Micro-Poem 11
Alexis Rhone Fancher Un-Still Life-2 Ekphrastic Haiku + Art 5
Alexis Rhone Fancher Why I Almost Forgave You (Perché ti ho quasi perdonato) Poem 8
Alexis Rhone Fancher You’ve Got a Friend in Jesus (The Cross) Poem 9
David C. Rice Learning My Part Tanka Sequence 6
David C. Rice and Lynne Leach Whisper Song Tanka Sequence 6
David C. Rice and Suzanne Starjash Survival Ekphrastic Poem + Art 7
Colleen Kearney Rich Group CNF Essay 1
Kevin Ridgeway Ghetto Star Gazing Poem 9
Kevin Ridgeway Haunt Poem 8
Ron Riekki Collusion CNF 10
Catherine Rockwood She comes safely over Poem 9
Bruce Holland Rogers Adam’s Curse Flash Fiction 1
Bruce Holland Rogers Advice and Consent Micro-Fiction 1
Bruce Holland Rogers Flag-Draped Coffin Flash Fiction 2
Bruce Holland Rogers Outside Out and Inside In Micro-Fiction 2
Bruce Holland Rogers The Fat of the Land Micro-Fiction 2
Bruce Holland Rogers The Frog Prince Flash Fiction 1
Bruce Holland Rogers Value Added Haibun Story 4
Craig Rondinone Farewell to a Friend Flash Fiction 3
Laura Rose Ode to My Uni-Ball Poem 11
Kimmo Rosenthal A cage went in search of a bird Micro-Fiction 2
Kimmo Rosenthal In a certain sense, the Good is comfortless Micro-Fiction 2
Kimmo Rosenthal Mon Ami Pierrot Ekphrastic CNF 9
Kimmo Rosenthal Ruby, My Dear Micro-Fiction 6
Kimmo Rosenthal Sin comes openly Micro-Fiction 2
Kimmo Rosenthal Very Good Is Not Good Enough Flash Fiction 2
Gary S. Rosin A ladder of light Haiga 11
Gary S. Rosin Fat Shadows Ekphrastic Poem 11
Gary S. Rosin Scene and Unseen Ekphrastic Poem 10
Gary S. Rosin and George Digalakis This bird stands ready Haiga 11
Gary S. Rosin and J.R. Lancaster The Shade of a Dog Haiga 6
Gary S. Rosin and Michel Lucas Mist on the Moor Haiga 6
Gary S. Rosin and Michel Lucas Tranquility in White Haiga 6
Matthew S. Rosin Bridget Walked Flash Fiction 6
Matthew S. Rosin Her Weight Is His Micro-Fiction 6
Alexis Rotella Christmas Morning Haibun 5
Alexis Rotella Cuban Cars [A Slice of Lime; Ready to Go; Red Boots; Turquoise Nugget; The Maisels] Digital Art 5
Alexis Rotella (Don’t try) Tanka 9
Alexis Rotella Five Artworks [Everyone Needs an Angel; Imagination; Morning in Palermo; Night Wind; Spring Is Here] Digital Art & Photographs 10
Alexis Rotella Five Artworks (Flower Doll; Hooper’s Island; Iris Moves Into an Airstream; Resurrection; Solstice [haiga]) Digital Art 9
Alexis Rotella Five Artworks (Epiphany II; Look of Surprise; Prayers for Lost Children; Secret Cavern; Sock It to Me) Digital Art 5
Alexis Rotella Flying Insects Haibun 5
Alexis Rotella Four Artworks (Calla Lillies; Catching a Ride; New Mexico Sunset; and The Meeting) Digital Art 7
Alexis Rotella Letting Loose Haibun 7
Alexis Rotella New Year’s Eve in the North of Italy Haibun 11
Alexis Rotella Not speaking Haiga 7
Alexis Rotella (Peonies) Haiga (Tanka + Art) 5
Alexis Rotella RIP Shaman Bobby Ray Haibun 8
Alexis Rotella Self-Portrait 2017 Digital Art 9
Alexis Rotella (snowy owl) Haiga (Haiku + Art) 5
Alexis Rotella The Wreckage Haibun 5
Alexis Rotella Three Haiga [Insomnia; Poetry Break; and Sunday afternoon] Visual Art + Poetry 11
Alexis Rotella Three Micro-Poems [A drawerful; She’s not there; They won’t be here long—] Poetry 10
Alexis Rotella Three Thousand Miles from Home Haibun 7
Alexis Rotella Two Micro-Poems [Folding a towel; and Whispers] Poetry 11
Alexis Rotella Welcome to Belfast Haibun Story 9
Nan Rubin Just Between Us Poem 11
Nan Rubin Nana in Deep Freeze Poem 11
C. C. Russell Aloft Prose Poem 5
C. C. Russell Another Summer at the End of the World Memoir 2
C. C. Russell Break Micro-Fiction 1
C. C. Russell Casual Revision Prose Poem 6
C. C. Russell Paraguay, Someone Says as a Song Finishes Micro-Fiction 2
C. C. Russell The Beginning of a Simple Conversation Micro-Fiction 1
C. C. Russell The Difference Between Poetry and Prose Prose Poem 3
C. C. Russell The Trappings of Who You Are Micro-Fiction 2
C. C. Russell Traffic Micro-Fiction 7
Betty Ryan Apatouria Painting 1
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Miriam Sagan Untitled [Venus and Jupiter] Haibun 4
Eduardo Santiago Perhaps Veronica Flash Fiction 3
Eduardo Santiago Toot Flash Fiction 1
Gerard Sarnat Post DT’s Election First Hellacious Stale Breath CNF 8
Steven Schroeder Politics Visual Art: Painting 11
Steven Schroeder Nothing Makes It Work Visual Art: Painting 11
Katey Schultz A Tiny Disturbance Micro-Fiction 1
Katey Schultz Born in the Wrong Era Micro-Fiction 1
Katey Schultz Paddy the Albino Flash Fiction 4
Katey Schultz Stop Looking at Me Like That Micro-Fiction 1
Katey Schultz The Last Thing They Might Have Seen Flash Fiction 1
Katey Schultz Time Wasted Micro-Fiction 1
Katey Schultz We Owned It All Flash Fiction 1
Daryl Scroggins Cutting for Sign in the Big Thicket Micro-Fiction 11
Daryl Scroggins Holding His Own Micro-Fiction 5
Lisa Segal Desire, Power, and Intimacy: A Review of Alexis Rhone Fancher’s Enter Here Review 8
Sheree Shatsky Bacon’s Revenge Flash Fiction 10
Sheree Shatsky Magazine Rack Flash Fiction 11
Sheree Shatsky Sole Man Flash Fiction 11
Adelaide B. Shaw Out of New Bedford, Massachusetts, 1847 Haiku Sequence 6
Adelaide B. Shaw Tide Pools Haibun 8
Thomas F. Sheehan Dowser on the River Haibun 3
Thomas F. Sheehan For My Father Blind Too Soon Tanka, Linked 3
Thomas F. Sheehan From an Appalachian Peak, a Small Red Star for Me and My Father Memoir 4
Thomas F. Sheehan Gandy Dancer of the Phoebe Snow Poem 1
Thomas F. Sheehan Honey Extracts One Last Promise Tanka, Linked 3
Thomas F. Sheehan Late Night Guitar Poem 1
Thomas F. Sheehan Sands at Almada Prose Poem 2
Thomas F. Sheehan Signals from a Dark River Prose Poem 2
Thomas F. Sheehan Thomas, Thomas Poem 1
Ashley Shelby Ersatz Café’s Post-Climate-Change Impact Menu Flash Fiction 7
Ashley Shelby Climate Impact Triptych (Migrants; The Recently Released Carbon Felon’s Guide to Job Fairs; and The PCA Card) Micro-Fiction 9
Cindy L. Sheppard [Copper and Calcite] (Calcite Formations; Cavern ceiling; Cavern interior; Cavern stream; Vein of copper) Photographs 9
Cindy L. Sheppard Three Photographs
[Eleven Degrees; The Color of Silence; and The Dance]
Visual Arts 2
Trish Sheppard A Southern Taxi Hail Poem 6
Beth Sherman Life List Micro-Fiction 5
Nikita Shorikov Season of Fire Haibun 5
Nikita Shorikov The Duel Haibun Story 5
Larry Silberfein Pre-Postmortem Humor 9
Larry Silberfein The Bris and the Brisket CNF Essay 1
Larry Silberfein Untitled Humor 9
Hal Sirowitz A Step Above Cows Poem 2
Hal Sirowitz Legal Drugs Poem 2
Hal Sirowitz [Something Worse]
[From “Zombies Are Loose”]
Commentary 2
Janey Skinner Carnivores Flash Fiction 4
Janey Skinner Carried and Missed Micro-Fiction 6
Janey Skinner Marcus Flash Fiction 6
Howard Skrill Five Paintings [Green Water with Ice Floes; Pylons with Puffy Clouds; Radio Towers; Three Towers; and Warehouses from Highway] Visual Arts 4
Charlie Smith Fortune Poem 2
Charlie Smith The River Poem 2
Claude Clayton Smith Junk Drawer Essay 1
Claude Clayton Smith Quantum Love Flash Fiction 1
John Warner Smith Two Poems and Commentary (Inner Space; and Wise Old Men) Poetry 8
Paul Sohar Attila Jozsef Commentary 2
Paul Sohar Dangerously Micro-Fiction 2
Paul Sohar Silver Pirouettes (Sonnet 12)
[poem by György Faludy]
Translation 2
Paul Sohar Stray Turtle on the Jersey Shore Micro-Fiction 2
Paul Sohar The Song of a Grieving Hungarian
[poem by Attila Jozsef]
Translation 2
Paul Sohar With a Pure Heart
[poem by Attila Jozsef]
Translation 2
John Sokol Five Mixed-Media Paintings
(Drowning in the Sea of Samos; In the Red Forest; Rotten Berries; Tailing Sirius; and Tempation of St. Anthony #36)
Visual Arts 3
Sheila Sondik Flash Flood Haibun 4
Sheila Sondik In the Beginning Haibun 6
Sheila Sondik Tangled Branches Haiku Sequence 4
Sheila Sondik + Katherine Raine Plumage Rengay 5
Andrew Stancek Call to Arms Flash Fiction 5
Andrew Stancek Horses’ Heads Flash Fiction 5
Andrew Stancek Sheol Micro-Fiction 5
John L. Stanizzi Fred and Louise’s Old Place Poem 9
John L. Stanizzi Freshman English Micro-Fiction 9
John L. Stanizzi The Barber Poem 9
Suzanne Starjash and David C. Rice Survival Ekphrastic Poem + Art 7
Kathryn J. Stevens After-Image Prose Poem 6
Kathryn J. Stevens Annie Haibun 8
Kathryn J. Stevens Blind Side Haibun 8
Kathryn J. Stevens Elsie Haibun 7
Kathryn J. Stevens Ensorcelled Tanka Tale 6
Kathryn J. Stevens Fieldstone Manor Haibun Story 11
Kathryn J. Stevens In Such Unstable Times as These... Tanka Tale 9
Kathryn J. Stevens Last Dance Ekphrastic Haibun Story 10
Kathryn J. Stevens Timestamp Haibun 9
Alfred Stieglitz Georgia O’Keeffe—Hand and Wheel Photograph 8
Debbie Strange Coming Undone Haibun 6
Debbie Strange Four Haiga [in my hope chest; peeling paint; snowswept; they called us] Poetry + Photographs 10
Debbie Strange The Other Side of Light [seven photographic negatives] Visual Art 10
Jeff Streeby Colophon Haibun 6
Jeff Streeby Elegy with a parked car Haibun 3
Jeff Streeby Fritz Haibun 6
David Subacchi At the Post Office (#3) Poem 11
David Subacchi On the Train (#16) Poem 11
David Subacchi Silence (for Sister Wendy Beckett) Poem 11
Michael Sweere Four Mixed-Media Mosaics [Cicada; Gichigami; Haunted; and Rain Chorus] Visual Arts + Commentary 1
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Charles D. Tarlton A Question of Murder Tanka Tale 8
Charles D. Tarlton A Translation and Variations of Fragment 105 (a) by Sappho Tanka Prose 4
Charles D. Tarlton Andrew Wyeth’s Wind from the Sea (1947) Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 9
Charles D. Tarlton Ann Knickerbocker’s Interrogation II Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 8
Charles D. Tarlton [Antibes] Haibun 4
Charles D. Tarlton Constable and Turner: Touching Fire Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 6
Charles D. Tarlton Hans Hofmann’s Yellow Burst Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 6
Charles D. Tarlton John Constable’s Branch Hill Pond, Hampstead Heath Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 6
Charles D. Tarlton John Constable’s Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 6
Charles D. Tarlton Native American Flora Tanka Prose 4
Charles D. Tarlton Paul Cézanne’s Kitchen Table (Still Life with Fruit Basket) Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 10
Charles D. Tarlton Paul Cézanne’s Madame Cézanne in a Red Chair Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 10
Charles D. Tarlton Paul Cézanne’s Mont Sainte-Victoire and Hamlet Near Gardanne 1886-90 Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 10
Charles D. Tarlton Paul Klee’s Highways and Byways Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 6
Charles D. Tarlton Proem: Ekphrasis and the Abstract Work Essay 11
Charles D. Tarlton Richard Diebenkorn’s Ocean Park #17 (1968) Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 11
Charles D. Tarlton Richard Diebenkorn’s Ocean Park #67 (1973) Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 11
Charles D. Tarlton Richard Diebenkorn’s Ocean Park #109 (1978) Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 11
Charles D. Tarlton Richard Diebenkorn: Three Ekphrastic Moments [Carmody & Blight Dialogues] [Preface; Ocean Park #116 (1979); and Ocean Park #118 (1980)] Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 11
Charles D. Tarlton Taking It to the Limen Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 8
Charles D. Tarlton The Miletus Torso Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 9
Charles D. Tarlton The Moon in Almagest Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 11
Christine Taylor Mercury is in retrograde Haibun 11
Christine Taylor (prepping) Haiga [Poem + Photograph] 10
Christine Taylor To the Gills Haibun 10
Ed Taylor Slur Exercises Prose Poem 5
David Terelinck Carved in Stone Tanka Prose 5
Diane Thiel The Minefield Poem 6
A. M. Thompson Vincent in Love CNF Essay 1
Jari Thymian Hair Noir Tanka Prose 4
Pat Tompkins As Student Is to Aardvark Micro-Fiction 5
Pat Tompkins Canary Girl, 1916 Haibun Story 3
Pat Tompkins Freestyle Flash Fiction 2
Pat Tompkins Gino Haibun 1
Pat Tompkins Important American Paintings: Three Responses Haibun 3
Pat Tompkins Laika in Orbit Poem 4
Pat Tompkins Scouting Tanka Prose 4
Pat Tompkins Signs of Water Tanka Prose 3
Pat Tompkins The Spice of Life Haibun 4
Pat Tompkins The Spinster Tanka Tale 5
Pat Tompkins To Play the King Memoir 2
Pat Tompkins Umbellularia Californica Haibun 1
Jim Trainer matchbox luck Poem 6
Jim Trainer Memorare Prose Poem 6
Adam Trodd Bad Call Micro-Fiction 8
Adam Trodd The Watcher Micro-Fiction 3
Dennis Trujillo Spider Bite Poem 5
Dennis Trujillo Vernacular of Trees Poem 7
Meg Tuite E-Go Micro-Fiction 2
Meg Tuite E-Mote Micro-Fiction 2
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Sarena Ulibarri Half Life Flash Fiction 1
V [Back to Alpha Menu]
Bess Vanrenen Risk Factors for Dying Flash Fiction 11
Megan Vered Battle of the Brians CNF Essay 2
Megan Vered I Am a Marionette Memoir 2
W [Back to Alpha Menu]
Ken Waldman Writer as Scavenger, Poet as Sculptor Craft Essay 1
Horatio Walker Little White Pigs and Mother Painting 10
Marion de Booy Wentzien Moments Flash Fiction 10
Harriot West In Another Country Tanka Prose 4
Harriot West Past Continuous Haibun Story 11
Harriot West Picking Sunflowers for Van Gogh Haibun Story 6
Harriot West Portfolio Haibun 6
Harriot West Still Life Haibun 4
Harriot West The Emperor’s Tailor Goes to Paris Ekphrastic Micro-Fiction 11
Harriot West The Proverbial Straw Tanka Tale 11
Harriot West Transfixed Haibun Story 4
Harriot West tucked away Haibun Story 11
Harriot West Wrangling Haibun 4
Philip Wexler Adoption Criteria Micro-Fiction 2
Philip Wexler drinks Prose Poem 2
Philip Wexler Friendly Fire Poem 3
Philip Wexler Jowls Prose Poem 2
Philip Wexler Paydirt Flash Fiction 2
Philip Wexler snow melt trickles down Tanka 3
Philip Wexler your slender fingers Tanka 3
Philip Wexler We Recover Lampshades Micro-Fiction 2
Leslie What Aging in Place Flash Fiction 1
Leslie What Shut Up and Eat Your Kale Flash Fiction 11
Joanna White Masks Micro-Fiction 2
Joanna White The September I Turned Six Prose Poem 2
Joanna White UC Berkeley, Sproul Plaza, May 1969 Poem 2
Ginna Wilkerson Fat Girl Yawning, by Diane Arbus (1960) Ekphrastic Memoir 1
Ian Randall Wilson Timbers Poem 6
Sarah Ann Winn The Cruelest Month Micro-Fiction 5
Paul-Victor Winters Blue Haibun 5
Paul-Victor Winters Untitled [Future] Poem 5
Paul-Victor Winters Yellow Prose Poem 5
Francine Witte 1849 Micro-Fiction 9
Nora Wood (now Nora Chisnell) Cleaving Haibun 4
Christopher Woods Final Appointment Flash Play 2
Christopher Woods Five Photographs [Drawn to the Light; Ferry Crossing to Vinalhaven; Heartbreak House; Remington; & The Sunlit Sheets] Visual Arts 5
Christopher Woods Three Photographs [Bungalow; Washington County; Rainy May Morning; and Old House, Fayetteville] Visual Arts 2
Anne B. Wright Journey to Inner Space Micro-Fiction 2
Sam Wright Daven Tree Emerging Ekphrastic Poem 11
Jajah Wu Kettle Moraine Flash Fiction 1
Jajah Wu Red Army Girls Go Battalion Flash Fiction 1
Xiaorong Jajah Wu Monsters Prose Poem 5
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Ron Yates I Sank the Mandolin Flash Fiction 6
John Yau Fisherman Prose Poem 1
Rich Youmans After the Dream, the Dream Remains Haibun Story 11
Rich Youmans Alka-Seltzer Haibun 11
Rich Youmans Connecting the Constellations Haibun 5
Rich Youmans Honeymoon at the Taylor House Haibun 8
Rich Youmans Jeremiah Haibun 8
Rich Youmans Morning Sun Haibun 8
Rich Youmans The Life You Save Haibun 5
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J. Zimmerman Ah Morelia Tanka Tale 5
J. Zimmerman Kukai Haibun 6
J. Zimmerman and Patricia J. Machmiller Kaleidoscope Tanka Sequence 6


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