KYSO Flash
Knock-Your-Socks-Off Art and Literature
“Flash isn’t a fad, it’s an art; and while I hope people can have fun with it, its pursuit should still be taken seriously.”
— Tara L. Masih, editor of Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction

Index of Contributors

Name of Author Title of Work Genre Issue
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Elizabeth Alford Looking for Labels Haibun Story 6
Roberta Allen Three Amulet Stories
[To Attract Men; To Gain Control;
and To Stop Self-Deception]
Micro-Fictions + Photographs 1
Doug Anderson American Dream R.E.M. Prose Poem 8
Doug Anderson Living Will Poem 4
Doug Anderson Time Islands Prose Poem 8
Nin Andrews Confession 6 Prose Poem 1
Nin Andrews Confession 17 Micro-Fiction 8
Nin Andrews I Am a Depressed Orgasm Prose Poem 8
Nin Andrews The Art of Drinking Tea Prose Poem + Commentary 1
Nin Andrews The Making of a Collector Prose Poem 9
Nin Andrews The Price of Red Buckle Shoes Prose Poem 1
Arlene Ang A Driving Student Reconstructs the Three-Point Turn Poem 2
Arlene Ang Demarcation Poem 2
Arlene Ang Slough Poem 2
Arlene Ang Water Poem 2
Arlene Ang What Happens Next Prose Poem 2
Jenny Ward Angyal Gaps Tanka Prose 5
Jenny Ward Angyal But Now We Are Many Tanka Prose 7
Glen Armstrong A Brief History of Starfish Prose Poem 4
Glen Armstrong Flowers in Stone Poem 4
Glen Armstrong Marooned Prose Poem 4
Glen Armstrong The Goalie Prose Poem 4
H. P. Armstrong Starfishing Micro-Fiction 8
Renée Ashley [I have a theory about reflection] Prose Poem 1
Renée Ashley [neither the cock on fire nor the tin roof banging] Prose Poem 1
Renée Ashley Two Selections from Ruined Traveler Prose Poems 1
Renée Ashley and
Steve Davenport
It’s Only Then Poem 1
Angie Athanassiades Lela’s Bones Memoir 3
Angie Athanassiades Rosemary for Remembrance Essay + Photograph 1
Angie Athanassiades The Antikythera Shipwreck Essay 1
AJ Atwater Conversation With My Guru Followed by Lunch Micro-Fiction 8
AJ Atwater On A Thousand Pitch-Black Nights Just Like This One Micro-Fiction 8
Ruth Awad Ablution Poem 3
Ruth Awad Tracers Poem 3
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Don Baccus Three Photographs
[Feathers; Great Egret; and Shorebird at Sunset]
Visual Arts 2
Elaine Barnard He Wanted to Fly Flash Fiction 6
Terry Barr Inside or Outside Meat? Memoir 6
Jennifer Bartlett Exit Through the Gift Shop Commentary 2
Jennifer Bartlett Five Poems from Autobiography Poems 2
Jenna Bazzell Alabama Poem 3
Jenna Bazzell Asleep Poem 3
Roberta Beary Barfly Haiga (Haibun + Art) 5
Roberta Beary Cinderella Micro-Fiction 9
Roberta Beary Crazy White Dude Micro-Fiction 7
Roberta Beary Dear Nancy Drew Haibun Story 6
Roberta Beary Doggie Style Micro-Fiction 9
Roberta Beary Frieda Lawrence Dream No. 9 Haiga (Haibun + Art) 5
Roberta Beary The American Cousin Flash Fiction 9
Roberta Beary The Feast of St. Patrick Haibun 5
Roberta Beary The Lost Weekend: An editor’s brief perspective on haibun submissions as viewed through the prism of film noir titles Essay 8
Roberta Beary The Pick-Up Artist Haibun Story 8
Roberta Beary Verisimilitude Haibun Story 9
Roberta Beary Wednesday’s Child Is Full of Woe Micro-Fiction 7
Heather Beatty Shark Cage Poem 8
Digby Beaumont Ring of Fire Micro-Fiction 7
Roy Beckemeyer Annunciation Angel Poem 9
Roy Beckemeyer [Cinquain] Poem 9
Roy Beckemeyer Hospice Poem 9
Roy Beckemeyer Peru Haibun 9
Roy Beckemeyer Revolving Toward That End Prose Poem 9
Roy Beckemeyer With Apologies to Walt Prose Poem 9
Roy Beckemeyer Words for Snow Prose Poem 9
Nicola Belte Mine Micro-Fiction 1
Sidney Bending Shallow Haibun 6
Beth Bilderback Summer Memoir 6
Michelle Bitting In Praise of My Brother, the Painter Poem 4
Karsten Bjarnholt Mallow Poem 2
Karsten Bjarnholt Spermatozoa Poem 2
Karsten Bjarnholt Submission Poem 2
Daniel Blokh A Trembling of Finches Poem 8
Daniel Blokh A Walk Poem 8
Daniel Blokh Dress-Up Poem 8
Andrea Blythe The Things I Own Poem 4
Jan Bowman Bend in Close Micro-Fiction 6
J. Bradley Before and After Micro-Fiction 7
John Brantingham For the Deer Haibun 8
John Brantingham For Turkey Vultures Haibun 8
Duff Brenna A Few Words About Steve Kowit Review 1
Duff Brenna Dan Gilmore’s Just Before Sleep: Haibun Stories Review 4
Duff Brenna Flashes of War: Short Stories
by Katey Schultz
Review 1
Chanel Brenner 1999 Poem 2
Chanel Brenner A Gift from My Mother Poem 2
Chanel Brenner My Dying Wish Poem 2
Víctor Raúl Le Roy Brito Una Mañana de Nada, “A Morning of Nothing,” a poem by Jack Cooper Translation 3
Michelle Brooks In the Terminal Poem 8
Michelle Brooks Look What You Created Poem 8
Loverne Brown A Sunday Morning After a Saturday Night Poem + Commentary 1
Loverne Brown Three Poems
[Encounter; For Edna Millay; and
Living with Erin]
Poetry 1
Marjorie Buettner May Day Haibun 4
Marjorie Buettner Summer Solstice Haibun 4
Marjorie Buettner The Anniversary Haibun 4
Marjorie Buettner Three-Fourths of an Ounce Haibun Story 4
Jeff Burd Last Time Micro-Fiction 8
Peter Butler End of the Season Haibun 3
Peter Butler Homecoming Haibun 3
Peter Butler Men in Green Wellies Haibun 3
Peter Butler The History Teacher Haibun 3
Peter Butler The Left Boot Haibun Story 3
Peter Butler Under Cover Haibun 4
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Tara Campbell Crossover Sci-Fi: On Breaking Down Genre Walls and Writing for Everyone Essay 8
Tara Campbell The Trouble With Pronouns Poem 8
Tara Campbell Yarn Galleon Micro-Fiction 8
Jonathan Cardew An Ordinary Day Micro-Fiction 5
Jonathan Cardew Seascape Micro-Fiction 5
Jonathan Cardew The Breton Coast Flash Fiction 5
Jonathan Cardew Weight Loss Flash Fiction 5
Ron Carlson My Maladies Flash Fiction 4
Kai Carlson-Wee Corn Fires Poem 5
Pamelyn Casto Aporia Haibun Story 3
Pamelyn Casto Lilith’s Call Prose Poem 3
Pamelyn Casto The Feeding Haibun Story 3
Maxine Chernoff Gesture Prose Poem 1
Maxine Chernoff Subtraction Prose Poem 1
Maxine Chernoff The Man Struck Twenty Times by Lightning Prose Poem 1
Nora Chisnell Cleaving Haibun 4
Carrie Close Leprechaun Flash Fiction 9
Sudasi J. Clement Head Trauma Poem 2
Glenn G. Coats Eclipse Haibun 6
Glenn G. Coats For a Period of Time Haibun Story 6
Glenn G. Coats Valentine’s Day Haibun 7
David Cobb Doing Eggs Haibun 2
David Cobb Fearing Haibun 3
David Cobb Green Woman Haibun 2
David Cobb Knowing Mouse Haibun Story 3
David Cobb Layout in Haibun Craft Essay 2
David Cobb Liberation and Aftermath: A Triptych Poems 2
David Cobb Panto Haibun Story 5
David Cobb Potentials of Two Different Haibun Forms: Nikki and KikĊbun Craft Essay 3
David Cobb Room Haibun 2
David Cobb Scan Haibun 2
David Cobb Withdrawing Haibun Story 2
Chris Cole The Melting Snows Poem 7
Emily Rose Cole The month after the divorce Poem 5
Jack Cooper A Far Cry Prose Poem 2
Jack Cooper A Morning of Nothing Poem 3
Jack Cooper All of the Above: A Personality Test Poem 3
Jack Cooper Artifact Poem 9
Jack Cooper Assumed Micro-Fiction 2
Jack Cooper Buddha-Like Prose Poem 6
Jack Cooper Ekphrastic Elastic: The Literate Palette Nonfiction 6
Jack Cooper Fire Poem 2
Jack Cooper Found in Translation Craft Essay 4
Jack Cooper Good News/Bad News Poem 5
Jack Cooper Grandpa’s Tools Poem 5
Jack Cooper Heartbreak Kid Flash Play 2
Jack Cooper If Only Poem 5
Jack Cooper Jesus at the Chevron Poem 9
Jack Cooper Lessons Haibun 3
Jack Cooper Minding My Own Poem 3
Jack Cooper Neruda’s Typewriter Prose Poem 4
Jack Cooper No Room to Rage Poem 7
Jack Cooper Noam Poem Poem 7
Jack Cooper On your long journey Tanka 3
Jack Cooper Online vs. Print: A False Dichotomy Craft Essay 5
Jack Cooper Opening your card Tanka 3
Jack Cooper Options Micro-Fiction 3
Jack Cooper Over a Shoulder Poem 2
Jack Cooper Overwhelmed: Waking Up to the Mother of All Problems Essay 7
Jack Cooper Pardon Me Micro-Play 2
Jack Cooper Playful Conversations Commentary 2
Jack Cooper Punctuation in Poetry Craft Essay 4
Jack Cooper Reaches Prose Poem 2
Jack Cooper Reading to the Beat
[A review of the CD, an INTRODUCTION: Dan Turèll + Halfdan E meets Thomas E. Kennedy, with poems by Turèll translated and read by Kennedy, and music by film composer Halfdan E]
Review 4
Jack Cooper Search Worthy Prose Poem 6
Jack Cooper Secrets Poem 8
Jack Cooper Seven Questions for Charles D. Tarlton Interview 6
Jack Cooper Signs Haiga 6
Jack Cooper Some People Poem 8
Jack Cooper The Loudest Talk Micro-Play 2
Jack Cooper The Whole Truth Poem 9
Jack Cooper Video Poetry: Synergy or Dependency?
[Flash analyses of films of poems by Michelle Bitting, Billy Collins, Tanya Davis, and Langston Hughes]
Review 4
Jack Cooper When Whales Fly: A Commentweet Craft Essay 3
Jack Cooper Witness Poem 2
Jack Cooper and P. A. Milton Eleven Lines Haiga 7
Jack Cooper and P. A. Milton Tree Haiga 7
Charles Couch Double Play Memoir 6
Orianna Cuinn Target Practice Micro-Fiction 3
William Cullen, Jr. At the Old Wall Tanka 9
William Cullen, Jr. Driving Cross Country Haiku Sequence 8
William Cullen, Jr. Two Poems [undocumented; and veterans graveyard] Haiku 8
William Cullen, Jr. Veteran’s Day in a Civil War Cemetery Poem 9
Heidi Czerwiec 5 by (N°) 5 CNF/Prose Poem 6
Heidi Czerwiec Fall Rondeau Poem 6
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Anniken Davenport Bless the Sniper Micro-Fiction 3
Anniken Davenport The Lonely Ones Flash Fiction 3
Steve Davenport and
Renée Ashley
It’s Only Then Poem 1
James Lloyd Davis Butterfly Fingers Flash Fiction 5
Janet Lynn Davis Approximations Tanka Prose 6
Janet Lynn Davis ordered Haiga 6
Janet Lynn Davis Sticks and stones Tanka Prose 8
Janet Lynn Davis The Singer Tanka Prose 6
Janet Lynn Davis What if? Tanka Prose 2
Cherie Hunter Day A Rough Translation of Morning Lyric Memoir 9
Lisa de Luca Why you are afraid of growing old Haibun 3
Tara Deal Every Woman Is an Island CNF Essay 1
Kelsey Dean A Year Haibun 6
Kelsey Dean Girl with a Strawberry Earring Prose Poem 6
Kelsey Dean There Must Be Lemon Groves in Heaven Micro-Fiction 6
Darren C. Demaree Emily as a Wingbeat Poem 9
Jared Demick “Touching is the television of blood”: An Interview with John Olson [an excerpt] Nonfiction 8
Angelee Deodhar The Tricoteuse Haibun 6
Jess Dimond After the Hurricane Prose Poem 1
Jess Dimond Ordinary Hermetics Poem 1
Jess Dimond Seraphic Interludes Prose Poem 1
Jess Dimond Six Postcards from the Mountain Poem 1
Jess Dimond The Boy and the Tree Prose Poem 1
Kara Dorris Benign Bone Tumor City Commentary 2
Kara Dorris Self-Portrait with Framing Effect Poem 2
Kika Dorsey A Bone in My Body Poem 9
Kika Dorsey A Stained Canvas Flash Fiction 9
Kika Dorsey All Grown Up Poem 8
Kika Dorsey Artist’s Point Prose Poem 7
Kika Dorsey Avis Haibun Story 3
Kika Dorsey Caring for Lezane Haibun 5
Kika Dorsey Dear Mother Memoir 6
Kika Dorsey Desert Prose Poem 6
Kika Dorsey Lightning Veins Poem 7
Kika Dorsey My Grandmother’s Chair Haibun Story 3
Kika Dorsey Polishing Leather Poem 8
Kika Dorsey Silhouettes Prose Poem 5
Kika Dorsey The Dusty City Micro-Fiction 5
Kika Dorsey The Strindberg Tree Haibun Story 3
Kika Dorsey The Voices Poem 8
Kika Dorsey The World Is Bigger Micro-Fiction 7
Sean Thomas Dougherty The Black Flags of Our Bodies Prose Poem 1
Morgan Downie The Star, Falling Micro-Fiction 3
Melanie Dunbar Apology to the Homeless Man in Downtown Indianapolis CNF 9
Melanie Dunbar Biography of a Rooster CNF 9
Melanie Dunbar Diagnosis Prose Poem 9
Melanie Dunbar River Gift Prose Poem 9
Melanie Dunbar Why Did She Need the Map? Prose Poem 9
James Dunlap Overcup Poem 3
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Whitney Egstad Foxes Lyric Memoir 9
Skip Eisiminger Counter-Entomological Warfare Nonfiction 8
Skip Eisiminger Democratic Vistas: Two Military Funerals Memoir 5
Skip Eisiminger Imaginary Friends: Divine Humor Essay + Commentary 2
Skip Eisiminger Myth and History Memoir 8
Skip Eisiminger Nano Lit: Concision Craft Essay 8
Skip Eisiminger Well Begun Is a Home Run: Commencements Essay 2
Chloë Feldman Emison Four Artworks [Hrisey, Ⅳ; St. George and the Dragon, Ⅰ; Untitled (Glasgow, CX [110]); and Untitled (Glasgow, CXXIV [124])] Visual Arts 4
Margarita Engle The Peace Dove Haibun 4
Tony Eprile The Notebook Prose Poem 5
Claire Everett But to Each Other Dream Tanka Tale 6
Claire Everett Crowkind Tanka Prose 5
Claire Everett Fledged Haibun 6
Claire Everett Footless Tanka Tale 8
Claire Everett Gaia Tanka Tale 7
Claire Everett Hearts of Oak Tanka Tale 7
Claire Everett Orbits Ekphrastic Tanka Tale 9
Claire Everett Paperburn Tanka Tale 5
Claire Everett Ships Tanka Tale 6
Claire Everett State of the Art Tanka Tale 6
Claire Everett Stealing Tanka Tale 6
Claire Everett [The Window] Photograph 5
Claire Everett The Window Poem Tanka Prose 5
Claire Everett Two Storeys Tanka Tale 5
Claire Everett Uncoupling Ekphrastic Tanka Tale 9
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György Faludy Silver Pirouettes (Sonnet 12) Poem 2
Fancher, Alexis: See Rhone Fancher, Alexis
Grant Faulkner 100-Word Stories: Writing with Gaps Craft Essay 2
Jack Feerick In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle Flash Fiction 4
Lawrence Feir Three Mixed-Media Sculptures
[Elise; Figurative Female Torso; and Where’s Watson?]
Visual Arts 2
David Victor Feldman 12 Artworks [Featured Artist] Visual Arts 4
Peter Fiore Dissolving Boundaries Tanka Sequence 6
Peter Fiore Live at the Five Spot Micro-Fiction 6
Peter Fiore Wildflowers Micro-Fiction 9
Allen Forrest Five Images: City Life
[Chainman; Jazz Guitarist; Reader; Seattle: Fifth Avenue Traffic; and Seattle: Skinner Building]
Visual Arts 2
Linda Nemec Foster Dark Green, Forest Green Prose Poem 8
Linda Nemec Foster His Wife Gets Profiled at the Zurich Airport, Prose Poem 8
Linda Nemec Foster Love and War in the Park, Lucerne Prose Poem 8
Linda Nemec Foster Tea in Istanbul Prose Poem 9
Benedict (Ben) Francis Mud Face Photograph 8
Jeff Friedman Forgiveness Prose Poem 9
Jeff Friedman Grief Prose Poem 6
Urszula Funnell Checkmate Tanka Prose 5
Urszula Funnell Cooking Lessons Tanka Tale 9
Urszula Funnell Me and Pa Tanka Tale 5
Urszula Funnell #smileyfacelol Tanka Tale 9
Urszula Funnell The Old Beatnik Tanka Prose 6
Urszula Funnell This Side of the Fence Tanka Prose 8
Urszula Funnell Through the Window Tanka Prose 5
Urszula Funnell Time Does Nothing Tanka Tale 5
Bryan Furuness The Wonder of Geese Craft Essay 2
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Jeannine Hall Gailey Love Story (With Fire Demon and Tengu) Haibun Story 8
Neil Gaiman IMPORTANT. AND PASS IT ON... Craft Essay 5
Peter Galle Primordial Poem 7
Nilay Gandhi Beathles Micro-Fiction 1
Ian Ganassi “Shit and Molasses” Prose Poem 9
Ian Ganassi The Golf Specialist Ekphrastic Prose Poem 9
Jerry Garcia Infarction Haibun 5
Julie Gard Morbidity and Travel Prose Poem 9
Julie Gard Rational Thought Prose Poem 8
Julie Gard Take It Back Micro-Fiction 9
Julie Gard Torque Micro-Fiction 9
Dr. Tim Gardiner Trigger’s Broom Haibun 9
Deanne Gertner Note to Self Flash Fiction 1
Deanne Gertner When You Stand Prose Poem 1
Erin Darby Gesell Retribution Flash Fiction 8
Dan Gilmore A Morning Moment Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore A Smart Fly Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore After 9-11 Haibun 4
Dan Gilmore After I Didn’t Die Haibun 3
Dan Gilmore After Your Stroke Haibun 3
Dan Gilmore Becoming a Christian Soldier Micro-Fiction 7
Dan Gilmore Being Saved Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore Big Boy Haibun Story 4
Dan Gilmore Bilocation Micro-Fiction 9
Dan Gilmore Bonsai Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore Dancing Flash Fiction 7
Dan Gilmore Destiny Haibun + Poem 3
Dan Gilmore February 1971, Grand Rapids Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore First TV Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore Fixing Things Micro-Fiction 2
Dan Gilmore Forked Branches Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore Ginsberg’s Last Soup Memoir + Commentary 9
Dan Gilmore Gratitude Prose Poem 8
Dan Gilmore Hackmuth’s Mannequin Dream Haibun Story 5
Dan Gilmore Happiness Haibun Story 5
Dan Gilmore Hollow Scoops Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore “I Feel Good” Haibun Story 5
Dan Gilmore Junior Mint Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore Just Before Sleep Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore Koi Pond Haibun 3
Dan Gilmore Lady Day: July 1959 Prose Poem 9
Dan Gilmore Magnolia Warbler Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore Massive Impermanence Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore Maxine’s Story About Alice the Hen Micro-Fiction 7
Dan Gilmore Ménage a Trois Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore My Big Brown Cup Haibun Story 4
Dan Gilmore My Birthday Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore New Shoes Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore Newtown Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore No Netflix Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore Oinks Micro-Fiction 8
Dan Gilmore On Saying I Love You Haibun 5
Dan Gilmore Prayers Haibun Story 5
Dan Gilmore Seagulls Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore Shedding Poem 9
Dan Gilmore The Gizmo Micro-Fiction 8
Dan Gilmore The Joy of Being Lost Memoir 9
Dan Gilmore The Republican Convention, 2016 Poem 7
Dan Gilmore The Triangle Player Micro-Fiction 2
Dan Gilmore Vietnamese Soup Prose Poem 2
Dan Gilmore Wasp Nest Haibun 3
Jim Gish Midnight Drift Flash Fiction 6
Bill Gottlieb Birds Above Us Haibun 8
Bill Gottlieb Else Haibun 7
Bill Gottlieb Magnolia Snow Haibun 8
Bill Gottlieb No-Count Haibun 9
Bill Gottlieb The Boy Tanka Prose 7
Bill Gottlieb The Husband-Eater Tanka Prose 6
Bill Gottlieb The Ticket Haibun 7
Bill Gottlieb “’re passing through...” Tanka Prose 6
A.M. Gouedard The Miner, Absolom Haibun 6
Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois Birds Poem 8
Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois Labyrinthine Audiology Micro-Fiction 8
Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois Too Much Benadryl Micro-Fiction 8
Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois Updraft Poem 8
Margaux Griffith Hierarchy of needs (by guitar players) Poem 3
Ona Gritz A Conscious Decision Commentary 2
Ona Gritz Hemiplegia Poem 2
Ona Gritz No Poem 2
Ona Gritz Prologue Poem 2
Deborah Guzzi A Missive from Genevieve Haibun Story 5
Deborah Guzzi Jizo’s Children Haibun 4
Deborah Guzzi Prickly Heat Haibun 3
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Kim Hagerich Bundle of Joy Micro-Fiction 8
Charles Hansmann Camouflage Haibun 3
Charles Hansmann Decoy Haibun 3
Charles Hansmann Impromptu Poem 5
Charles Hansmann Layer Haibun 2
Charles Hansmann Northerly Haibun 5
Charles Hansmann Rash Haibun Story 3
Charles Hansmann Shipwreck Flash Fiction 2
Charles Hansmann Undercover Haibun 6
Charles Hansmann Vivien Haibun 2
Mary Hatch Beach Dreams Visual Art 9
Mary Hatch Dancing Class Visual Art 9
Mary Hatch Gentle Days Visual Art 9
Mary Hatch Phantoms Visual Art 9
Mary Hatch Shades of Grey Visual Art 9
Mary Hatch The Back Office Visual Art 9
Suzanne Hawkins [Mission Bay Moon Jellies] Photographs 5
Tim Hawkins Elegy Within Earshot of Howling Poem 8
Tim Hawkins More Life Micro-Fiction 8
Tim Hawkins Pura Vida: An Alternative Travel Guide Flash Fiction 8
Tim Hawkins Things Have Dropped From Me Flash Fiction 9
George Held Just Say No [No Object, poems by Natalie Shapero] Review 3
Kyle Hemmings Gone Girl Haibun Story 3
Kyle Hemmings Three Jesters Haibun Story 3
Richard L. Herring Letting Go Flash Fiction 3
Michael Hettich Soup Poem 8
Joyce Hildebrand The Community of Bread Essay 5
Mark Hoadley Disappointments (1) Prose Poem 2
Angi Holden 4am Micro-Fiction 3
Richard Holinger Her Real Work Micro-Fiction 1
Richard Holinger Looking Good Micro-Fiction 1
Richard Holinger Normandy Flash Fiction 8
Richard Holinger Tear Out the Page Micro-Fiction 1
Richard Holinger The Steps Micro-Fiction 1
Sheryl Holland A Little Night Music: Ode to Mozart Visual Arts 6
Sheryl Holland Abstract Paintings [A Resting Place; Horizons 3; Light for Icarus; Musical Spheres; and Ocean of Ki] Visual Arts 6
Sheryl Holland Wabi Sabi Breakfast Poem 6
Tamara Hollins In Between Micro-Fiction 4
Wayland House Five Wood-Block Prints
[Fishing Village; Isatu the Potter; Jamming II; The Struggle; and Three Fishermen]
Visual Arts 2
Nancy Hull and Ray Rasmussen Moonbeams Haiga 6
Debra Hurd Jazz Garden Painting 4
Debra Hurd Jazz Street Painting 4
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Mikhail Iossel Not-Evens Nonfiction [satire] 8
J [Back to Alpha Menu]
Peter Jastermsky Beyond Complaint Haibun 8
Peter Jastermsky Everywhere Haibun 7
Peter Jastermsky In Check Haibun 7
Peter Jastermsky Menu Haibun 9
Peter Jastermsky receding Cherita Sequence 8
Arya F. Jenkins Believe Only in the Weather Memoir 7
Arya F. Jenkins Descent Micro-Fiction 2
Ryan Jessup At the Helm Haibun 6
Ryan Jessup Mercy Haibun 5
Ryan Jessup My Disney World Haibun 9
Ryan Jessup The Argument Haibun 4
Sonja Johanson Derecho Haibun 7
Sonja Johanson Elisa Weaving Nettle for the Swans Poem 9
Sonja Johanson Gainsborough on Another Coast Poem 6
Sonja Johanson I Remember Haibun 9
Sonja Johanson Leonard Cohen Poem 6
Sonja Johanson Platelets Prose Poem 9
Sonja Johanson Specimen Ekphrastic Haibun 9
Sonja Johanson Votary, Light Poem 7
Sonja Johanson Weeds Micro-Fiction 7
April Johnston Ira Flash Fiction 2
April Johnston The American Way Micro-Fiction 2
April Johnston Waiting by Water Micro-Fiction 2
Cory Johnston Courtyard Micro-Fiction 1
Parneshia Jones Bra Shopping Poem 1
Richard Jones The Philosopher’s Banquet Cento Sonnet 9
Warren Jones III Practice Micro-Fiction 6
Georgia Jones-Davis Monumental Dog Poem 3
Judy Jordan Autumn in the Heart Poem 3
Judy Jordan Just the Still World Poem 3
Judy Jordan The Delivery Micro-Fiction 3
Judy Jordan Unoiled Hinge Poem 3
Attila Jozsef The Song of a Grieving Hungarian Poem 2
Attila Jozsef With a Pure Heart Poem 2
Carol Judkins Mise en scène Tanka Prose 6
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Mary Kancewick Two Grandmothers Prose Poem 4
Janne Karlsson Empty Graphic Art 6
Janne Karlsson Even Men Bleed Graphic Art 1
Janne Karlsson Indifferent as the Moon Graphic Art 3
Janne Karlsson Look Me in the Eyes Graphic Art 1
Janne Karlsson Pass Me the Gravy Graphic Art 1
Janne Karlsson Permafrost Graphic Art 1
Janne Karlsson The Smartphone Creed Graphic Art 4
Janne Karlsson Those Branches Graphic Flash 2
Janne Karlsson To Tame Wildfires Graphic Art 1
Arthur Kayzakian The Sound of a Vacant Room Poem 8
Gloria Keeley Tolkien’s First Cover Poem 6
Marjorie Kennedy Birdfeeder Haibun 6
Thomas E. Kennedy A Little Tale of Sunrise CNF Essay 1
Thomas E. Kennedy Amber Hunting Prose Poem 1
Thomas E. Kennedy Connection Micro-Fiction 1
Thomas E. Kennedy Mallow
[poem by Karsten Bjarnholt]
Translation 2
Thomas E. Kennedy Spermatozoa
[poem by Karsten Bjarnholt]
Translation 2
Thomas E. Kennedy Submission
[poem by Karsten Bjarnholt]
Translation 2
Thomas E. Kennedy From Verses for Drunks, Lechers and Other Miscreants Poems 1
Thomas E. Kennedy What Makes a Memorable Piece of CNF? Craft Essay 2
Thomas E. Kennedy What to Take Micro-Fiction 3
Elizabeth Kerlikowske Coping Ekphrastic Prose Poem 9
Elizabeth Kerlikowske Gentle Days Ekphrastic Micro-Fiction 9
Elizabeth Kerlikowske Late Spring Prose Poem 9
Elizabeth Kerlikowske Mandatory Dance Lessons Ekphrastic Micro-Fiction 9
Elizabeth Kerlikowske Phantoms Ekphrastic Prose Poem 9
Elizabeth Kerlikowske Shades of Gray: Waiting Room, Calumet Ekphrastic Prose Poem 9
Elizabeth Kerlikowske The Back Office Ekphrastic Micro-Fiction 9
Justin Key Two Sides to Every Story Flash Fiction 1
Clare Kirwan Slather Micro-Fiction 3
Lee Kisling Day One—No Insurance Poem 5
Lee Kisling Pluto Prose Poem 2
Lee Kisling Three Things We Never Speak Of Prose Poem 2
Lee Kisling What She Said Prose Poem 2
L. S. Klatt The Estrangement Poem 9
Arthur Klepchukov bleedin’ peach Flash Fiction 9
Ann Knickerbocker After Watteau Painting 6
Ann Knickerbocker Classic in Sepia Painting 6
Ann Knickerbocker Interrogation II Painting 8
Steve Kowit Alpha Centauri Poem 1
Steve Kowit The Bus to Pomasqui Poem 1
Steve Kowit What chord did she pluck in my soul Poem 1
Minter Krotzer Jersey Shore Rite Aid CNF Essay 2
Kathryn Kulpa Amaryllis Prose Poem 4
Kathryn Kulpa Happy Meal Micro-Fiction 2
Kathryn Kulpa Penny Postcard, 1902 (No Cancellation) Poem 2
Kathryn Kulpa [Redemption Is Found in the Oddest Places] New Shoes by Dan Gilmore Review 7
Kathryn Kulpa Savasana Prose Poem 4
Kathryn Kulpa The Best Small Fictions 2015 [Series editor, Tara L. Masih; debut volume guest-edited by Robert Olen Butler] Review 4
Kathryn Kulpa The Museum of Curiosities Flash Fiction 8
Kathryn Kulpa Under the Ceiling Flash Fiction 8
Kathryn Kulpa Wendy and Brian on the Last Night of the World Flash Fiction 2
Stephen Kuusisto Borges: They Are Knocking the Wind Out of Me in Iowa City Poem 2
Stephen Kuusisto Digressions on Poetry, Prose, and a Lingonberry Bush Commentary 2
Stephen Kuusisto Letter to Borges from Estonia Poem 2
Stephen Kuusisto Only Bread, Only Light Poem 2
L [Back to Alpha Menu]
J.R. Lancaster Two Photographs [Dakota Sandstone; Rock On; and Artist’s Comments] Visual Arts 6
J.R. Lancaster and Gary S. Rosin The Shade of a Dog Haiga 6
Nick Lord Lancaster Berceuse Flash Fiction 4
William F. Lantry Changeling Flash Fiction 3
William F. Lantry Elation Poem 3
William F. Lantry Response Poem 3
William F. Lantry Riverrun Poem 3
Gavin Larsen Cinderella Micro-Memoir 3
Gavin Larsen Excellent Memoir 6
Gavin Larsen Into the Night Memoir 3
Tara Laskowski Ladies Night Micro-Fiction 5
Jenny Lawson Thanks for the Zombies, Jesus CNF Essay 1
Dan Leach An Inauspicious Start Flash Fiction 2
Dan Leach Ceasefire Poem 2
Dan Leach Hands Flash Fiction 3
Lynne Leach and David C. Rice Whisper Song Tanka Sequence 6
Victor Robert Lee Flames on a Hot Day CNF Essay 2
Susan Lerner It’s Not the Size CNF Essay 1
Wendy Lestina On the Other Hand Micro-Fiction 1
Nina Lindsay Around the Fire Poem 2
Nina Lindsay Thank You Poem 2
Nina Lindsay To the Evening Poem 2
Chip Livingston Yesterday My Father Was Dying Memoir 4
Ellaraine Lockie Embracing the Tiger Haibun 7
Ellaraine Lockie Montana twilight Ekphrastic Tanka + Photograph 9
Michael Loveday Click Prose Poem 7
Michael Loveday Knife Micro-Fiction 7
Michel Lucas and Gary S. Rosin Mist on the Moor Haiga 6
Michel Lucas and Gary S. Rosin Tranquility in White Haiga 6
Bob Lucky Being Right: A Fable Haibun 7
Bob Lucky Ethnographic Vignette #2 Tanka Prose 1
Bob Lucky Finding my Way in Kichijoji Tanka Prose 2
Bob Lucky From The Chronicles of Homo Hapless Prose Poem 9
Bob Lucky Gratitude Haibun 6
Bob Lucky Happily Ever After Tanka Prose 3
Bob Lucky Journeys 2017: An Anthology of International Haibun, Edited by Dr. Angelee Deodhar Nonfiction 8
Bob Lucky Not Quite the Music of the Spheres Haibun 2
Bob Lucky Rule Change Haibun Story 4
Bob Lucky Saturday Morning Tanka Prose 1
Bob Lucky Some Answers May Be Used More Than Once: A Carriwitchet Quiz Humor 9
Bob Lucky The Color of Clouds Prose Poem 6
Bob Lucky The Current Situation Haibun Story 4
Bob Lucky The Dead Never Change Prose Poem 1
Bob Lucky The Grater Things in Life Tanka Prose 1
Bob Lucky The Last Time I Lost My Mind Haibun 8
Bob Lucky The Truth Comes Out Prose Poem 2
Bob Lucky Two Vows Poem 6
Bob Lucky Upside Down Tanka Tale 4
Bob Lucky Who’s Roosting in the Family Tree Prose Poem 5
Nancy Ludmerer Aaron’s First Girl Micro-Fiction 8
Nancy Ludmerer Hide-and-Seek Flash Fiction 8
Nancy Ludmerer Learning the Trade in Tenancingo Micro-Fiction 6
Nancy Ludmerer No Offense Flash Fiction 8
Cody T Luff Cup Micro-Fiction 2
Alison Luterman An Ode to Aspirin Poem 1
Alison Luterman Long Bones Poem 1
Alison Luterman The Determined Chicken: On Becoming an Urban Biker in my Fifties Essay 1
Alison Luterman Willing Poem 1
Chad W. Lutz Badlands Poem 6
Chad W. Lutz Bad Transition Poem 6
William Luvaas Limbo Craft Essay 5
Radomir Vojtech Luza Porno Mourno Poem 2
Radomir Vojtech Luza Work to Do Poem 2
Lorette C. Luzajic A Plan Always Falls Apart If You Glue It With Illusion Painting 6
Lorette C. Luzajic The Scarecrow (for Matthew Shepard) Poem 6
M [Back to Alpha Menu]
Patricia J. Machmiller and J. Zimmerman Kaleidoscope Tanka Sequence 6
Clare MacQueen Banned for Life
[Poems by Arlene Ang]
Review 2
Clare MacQueen “My Belly Is Pregnant With Night”:
A Micro-Review of Kika Dorsey’s Rust
Review 6
Clare MacQueen “Too Much Perfume for One Heart to Hold” [a review of The Small, Wild Places, tanka poems by Claire Everett] Review 5
Clare MacQueen Tip-of-the-Iceberg Stories [Grant Faulkner’s Fissures: One Hundred 100-Word Stories] Review 4
Eileen Malone The Lies of the Saints Micro-Fiction 6
Tara L. Masih Rabbit Girl Micro-Fiction 1
Tara L. Masih Small Orbits Prose Poem 1
Tara L. Masih To Follow: to proceed without plan or reflection Micro-Fiction 1
Kandi Maxwell Shattered Memoir 2
Kandi Maxwell Wild Salmon Memoir 8
Ann Stewart McBee The Changeling Micro-Fiction 5
Karen McClintock: See Michael & Karen McClintock
Michael McClintock Afternoon Garden Haibun 1
Michael McClintock Autumn Plums Haibun 1
Michael McClintock Once in a Meadow, Near Los Osos Haibun 1
Michael McClintock The Egyptian Exhibit Tanka Prose 1
Michael & Karen McClintock (dandelions!) Haiga (Tanka + Art) 5
Michael & Karen McClintock (enough is enough) Haiga (Tanka + Art) 5
Michael & Karen McClintock (for big fat radishes) Haiga (Tanka + Art) 5
Michael & Karen McClintock (one bird) Haiga (Tanka + Art) 5
Michael & Karen McClintock (we hear grunion) Haiga (Tanka + Art) 5
Ryan Keith McConkey Bulls on Parade Flash Fiction 1
Kathleen McGookey Feather Child Prose Poem 8
Kathleen McGookey Postcard from Brussels Prose Poem 9
Kathleen McGookey Postcard from Downtown Frankfurt Prose Poem 9
Kathleen McGookey Postcard from the Loire Valley Prose Poem 9
Kathleen McGookey You Can Find Joy in Doing Laundry Prose Poem 9
Kathleen McGookey Taxonomy Prose Poem 8
Kathleen McGookey That Couple With Their Heads Full of Clouds Prose Poem 8
Amanda McLeod Public Service Micro-Fiction 8
Amalia Melis Three Assemblage Sculptures
[Hidden Within; Hop On, I’ll Give You a Ride; and Torso]
Visual Arts + Commentary 1
Amalia Melis A Daring Soul: Tribute to Betty Ryan CNF Essay + Photograph 1
Frances Melis Five Paintings [Andros Lemons; Olive Tree in Fall Foliage; The Old Docks in Hora; The Wisdom of the Olive Tree; and Tourlitis Lighthouse at Night] Visual Arts 4
Lloyd Merriam Wrenched Poem + Commentary 9
Christopher Merrill Ghazal (3) Poem 1
Christopher Merrill Ghazal (4) Poem 1
Christopher Merrill Ghazal (5) Poem 1
Christopher Merrill Guidebook Micro-Fiction 1
Bill Mesce, Jr. Tell, Don’t Show [Part One] Craft Essay 3
Bill Mesce, Jr. Tell, Don’t Show [Part Two] Craft Essay 3
Bill Mesce, Jr. The General Flash Fiction 5
Bill Mesce, Jr. Tides CNF 2
Joseph Millar Time-Poem Poem 8
Carolyn Miller Cigarettes Poem 1
Carolyn Miller Dog Days Poem 5
Carolyn Miller Driving with Robert Prose Poem 1
Carolyn Miller In the Lot Poem 1
Carolyn Miller Limogne Revisited Prose Poem 5
Carolyn Miller The Barn House, Late October Poem 1
Carolyn Miller The Book of the Living Poem 1
Bryce Milligan Reduced to Words Redux Renga 1
Bryce Milligan The Fiftieth Face Prose Poem 1
P. A. Milton and Jack Cooper Eleven Lines Haiga 7
P. A. Milton and Jack Cooper Tree Haiga 7
Bill Mohr Enter Here by Alexis Rhone Fancher [erotic poetry] Review 9
Bill Mohr Feasts by Holly Prado (1976) [feminist prose-poem novella] Review 8
Bill Mohr Post-Mortem Elixirs CNF/aphorisms 8
Bill Mohr Scorpio in Transit Haibun 8
Bill Mohr The Auctioneer’s Target Practice in the Orchestra Pit Poem: Ghazal 3
Bill Mohr Vicarious Census Count Poem: Ghazal 3
Beverly Acuff Momoi Practice: because Haibun 6
Marilyn Morgan Cruising Flash Fiction 6
Lynn Mundell She Was Late Micro-Fiction 6
Lynn Mundell The End Smells Like Gasoline Micro-Fiction 9
Lynn Mundell The Phone Call CNF 9
N [Back to Alpha Menu]
Amy Newday nor birds nor lightning Prose Poem 9
Amy Newday Taking Down the Pasture Fence Prose Poem 9
Amy Newday That Year Prose Poem 9
Nuala Ní Chonchúir Vincent in the Yellow House Ekphrastic Micro-Fiction 2
James B. Nicola First in Line Poem 4
Don Noel Darwin Micro-Fiction 7
Miho Nonaka Beetle Child Poem 9
Miho Nonaka Distance Poem 9
Victor Nunnally Two Stained-Glass Mosaic Windows
[Journeyman #4; and detail from The Nest]
Visual Arts + Commentary 1
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Mary Odbert Switch Off Poem 6
Gayle O’Key A Short-Lived Conversion Poem 8
John Olson Brought to a Boil: An Essay on Experimental Poetry Nonfiction 8
John Olson [Five Commentaries on Immanent Doom] Nonfiction 9
John Olson New Grind Prose Poem 8
John Olson Please, Somebody Help Me Lyric/Craft Essay 9
John Olson Sling Memoir 8
John Olson Strange Matter: The physics and poetics of the search for the God particle Essay 8
John Olson The Debris of Pain Prose Poem 8
John Olson The Mystery of Grocery Carts Prose Poem 8
Keli Osborn But Her Hair Was Always Perfect Poem 2
Keli Osborn St. Petersburg Poem 2
P [Back to Alpha Menu]
Jimmy Pappas Jimmy Gets Invited to His First Tea Party Meeting Poem 8
Jimmy Pappas Last Words Poem 8
Jimmy Pappas Pet Peeve Jimmy Poem 8
Pamela Johnson Parker Art Through the Ages: Botticelli Poem 6
Pamela Johnson Parker Wardrobe’s Advice to Norma Jean Poem 6
Nancy Parshall The Neighbors Will Take the Chickens Flash Fiction 5
Nancy Parshall Where the Piano Stood Flash Fiction 6
Gabriel Patterson The Here & Now Haibun 6
Lynn Pattison Desert Isle Motel 1975 Micro-Fiction 9
Lynn Pattison I planted it under a giant cypress Micro-Fiction 9
Lynn Pattison [Two Stories]: Obituary; Obituary II Micro-Fiction 8
Lynn Pattison Remember how droplets skittered the frypan? Poem 8
Lynn Pattison Three Excerpts From The Meaning of Flowers (Alstroemeria; Daisy; Poppy) Micro-Fiction 9
Matthew Paul Adjudication Report and Commentaries for KYSO Flash HTP Contest 2016 Nonfiction 6
Michael Paul Sarajevo, June 28, 1914 Haibun 4
Amy Penne Gephyrophobia Prose Poem 1
Michelle Perez Reflections in a Diner Window Pane Poem 5
Richard King Perkins II Natural Deceptions Poem 8
Richard King Perkins II Trinkets of Blue Smoke Poem 8
Kate Petersen Postage Micro-Fiction 8
Sylvia Petter Uncle Henri Micro-Fiction 3
LeeAnn Pickrell Hand and Wheel Ekphrastic Poem 8
LeeAnn Pickrell The Ostrich Ekphrastic Poem 8
Marge Piercy My shadow is long Poem 8
Stella Pierides Drawings Haibun Story 3
Stella Pierides Fish Bowl Haibun 7
Stella Pierides Loving Haibun Story 3
Stella Pierides Time Haibun 3
Stella Pierides Wet Behind the Ears Haibun 3
Drew Pisarra Beware of a Holy Whore Prose Poem 6
Drew Pisarra Desk Haibun Story 6
Drew Pisarra Sonnet <2 Poem 6
Kenneth Pobo Selfie Poem 6
Kayla Pongrac all these little symbols Prose Poem 2
Kayla Pongrac Bee-Begging Prose Poem 2
Kayla Pongrac Borborygmi Micro-Fiction 2
Bethany W. Pope A “Boy’s Body” Found Poem 3
Leslie Powell Stuffed Poem 7
Gleah Powers Time Travel Micro-Fiction 2
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R [Back to Alpha Menu]
Katherine Raine + Sheila Sondik Plumage Haiga (Rengay + Art) 5
Ray Rasmussen Ecotones of the Spirit Haibun 6
Ray Rasmussen Lichens Growing on Stone Photograph 5
Ray Rasmussen Life After Floss Haibun 5
Ray Rasmussen Lucky Day Haibun 5
Ray Rasmussen Modern English-Language Haibun Craft Essay 5
Ray Rasmussen Sunspot Haibun 5
Ray Rasmussen This Too Shall Pass Memoir 5
Ray Rasmussen To My High School Girlfriend Haibun 5
Ray Rasmussen and Nancy Hull Moonbeams Haiga 6
Lynne Rees A Time Before Haibun 2
Lynne Rees Dream Date Haibun 2
Lynne Rees Hurricane Haibun 2
Lynne Rees Stories Haibun 2
Lynne Rees Wherever we go, there we are Haibun 2
Judy Reeves As If Loneliness Prose Poem 8
Pierre-Auguste Renoir Mussel Fishers of Berneval Painting 8
Alexis Rhone Fancher Because He Used to Love Her: A Story in Photographs and Senryu Haiga (Senryu + Art) 5
Alexis Rhone Fancher Death Warrant Poem 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher For Kate Haiga (Haibun + Art) 4
Alexis Rhone Fancher God As Ice Cream Vendor Prose Poem 4
Alexis Rhone Fancher Hard Rain in DTLA Photograph 4
Alexis Rhone Fancher I Prefer Pussy Poem 6
Alexis Rhone Fancher It Rained Today in DTLA Haibun 4
Alexis Rhone Fancher Kate O’Donnell Photograph 4
Alexis Rhone Fancher Madhouse Pas de Deux Poem 7
Alexis Rhone Fancher Morning Wood Poem 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher My Dead Boy’s Right Arm Poem 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher Nebraska Micro-Fiction 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher Pick-Up Micro-Fiction 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera Flash Fiction 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher Seven Images Photographs 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher Staying Put Poem 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher Sunset Over San Pedro Photograph 9
Alexis Rhone Fancher The Competition Poem 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher Thin-Skinned Micro-Fiction 9
Alexis Rhone Fancher this small rain Poem 4
Alexis Rhone Fancher Tonight We Will Bloom for One Night Only Poem 3
Alexis Rhone Fancher Un-Still Life-2 Haiga (Haiku + Art) 5
Alexis Rhone Fancher Why I Almost Forgave You (Perché ti ho quasi perdonato) Poem 8
Alexis Rhone Fancher You’ve Got a Friend in Jesus (The Cross) Poem 9
David C. Rice Learning My Part Tanka Sequence 6
David C. Rice and Lynne Leach Whisper Song Tanka Sequence 6
David C. Rice and Suzanne Starjash Survival Haiga 7
Colleen Kearney Rich Group CNF Essay 1
Kevin Ridgeway Ghetto Star Gazing Poem 9
Kevin Ridgeway Haunt Poem 8
Catherine Rockwood She comes safely over Poem 9
Bruce Holland Rogers Adam’s Curse Flash Fiction 1
Bruce Holland Rogers Advice and Consent Micro-Fiction 1
Bruce Holland Rogers Flag-Draped Coffin Flash Fiction 2
Bruce Holland Rogers Outside Out and Inside In Micro-Fiction 2
Bruce Holland Rogers The Fat of the Land Micro-Fiction 2
Bruce Holland Rogers The Frog Prince Flash Fiction 1
Bruce Holland Rogers Value Added Haibun Story 4
Craig Rondinone Farewell to a Friend Flash Fiction 3
Kimmo Rosenthal A cage went in search of a bird Micro-Fiction 2
Kimmo Rosenthal In a certain sense, the Good is comfortless Micro-Fiction 2
Kimmo Rosenthal Mon Ami Pierrot Ekphrastic CNF 9
Kimmo Rosenthal Ruby, My Dear Micro-Fiction 6
Kimmo Rosenthal Sin comes openly Micro-Fiction 2
Kimmo Rosenthal Very Good Is Not Good Enough Flash Fiction 2
Gary S. Rosin and J.R. Lancaster The Shade of a Dog Haiga 6
Gary S. Rosin and Michel Lucas Mist on the Moor Haiga 6
Gary S. Rosin and Michel Lucas Tranquility in White Haiga 6
Matthew S. Rosin Bridget Walked Flash Fiction 6
Matthew S. Rosin Her Weight Is His Micro-Fiction 6
Alexis Rotella Christmas Morning Haibun 5
Alexis Rotella Cuban Cars [A Slice of Lime; Ready to Go; Red Boots; Turquoise Nugget; and The Maisels] Digital Art 5
Alexis Rotella (Don’t try) Tanka 9
Alexis Rotella Five Artworks (Flower Doll; Hooper’s Island; Iris Moves Into an Airstream; Resurrection; and Solstice [haiga]) Digital Art 9
Alexis Rotella Five Artworks (Epiphany II; Look of Surprise; Prayers for Lost Children; Secret Cavern; and Sock It to Me) Digital Art 5
Alexis Rotella Flying Insects Haibun 5
Alexis Rotella Four Artworks (Calla Lillies; Catching a Ride; New Mexico Sunset; and The Meeting) Digital Art 7
Alexis Rotella Letting Loose Haibun 7
Alexis Rotella Not speaking Haiga 7
Alexis Rotella (Peonies) Haiga (Tanka + Art) 5
Alexis Rotella RIP Shaman Bobby Ray Haibun 8
Alexis Rotella Self-Portrait 2017 Digital Art 9
Alexis Rotella (snowy owl) Haiga (Haiku + Art) 5
Alexis Rotella The Wreckage Haibun 5
Alexis Rotella Three Thousand Miles from Home Haibun 7
Alexis Rotella Welcome to Belfast Haibun Story 9
C.C. Russell Aloft Prose Poem 5
C. C. Russell Another Summer at the End of the World Memoir 2
C. C. Russell Break Micro-Fiction 1
C. C. Russell Casual Revision Prose Poem 6
C. C. Russell Paraguay, Someone Says as a Song Finishes Micro-Fiction 2
C. C. Russell The Beginning of a Simple Conversation Micro-Fiction 1
C. C. Russell The Difference Between Poetry and Prose Prose Poem 3
C. C. Russell The Trappings of Who You Are Micro-Fiction 2
C. C. Russell Traffic Micro-Fiction 7
Betty Ryan Apatouria Painting 1
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Miriam Sagan Untitled [Venus and Jupiter] Haibun 4
Eduardo Santiago Perhaps Veronica Flash Fiction 3
Eduardo Santiago Toot Flash Fiction 1
Gerard Sarnat Post DT’s Election First Hellacious Stale Breath CNF 8
Katey Schultz A Tiny Disturbance Micro-Fiction 1
Katey Schultz Born in the Wrong Era Micro-Fiction 1
Katey Schultz Paddy the Albino Flash Fiction 4
Katey Schultz Stop Looking at Me Like That Micro-Fiction 1
Katey Schultz The Last Thing They Might Have Seen Flash Fiction 1
Katey Schultz Time Wasted Micro-Fiction 1
Katey Schultz We Owned It All Flash Fiction 1
Daryl Scroggins Holding His Own Micro-Fiction 5
Lisa Segal Desire, Power, and Intimacy: A Review of Alexis Rhone Fancher’s Enter Here Review 8
Adelaide B. Shaw Out of New Bedford, Massachusetts, 1847 Haiku Sequence 6
Adelaide B. Shaw Tide Pools Haibun 8
Thomas F. Sheehan Dowser on the River Haibun 3
Thomas F. Sheehan For My Father Blind Too Soon Tanka, Linked 3
Thomas F. Sheehan From an Appalachian Peak, a Small Red Star for Me and My Father Memoir 4
Thomas F. Sheehan Gandy Dancer of the Phoebe Snow Poem 1
Thomas F. Sheehan Honey Extracts One Last Promise Tanka, Linked 3
Thomas F. Sheehan Late Night Guitar Poem 1
Thomas F. Sheehan Sands at Almada Prose Poem 2
Thomas F. Sheehan Signals from a Dark River Prose Poem 2
Thomas F. Sheehan Thomas, Thomas Poem 1
Ashley Shelby Ersatz Café’s Post-Climate-Change Impact Menu Flash Fiction 7
Ashley Shelby Climate Impact Triptych (Migrants; The Recently Released Carbon Felon’s Guide to Job Fairs; and The PCA Card) Micro-Fiction 9
Cindy L. Sheppard [Copper and Calcite] (Calcite Formations; Cavern ceiling; Cavern interior; Cavern stream; Vein of copper) Photographs 9
Cindy L. Sheppard Three Photographs
[Eleven Degrees; The Color of Silence; and The Dance]
Visual Arts 2
Trish Sheppard A Southern Taxi Hail Poem 6
Beth Sherman Life List Micro-Fiction 5
Nikita Shorikov Season of Fire Haibun 5
Nikita Shorikov The Duel Haibun Story 5
Larry Silberfein Pre-Postmortem Humor 9
Larry Silberfein The Bris and the Brisket CNF Essay 1
Larry Silberfein Untitled Humor 9
Hal Sirowitz A Step Above Cows Poem 2
Hal Sirowitz Legal Drugs Poem 2
Hal Sirowitz [Something Worse]
[From “Zombies Are Loose”]
Commentary 2
Janey Skinner Carnivores Flash Fiction 4
Janey Skinner Carried and Missed Micro-Fiction 6
Janey Skinner Marcus Flash Fiction 6
Howard Skrill Five Paintings [Green Water with Ice Floes; Pylons with Puffy Clouds; Radio Towers; Three Towers; and Warehouses from Highway] Visual Arts 4
Charlie Smith Fortune Poem 2
Charlie Smith The River Poem 2
Claude Clayton Smith Junk Drawer Essay 1
Claude Clayton Smith Quantum Love Flash Fiction 1
John Warner Smith Two Poems and Commentary (Inner Space; and Wise Old Men) Poetry 8
Paul Sohar Attila Jozsef Commentary 2
Paul Sohar Dangerously Micro-Fiction 2
Paul Sohar Silver Pirouettes (Sonnet 12)
[poem by György Faludy]
Translation 2
Paul Sohar The Song of a Grieving Hungarian
[poem by Attila Jozsef]
Translation 2
Paul Sohar With a Pure Heart
[poem by Attila Jozsef]
Translation 2
Paul Sohar Stray Turtle on the Jersey Shore Micro-Fiction 2
John Sokol Five Mixed-Media Paintings
(Drowning in the Sea of Samos; In the Red Forest; Rotten Berries; Tailing Sirius; and Tempation of St. Anthony #36)
Visual Arts 3
Sheila Sondik Flash Flood Haibun 4
Sheila Sondik In the Beginning Haibun 6
Sheila Sondik Tangled Branches Haiku Sequence 4
Sheila Sondik + Katherine Raine Plumage Rengay 5
Andrew Stancek Call to Arms Flash Fiction 5
Andrew Stancek Horses’ Heads Flash Fiction 5
Andrew Stancek Sheol Micro-Fiction 5
John L. Stanizzi Fred and Louise’s Old Place Poem 9
John L. Stanizzi Freshman English Micro-Fiction 9
John L. Stanizzi The Barber Poem 9
Suzanne Starjash and David C. Rice Survival Haiga 7
Kathryn J. Stevens After-Image Prose Poem 6
Kathryn J. Stevens Annie Haibun 8
Kathryn J. Stevens Blind Side Haibun 8
Kathryn J. Stevens Elsie Haibun 7
Kathryn J. Stevens Ensorcelled Tanka Tale 6
Kathryn J. Stevens In Such Unstable Times as These... Tanka Tale 9
Kathryn J. Stevens Timestamp Haibun 9
Alfred Stieglitz Georgia O’Keeffe—Hand and Wheel Photograph 8
Debbie Strange Coming Undone Haibun 6
Jeff Streeby Colophon Haibun 6
Jeff Streeby Elegy with a parked car Haibun 3
Jeff Streeby Fritz Haibun 6
Michael Sweere Four Mixed-Media Mosaics [Cicada; Gichigami; Haunted; and Rain Chorus] Visual Arts + Commentary 1
T [Back to Alpha Menu]
Charles D. Tarlton A Question of Murder Tanka Tale 8
Charles D. Tarlton A Translation and Variations of Fragment 105 (a) by Sappho Tanka Prose 4
Charles D. Tarlton Andrew Wyeth’s Wind from the Sea (1947 Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 9
Charles D. Tarlton Ann Knickerbocker’s Interrogation II Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 8
Charles D. Tarlton Constable and Turner: Touching Fire Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 6
Charles D. Tarlton Hans Hofmann’s Yellow Burst Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 6
Charles D. Tarlton John Constable’s Branch Hill Pond, Hampstead Heath Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 6
Charles D. Tarlton John Constable’s Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 6
Charles D. Tarlton Native American Flora Tanka Prose 4
Charles D. Tarlton Paul Klee’s Highways and Byways Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 6
Charles D. Tarlton Richard Diebenkorn’s Ocean Park #109 Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 6
Charles D. Tarlton Taking It to the Limen Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 8
Charles D. Tarlton The Miletus Torso Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 9
Charles D. Tarlton [Antibes] Haibun 4
Ed Taylor Slur Exercises Prose Poem 5
David Terelinck Carved in Stone Tanka Prose 5
Diane Thiel The Minefield Poem 6
A.M. Thompson Vincent in Love CNF Essay 1
Jari Thymian Hair Noir Tanka Prose 4
Pat Tompkins As Student Is to Aardvark Micro-Fiction 5
Pat Tompkins Canary Girl, 1916 Haibun Story 3
Pat Tompkins Freestyle Flash Fiction 2
Pat Tompkins Gino Haibun 1
Pat Tompkins Important American Paintings: Three Responses Haibun 3
Pat Tompkins Laika in Orbit Poem 4
Pat Tompkins Scouting Tanka Prose 4
Pat Tompkins Signs of Water Tanka Prose 3
Pat Tompkins The Spice of Life Haibun 4
Pat Tompkins The Spinster Tanka Tale 5
Pat Tompkins To Play the King Memoir 2
Pat Tompkins Umbellularia Californica Haibun 1
Jim Trainer matchbox luck Poem 6
Jim Trainer Memorare Prose Poem 6
Adam Trodd Bad Call Micro-Fiction 8
Adam Trodd The Watcher Micro-Fiction 3
Dennis Trujillo Spider Bite Poem 5
Dennis Trujillo Vernacular of Trees Poem 7
Meg Tuite E-Go Micro-Fiction 2
Meg Tuite E-Mote Micro-Fiction 2
U [Back to Alpha Menu]
Sarena Ulibarri Half Life Flash Fiction 1
V [Back to Alpha Menu]
Megan Vered Battle of the Brians CNF Essay 2
Megan Vered I Am a Marionette Memoir 2
W [Back to Alpha Menu]
Ken Waldman Writer as Scavenger, Poet as Sculptor Craft Essay 1
Harriot West In Another Country Tanka Prose 4
Harriot West Picking Sunflowers for Van Gogh Haibun Story 6
Harriot West Portfolio Haibun 6
Harriot West Still Life Haibun 4
Harriot West Transfixed Haibun Story 4
Harriot West Wrangling Haibun 4
Philip Wexler Adoption Criteria Micro-Fiction 2
Philip Wexler drinks Prose Poem 2
Philip Wexler Friendly Fire Poem 3
Philip Wexler Jowls Prose Poem 2
Philip Wexler Paydirt Flash Fiction 2
Philip Wexler snow melt trickles down Tanka 3
Philip Wexler your slender fingers Tanka 3
Philip Wexler We Recover Lampshades Micro-Fiction 2
Leslie What Aging in Place Flash Fiction 1
Joanna White Masks Micro-Fiction 2
Joanna White The September I Turned Six Prose Poem 2
Joanna White UC Berkeley, Sproul Plaza, May 1969 Poem 2
Ginna Wilkerson Fat Girl Yawning, by Diane Arbus (1960) Ekphrastic Memoir 1
Ian Randall Wilson Timbers Poem 6
Sarah Ann Winn The Cruelest Month Micro-Fiction 5
Paul-Victor Winters Blue Haibun 5
Paul-Victor Winters Untitled [Future] Poem 5
Paul-Victor Winters Yellow Prose Poem 5
Francine Witte 1849 Micro-Fiction 9
Nora Wood (now Nora Chisnell) Cleaving Haibun 4
Christopher Woods Final Appointment Flash Play 2
Christopher Woods Five Photographs [Drawn to the Light; Ferry Crossing to Vinalhaven; Heartbreak House; Remington; & The Sunlit Sheets] Visual Arts 5
Christopher Woods Three Photographs [Bungalow; Washington County; Rainy May Morning; and Old House, Fayetteville] Visual Arts 2
Anne B. Wright Journey to Inner Space Micro-Fiction 2
Jajah Wu Kettle Moraine Flash Fiction 1
Jajah Wu Red Army Girls Go Battalion Flash Fiction 1
Xiaorong Jajah Wu Monsters Prose Poem 5
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Y [Back to Alpha Menu]
Ron Yates I Sank the Mandolin Flash Fiction 6
John Yau Fisherman Prose Poem 1
Rich Youmans Connecting the Constellations Haibun 5
Rich Youmans Honeymoon at the Taylor House Haibun 8
Rich Youmans Jeremiah Haibun 8
Rich Youmans Morning Sun Haibun 8
Rich Youmans The Life You Save Haibun 5
Z [Back to Alpha Menu]
J. Zimmerman Ah Morelia Tanka Tale 5
J. Zimmerman Kukai Haibun 6
J. Zimmerman and Patricia J. Machmiller Kaleidoscope Tanka Sequence 6



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