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Issue 11: Spring 2019
Poem: words

Ode to My Uni-Ball

by Laura Rose

liquid like black blood flows at my command 
coagulating with a click 
I am Amelia scanning the waves of the Atlantic 
I am Joan avenging her Percheron 

you are my silver black cylinder 
stealthy, nearly weightless 
a silent soldier 
sworn to my allegiance 

do you remember when I pressed you into my palm 
inscribing his number there 
your point carving a permanent tattoo 
my blood mixing with yours like twins entwined at birth 

on radiant days you dotted my fingertips 
with tiny smiling faces daring me 
to tease my little niece 
with wiggling digits and squeaky voices 

you indulged the hackneyed hearts twirled 
above initials on the middle school love note 
folded into 10 tiny pieces, compressing your words 
into a minuscule jewel box 

to be opened up again 
by undeserving eyes 
one layer at a time 
like a black flower blooming 


Laura Rose
Issue 11, Spring 2019

is a fine-art, studio-portrait photographer based in Boulder, Colorado. She began writing poetry in 2014 and has been exploring every form she can get her hands on.

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