KYSO Flash
Knock-Your-Socks-Off Art and Literature
“Flash isn’t a fad, it’s an art; and while I hope people can have fun with it, its pursuit should still be taken seriously.”
— Tara L. Masih, editor of Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction

Index of Contributors

Name of Author Title of Work Genre Issue
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Elizabeth Alford Looking for Labels Haibun Story 6
Roberta Allen Three Amulet Stories
[To Attract Men; To Gain Control;
and To Stop Self-Deception]
Micro-Fictions + Photographs 1
Doug Anderson American Dream R.E.M. Prose Poem 8
Doug Anderson Living Will Poem 4
Doug Anderson Time Islands Prose Poem 8
Nin Andrews Confession 6 Prose Poem 1
Nin Andrews Confession 17 Micro-Fiction 8
Nin Andrews I Am a Depressed Orgasm Prose Poem 8
Nin Andrews The Art of Drinking Tea Prose Poem + Commentary 1
Nin Andrews The Making of a Collector Prose Poem 9
Nin Andrews The Price of Red Buckle Shoes Prose Poem 1
Arlene Ang A Driving Student Reconstructs the Three-Point Turn Poem 2
Arlene Ang Demarcation Poem 2
Arlene Ang Slough Poem 2
Arlene Ang Water Poem 2
Arlene Ang What Happens Next Prose Poem 2
Jenny Ward Angyal Gaps Tanka Prose 5
Jenny Ward Angyal But Now We Are Many Tanka Prose 7
Glen Armstrong A Brief History of Starfish Prose Poem 4
Glen Armstrong Flowers in Stone Poem 4
Glen Armstrong Marooned Prose Poem 4
Glen Armstrong The Goalie Prose Poem 4
H. P. Armstrong Starfishing Micro-Fiction 8
Renée Ashley [I have a theory about reflection] Prose Poem 1
Renée Ashley [neither the cock on fire nor the tin roof banging] Prose Poem 1
Renée Ashley Two Selections from Ruined Traveler Prose Poems 1
Renée Ashley and
Steve Davenport
It’s Only Then Poem 1
Angie Athanassiades Lela’s Bones Memoir 3
Angie Athanassiades Rosemary for Remembrance Essay + Photograph 1
Angie Athanassiades The Antikythera Shipwreck Essay 1
AJ Atwater Conversation With My Guru Followed by Lunch Micro-Fiction 8
AJ Atwater On A Thousand Pitch-Black Nights Just Like This One Micro-Fiction 8
Ruth Awad Ablution Poem 3
Ruth Awad Tracers Poem 3
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Don Baccus Three Photographs
[Feathers; Great Egret; and Shorebird at Sunset]
Visual Arts 2
Elaine Barnard He Wanted to Fly Flash Fiction 6
Terry Barr Inside or Outside Meat? Memoir 6
Jennifer Bartlett Exit Through the Gift Shop Commentary 2
Jennifer Bartlett Five Poems from Autobiography Poems 2
Jenna Bazzell Alabama Poem 3
Jenna Bazzell Asleep Poem 3
Roberta Beary Barfly Ekphrastic Haibun 5
Roberta Beary Cinderella Micro-Fiction 9
Roberta Beary Crazy White Dude Micro-Fiction 7
Roberta Beary Dear Nancy Drew Haibun Story 6
Roberta Beary Doggie Style Micro-Fiction 9
Roberta Beary Frieda Lawrence Dream No. 9 Haiga (Haibun + Art) 5
Roberta Beary Ladies of the Canyon Cafe Haibun Story 10
Roberta Beary Paint Me a Picture in Sunnyside, Queens Micro-Fiction 10
Roberta Beary Swimming in Circles Micro-Fiction 10
Roberta Beary The American Cousin Flash Fiction 9
Roberta Beary The Feast of St. Patrick Haibun 5
Roberta Beary The Lost Weekend: An editor’s brief perspective on haibun submissions as viewed through the prism of film noir titles Essay 8
Roberta Beary The Pick-Up Artist Haibun Story 8
Roberta Beary Verisimilitude Haibun Story 9
Roberta Beary Wednesday’s Child Is Full of Woe Micro-Fiction 7
Roberta Beary While Driving to the James Dean Birth Site Memorial in Marion, Indiana Micro-Fiction 10
Heather Beatty Shark Cage Poem 8
Digby Beaumont Ring of Fire Micro-Fiction 7
Roy Beckemeyer Annunciation Angel Poem 9
Roy Beckemeyer [Cinquain] Poem 9
Roy Beckemeyer Hospice Poem 9
Roy Beckemeyer Peru Haibun 9
Roy Beckemeyer Revolving Toward That End Prose Poem 9
Roy Beckemeyer With Apologies to Walt Prose Poem 9
Roy Beckemeyer Words for Snow Prose Poem 9
Nicola Belte Mine Micro-Fiction 1
Sidney Bending Shallow Haibun 6
Beth Bilderback Summer Memoir 6
Michelle Bitting In Praise of My Brother, the Painter Poem 4
Karsten Bjarnholt Mallow Poem 2
Karsten Bjarnholt Spermatozoa Poem 2
Karsten Bjarnholt Submission Poem 2
Daniel Blokh A Trembling of Finches Poem 8
Daniel Blokh A Walk Poem 8
Daniel Blokh Dress-Up Poem 8
Andrea Blythe The Things I Own Poem 4
Jan Bowman Bend in Close Micro-Fiction 6
Elya Braden Sweet Time Poem 10
Elya Braden What to Think Of Poem 10
J. Bradley Before and After Micro-Fiction 7
John Brantingham For the Deer Haibun 8
John Brantingham For Turkey Vultures Haibun 8
Duff Brenna A Few Words About Steve Kowit Review 1
Duff Brenna Dan Gilmore’s Just Before Sleep: Haibun Stories Review 4
Duff Brenna Flashes of War: Short Stories
by Katey Schultz
Review 1
Chanel Brenner 1999 Poem 2
Chanel Brenner A Gift from My Mother Poem 2
Chanel Brenner My Dying Wish Poem 2
Víctor Raúl Le Roy Brito Una Mañana de Nada, “A Morning of Nothing,” a poem by Jack Cooper Translation 3
Michelle Brooks In the Terminal Poem 8
Michelle Brooks Look What You Created Poem 8
Loverne Brown A Sunday Morning After a Saturday Night Poem + Commentary 1
Loverne Brown Three Poems
[Encounter; For Edna Millay; and
Living with Erin]
Poetry 1
Marjorie Buettner May Day Haibun 4
Marjorie Buettner Summer Solstice Haibun 4
Marjorie Buettner The Anniversary Haibun 4
Marjorie Buettner Three-Fourths of an Ounce Haibun Story 4
Jeff Burd Last Time Micro-Fiction 8
Peter Butler End of the Season Haibun 3
Peter Butler Homecoming Haibun 3
Peter Butler Men in Green Wellies Haibun 3
Peter Butler The History Teacher Haibun 3
Peter Butler The Left Boot Haibun Story 3
Peter Butler Under Cover Haibun 4
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Tara Campbell Crossover Sci-Fi: On Breaking Down Genre Walls and Writing for Everyone Essay 8
Tara Campbell The Trouble With Pronouns Poem 8
Tara Campbell Yarn Galleon Micro-Fiction 8
Jonathan Cardew An Ordinary Day Micro-Fiction 5
Jonathan Cardew Seascape Micro-Fiction 5
Jonathan Cardew The Breton Coast Flash Fiction 5
Jonathan Cardew Weight Loss Flash Fiction 5
Ron Carlson My Maladies Flash Fiction 4
Kai Carlson-Wee Corn Fires Poem 5
Pamelyn Casto Aporia Haibun Story 3
Pamelyn Casto Lilith’s Call Prose Poem 3
Pamelyn Casto The Feeding Haibun Story 3
Anna Cates The Nature of the Beast Haibun 10
Paul Cézanne Kitchen Table (Still Life with Fruit Basket) Painting 10
Paul Cézanne Madame Cézanne in a Red Chair Painting 10
Paul Cézanne Mont Sainte-Victoire and Hamlet Near Gardanne 1886-90 Painting 10
Maxine Chernoff Gesture Prose Poem 1
Maxine Chernoff Subtraction Prose Poem 1
Maxine Chernoff The Man Struck Twenty Times by Lightning Prose Poem 1
Nora Chisnell Cleaving Haibun 4
Carrie Close Leprechaun Flash Fiction 9
Sudasi J. Clement Head Trauma Poem 2
Glenn G. Coats Eclipse Haibun 6
Glenn G. Coats For a Period of Time Haibun Story 6
Glenn G. Coats Rations Poem 10
Glenn G. Coats Valentine’s Day Haibun 7
Glenn G. Coats Vanished From Sight Flash Fiction 10
David Cobb Doing Eggs Haibun 2
David Cobb Fearing Haibun 3
David Cobb Green Woman Haibun 2
David Cobb Knowing Mouse Haibun Story 3
David Cobb Layout in Haibun Craft Essay 2
David Cobb Liberation and Aftermath: A Triptych Poems 2
David Cobb Panto Haibun Story 5
David Cobb Potentials of Two Different Haibun Forms: Nikki and KikĊbun Craft Essay 3
David Cobb Room Haibun 2
David Cobb Scan Haibun 2
David Cobb Withdrawing Haibun Story 2
Chris Cole The Melting Snows Poem 7
Emily Rose Cole The month after the divorce Poem 5
Jack Cooper A Far Cry Prose Poem 2
Jack Cooper A Few Hours From Starvation Essay 10
Jack Cooper A Morning of Nothing Poem 3
Jack Cooper All of the Above: A Personality Test Poem 3
Jack Cooper Artifact Poem 9
Jack Cooper Assumed Micro-Fiction 2
Jack Cooper Buddha-Like Prose Poem 6
Jack Cooper Certain Kind of Listening Poem 10
Jack Cooper Ekphrastic Elastic: The Literate Palette Nonfiction 6
Jack Cooper Ephective Ekphrastics: A Guide to Verbalizing Art [co-written with Clare MacQueen] Nonfiction 10
Jack Cooper Fire Poem 2
Jack Cooper Found in Translation Craft Essay 4
Jack Cooper Good News/Bad News Poem 5
Jack Cooper Grandpa’s Tools Poem 5
Jack Cooper Heartbreak Kid Flash Play 2
Jack Cooper If Only Poem 5
Jack Cooper Jesus at the Chevron Poem 9
Jack Cooper Lessons Haibun 3
Jack Cooper Minding My Own Poem 3
Jack Cooper Neruda’s Typewriter Prose Poem 4
Jack Cooper No Room to Rage Poem 7
Jack Cooper Noam Poem Poem 7
Jack Cooper Of Longing Poem 10
Jack Cooper On your long journey Tanka 3
Jack Cooper Online vs. Print: A False Dichotomy Craft Essay 5
Jack Cooper Opening your card Tanka 3
Jack Cooper Options Micro-Fiction 3
Jack Cooper Over a Shoulder Poem 2
Jack Cooper Overwhelmed: Waking Up to the Mother of All Problems Essay 7
Jack Cooper Pardon Me Micro-Play 2
Jack Cooper Playful Conversations Commentary 2
Jack Cooper Punctuation in Poetry Craft Essay 4
Jack Cooper Reaches Prose Poem 2
Jack Cooper Reading to the Beat
[A review of the CD, an INTRODUCTION: Dan Turèll + Halfdan E meets Thomas E. Kennedy, with poems by Turèll translated and read by Kennedy, and music by film composer Halfdan E]
Review 4
Jack Cooper Search Worthy Prose Poem 6
Jack Cooper Secrets Poem 8
Jack Cooper Seven Questions for Charles D. Tarlton Interview 6
Jack Cooper Signs Haiga 6
Jack Cooper Some People Poem 8
Jack Cooper The Loudest Talk Micro-Play 2
Jack Cooper The Whole Truth Poem 9
Jack Cooper Video Poetry: Synergy or Dependency?
[Flash analyses of films of poems by Michelle Bitting, Billy Collins, Tanya Davis, and Langston Hughes]
Review 4
Jack Cooper When Whales Fly: A Commentweet Craft Essay 3
Jack Cooper Witness Poem 2
Jack Cooper and P. A. Milton Eleven Lines Haiga 7
Jack Cooper and P. A. Milton Tree Haiga 7
Charles Couch Double Play Memoir 6
Orianna Cuinn Target Practice Micro-Fiction 3
William Cullen, Jr. At the Old Wall Tanka 9
William Cullen, Jr. Driving Cross Country Haiku Sequence 8
William Cullen, Jr. Two Poems [undocumented; and veterans graveyard] Haiku 8
William Cullen, Jr. Veteran’s Day in a Civil War Cemetery Poem 9
Heidi Czerwiec 5 by (N°) 5 CNF/Prose Poem 6
Heidi Czerwiec Fall Rondeau Poem 6
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Anniken Davenport Bless the Sniper Micro-Fiction 3
Anniken Davenport The Lonely Ones Flash Fiction 3
Steve Davenport and
Renée Ashley
It’s Only Then Poem 1
James Lloyd Davis Butterfly Fingers Flash Fiction 5
Janet Lynn Davis Approximations Tanka Prose 6
Janet Lynn Davis ordered Haiga 6
Janet Lynn Davis Sticks and stones Tanka Prose 8
Janet Lynn Davis The Singer Tanka Prose 6
Janet Lynn Davis What if? Tanka Prose 2
Cherie Hunter Day A Rough Translation of Morning Lyric Memoir 9
Lisa de Luca Why you are afraid of growing old Haibun 3
Tara Deal Every Woman Is an Island CNF Essay 1
Kelsey Dean A Year Haibun 6
Kelsey Dean Girl with a Strawberry Earring Prose Poem 6
Kelsey Dean There Must Be Lemon Groves in Heaven Micro-Fiction 6
Darren C. Demaree Emily as a Wingbeat Poem 9
Jared Demick “Touching is the television of blood”: An Interview with John Olson [an excerpt] Nonfiction 8
Angelee Deodhar The Tricoteuse Haibun 6
Margot DeSalvo I could write about my sister Poem 10
Kayla DeVault A Just Transition For Earth: What if U.S. rivers and mountains had the legal rights of people? Commentary 10
Rachel Guido deVries Imperfection Poem 10
Salvatore Difalco The Villa Flash Fiction 10
Jess Dimond After the Hurricane Prose Poem 1
Jess Dimond Ordinary Hermetics Poem 1
Jess Dimond Seraphic Interludes Prose Poem 1
Jess Dimond Six Postcards from the Mountain Poem 1
Jess Dimond The Boy and the Tree Prose Poem 1
Kara Dorris Benign Bone Tumor City Commentary 2
Kara Dorris Self-Portrait with Framing Effect Poem 2
Kika Dorsey A Bone in My Body Poem 9
Kika Dorsey A Stained Canvas Flash Fiction 9
Kika Dorsey All Grown Up Poem 8
Kika Dorsey Artist’s Point Prose Poem 7
Kika Dorsey Avis Haibun Story 3
Kika Dorsey Bed of Ashes Prose Poem 10
Kika Dorsey Caring for Lezane Haibun 5
Kika Dorsey Cutting Cords Prose Poem 10
Kika Dorsey Dear Mother Memoir 6
Kika Dorsey Desert Prose Poem 6
Kika Dorsey Lightning Veins Poem 7
Kika Dorsey My Grandmother’s Chair Haibun Story 3
Kika Dorsey Polishing Leather Poem 8
Kika Dorsey Silhouettes Prose Poem 5
Kika Dorsey The Dusty City Micro-Fiction 5
Kika Dorsey The Strindberg Tree Haibun Story 3
Kika Dorsey The Voices Poem 8
Kika Dorsey The Walls Prose Poem 10
Kika Dorsey The World Is Bigger Micro-Fiction 7
Sean Thomas Dougherty The Black Flags of Our Bodies Prose Poem 1
Morgan Downie The Star, Falling Micro-Fiction 3
Melanie Dunbar Apology to the Homeless Man in Downtown Indianapolis CNF 9
Melanie Dunbar Biography of a Rooster CNF 9
Melanie Dunbar Diagnosis Prose Poem 9
Melanie Dunbar River Gift Prose Poem 9
Melanie Dunbar Why Did She Need the Map? Prose Poem 9
James Dunlap Overcup Poem 3
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Whitney Egstad Foxes Lyric Memoir 9
Skip Eisiminger Counter-Entomological Warfare Nonfiction 8
Skip Eisiminger Democratic Vistas: Two Military Funerals Memoir 5
Skip Eisiminger Imaginary Friends: Divine Humor Essay + Commentary 2
Skip Eisiminger Myth and History Memoir 8
Skip Eisiminger Nano Lit: Concision Craft Essay 8
Skip Eisiminger Spade Therapy Poem 10
Skip Eisiminger The Pearl of Memory: Visit to the Dementia Ward Poem 10
Skip Eisiminger Well Begun Is a Home Run: Commencements Essay 2
Skip Eisiminger What We’re Here After: Immortality and Reincarnation Essay 10
Chloë Feldman Emison Four Artworks [Hrisey, Ⅳ; St. George and the Dragon, Ⅰ; Untitled (Glasgow, CX [110]); and Untitled (Glasgow, CXXIV [124])] Visual Arts 4
Margarita Engle The Peace Dove Haibun 4
Tony Eprile The Notebook Prose Poem 5
Claire Everett Bittersweet Nothings Tanka Tale 10
Claire Everett But to Each Other Dream Tanka Tale 6
Claire Everett Crowkind Tanka Prose 5
Claire Everett Custodians Haibun 10
Claire Everett Fledged Haibun 6
Claire Everett Footless Tanka Tale 8
Claire Everett Gaia Tanka Tale 7
Claire Everett Hearts of Oak Tanka Tale 7
Claire Everett Mother Tongue Tanka Prose 10
Claire Everett Orbits Ekphrastic Tanka Tale 9
Claire Everett Paperburn Tanka Tale 5
Claire Everett Ships Tanka Tale 6
Claire Everett State of the Art Tanka Tale 6
Claire Everett Stealing Tanka Tale 6
Claire Everett [The Window] Photograph 5
Claire Everett The Window Poem Tanka Prose 5
Claire Everett Two Storeys Tanka Tale 5
Claire Everett Uncoupling Ekphrastic Tanka Tale 9
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György Faludy Silver Pirouettes (Sonnet 12) Poem 2
Fancher, Alexis: See Rhone Fancher, Alexis
Grant Faulkner 100-Word Stories: Writing with Gaps Craft Essay 2
Jack Feerick In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle Flash Fiction 4
Lawrence Feir Three Mixed-Media Sculptures
[Elise; Figurative Female Torso; and Where’s Watson?]
Visual Arts 2
David Victor Feldman 12 Artworks [Featured Artist] Visual Arts 4
Peter Fiore Dissolving Boundaries Tanka Sequence 6
Peter Fiore Live at the Five Spot Micro-Fiction 6
Peter Fiore Wildflowers Micro-Fiction 9
Allen Forrest Five Images: City Life
[Chainman; Jazz Guitarist; Reader; Seattle: Fifth Avenue Traffic; and Seattle: Skinner Building]
Visual Arts 2
Linda Nemec Foster Conjuring Her Face Micro-Fiction 10
Linda Nemec Foster Dark Green, Forest Green Prose Poem 8
Linda Nemec Foster Flight to Warsaw Prose Poem 10
Linda Nemec Foster Gemini Marks the First and Second Hour Prose Poem 10
Linda Nemec Foster His Wife Gets Profiled at the Zurich Airport, Prose Poem 8
Linda Nemec Foster Love and War in the Park, Lucerne Prose Poem 8
Linda Nemec Foster Smoke Long Prose Poem 10
Linda Nemec Foster Tea in Istanbul Prose Poem 9
Benedict (Ben) Francis Mud Face Photograph 8
Jeff Friedman Forgiveness Prose Poem 9
Jeff Friedman Grief Prose Poem 6
Urszula Funnell Checkmate Tanka Prose 5
Urszula Funnell Cooking Lessons Tanka Tale 9
Urszula Funnell Me and Pa Tanka Tale 5
Urszula Funnell #smileyfacelol Tanka Tale 9
Urszula Funnell The Old Beatnik Tanka Prose 6
Urszula Funnell This Side of the Fence Tanka Prose 8
Urszula Funnell Through the Window Tanka Prose 5
Urszula Funnell Time Does Nothing Tanka Tale 5
Bryan Furuness The Wonder of Geese Craft Essay 2
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Jeannine Hall Gailey Love Story (With Fire Demon and Tengu) Haibun Story 8
Neil Gaiman IMPORTANT. AND PASS IT ON... Craft Essay 5
Peter Galle Primordial Poem 7
Nilay Gandhi Beathles Micro-Fiction 1
Ian Ganassi “Shit and Molasses” Prose Poem 9
Ian Ganassi The Golf Specialist Ekphrastic Prose Poem 9
Jerry Garcia Infarction Haibun 5
Julie Gard Morbidity and Travel Prose Poem 9
Julie Gard Rational Thought Prose Poem 8
Julie Gard Take It Back Micro-Fiction 9
Julie Gard Torque Micro-Fiction 9
Dr. Tim Gardiner Hazard Ekphrastic Haibun 10
Dr. Tim Gardiner Old Lace Haibun 10
Dr. Tim Gardiner Trigger’s Broom Haibun 9
Deanne Gertner Note to Self Flash Fiction 1
Deanne Gertner When You Stand Prose Poem 1
Erin Darby Gesell Retribution Flash Fiction 8
Dan Gilmore A Morning Moment Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore A Short History of the Banger Micro-Fiction 10
Dan Gilmore A Smart Fly Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore After 9-11 Haibun 4
Dan Gilmore After I Didn’t Die Haibun 3
Dan Gilmore After Your Stroke Haibun 3
Dan Gilmore Becoming a Christian Soldier Micro-Fiction 7
Dan Gilmore Being Saved Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore Big Boy Haibun Story 4
Dan Gilmore Bilocation Micro-Fiction 9
Dan Gilmore Bonsai Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore Confession Memoir 10
Dan Gilmore Dancing Flash Fiction 7
Dan Gilmore Destiny Haibun + Poem 3
Dan Gilmore February 1971, Grand Rapids Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore First TV Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore Fixing Things Micro-Fiction 2
Dan Gilmore Forked Branches Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore Ginsberg’s Last Soup Memoir + Commentary 9
Dan Gilmore Gratitude Prose Poem 8
Dan Gilmore Hackmuth’s Mannequin Dream Haibun Story 5
Dan Gilmore Happiness Haibun Story 5
Dan Gilmore Hollow Scoops Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore “I Feel Good” Haibun Story 5
Dan Gilmore Junior Mint Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore Just Before Sleep Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore Koi Pond Haibun 3
Dan Gilmore Lady Day: July 1959 Prose Poem 9
Dan Gilmore Magnolia Warbler Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore Massive Impermanence Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore Maxine’s Story About Alice the Hen Micro-Fiction 7
Dan Gilmore Ménage a Trois Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore My Big Brown Cup Haibun Story 4
Dan Gilmore My Birthday Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore New Shoes Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore Newtown Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore No Netflix Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore Oinks Micro-Fiction 8
Dan Gilmore On Saying I Love You Haibun 5
Dan Gilmore Prayers Haibun Story 5
Dan Gilmore Seagulls Haibun Story 3
Dan Gilmore Shedding Poem 9
Dan Gilmore The Gizmo Micro-Fiction 8
Dan Gilmore The Joy of Being Lost Memoir 9
Dan Gilmore The Republican Convention, 2016 Poem 7
Dan Gilmore The Triangle Player Micro-Fiction 2
Dan Gilmore Vietnamese Soup Prose Poem 2
Dan Gilmore Wasp Nest Haibun 3
Dan Gilmore When I Gave Up My Battle Against Hi-Tech Micro-Fiction 10
Jim Gish Midnight Drift Flash Fiction 6
Gary Glauber Devotion Prose Poem 10
Gary Glauber Guidebook to Forgotten Places Micro-Fiction 10
Gary Glauber Prevaricator Prose Poem 10
Gary Glauber Save Your Pity Prose Poem 10
Gary Glauber Three Feet and a Yard Prose Poem 10
Bianca Glinskas { Sister, i see you } : { i should find you a grave } Poem 10
Bill Gottlieb Accidents of Light Haibun 10
Bill Gottlieb Birds Above Us Haibun 8
Bill Gottlieb Else Haibun 7
Bill Gottlieb Fleeing the Valley Fire Memoir 10
Bill Gottlieb Magnolia Snow Haibun 8
Bill Gottlieb No-Count Haibun 9
Bill Gottlieb The Boy Tanka Prose 7
Bill Gottlieb The Husband-Eater Tanka Prose 6
Bill Gottlieb The Ticket Haibun 7
Bill Gottlieb “’re passing through...” Tanka Prose 6
A.M. Gouedard The Miner, Absolom Haibun 6
Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois Birds Poem 8
Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois Labyrinthine Audiology Micro-Fiction 8
Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois Too Much Benadryl Micro-Fiction 8
Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois Updraft Poem 8
Margaux Griffith Hierarchy of needs (by guitar players) Poem 3
Ona Gritz A Conscious Decision Commentary 2
Ona Gritz Hemiplegia Poem 2
Ona Gritz No Poem 2
Ona Gritz Prologue Poem 2
Deborah Guzzi A Missive from Genevieve Haibun Story 5
Deborah Guzzi Jizo’s Children Haibun 4
Deborah Guzzi Prickly Heat Haibun 3
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Kim Hagerich Bundle of Joy Micro-Fiction 8
Charles Hansmann Camouflage Haibun 3
Charles Hansmann Decoy Haibun 3
Charles Hansmann Impromptu Poem 5
Charles Hansmann Layer Haibun 2
Charles Hansmann Northerly Haibun 5
Charles Hansmann Rash Haibun Story 3
Charles Hansmann Shipwreck Flash Fiction 2
Charles Hansmann Undercover Haibun 6
Charles Hansmann Vivien Haibun 2
Mary Hatch Beach Dreams Visual Art 9
Mary Hatch Dancing Class Visual Art 9
Mary Hatch Gentle Days Visual Art 9
Mary Hatch Phantoms Visual Art 9
Mary Hatch Shades of Grey Visual Art 9
Mary Hatch The Back Office Visual Art 9
Suzanne Hawkins [Mission Bay Moon Jellies] Photographs 5
Tim Hawkins Elegy Within Earshot of Howling Poem 8
Tim Hawkins More Life Micro-Fiction 8
Tim Hawkins Pura Vida: An Alternative Travel Guide Flash Fiction 8
Tim Hawkins Things Have Dropped From Me Flash Fiction 9
George Held Just Say No [No Object, poems by Natalie Shapero] Review 3
Kyle Hemmings Gone Girl Haibun Story 3
Kyle Hemmings Three Jesters Haibun Story 3
Richard L. Herring Letting Go Flash Fiction 3
Michael Hettich Soup Poem 8
Joyce Hildebrand The Community of Bread Essay 5
Maria Himmelman At Home in the Sky Poem 10
Maria Himmelman The Smallest Things Poem 10
Mark Hoadley Disappointments (1) Prose Poem 2
Angi Holden 4am Micro-Fiction 3
Richard Holinger Her Real Work Micro-Fiction 1
Richard Holinger Looking Good Micro-Fiction 1
Richard Holinger Normandy Flash Fiction 8
Richard Holinger Tear Out the Page Micro-Fiction 1
Richard Holinger The Steps Micro-Fiction 1
Sheryl Holland A Little Night Music: Ode to Mozart Visual Arts 6
Sheryl Holland Abstract Paintings [A Resting Place; Horizons 3; Light for Icarus; Musical Spheres; and Ocean of Ki] Visual Arts 6
Sheryl Holland Wabi Sabi Breakfast Poem 6
Tamara Hollins In Between Micro-Fiction 4
Wayland House Five Wood-Block Prints
[Fishing Village; Isatu the Potter; Jamming II; The Struggle; and Three Fishermen]
Visual Arts 2
Nancy Hull and Ray Rasmussen Moonbeams Haiga 6
Debra Hurd Jazz Garden Painting 4
Debra Hurd Jazz Street Painting 4
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Mikhail Iossel Not-Evens Nonfiction [satire] 8
J [Back to Alpha Menu]
Peter Jastermsky Beyond Complaint Haibun 8
Peter Jastermsky Everywhere Haibun 7
Peter Jastermsky In Check Haibun 7
Peter Jastermsky Menu Haibun 9
Peter Jastermsky receding Cherita Sequence 8
Arya F. Jenkins Believe Only in the Weather Memoir 7
Arya F. Jenkins Descent Micro-Fiction 2
Ryan Jessup At the Helm Haibun 6
Ryan Jessup By Faith Haibun 10
Ryan Jessup Finding Clarity After a Funeral Haibun 10
Ryan Jessup Mercy Haibun 5
Ryan Jessup My Disney World Haibun 9
Ryan Jessup The Argument Haibun 4
Sonja Johanson Derecho Haibun 7
Sonja Johanson Elisa Weaving Nettle for the Swans Poem 9
Sonja Johanson Gainsborough on Another Coast Poem 6
Sonja Johanson I Remember Haibun 9
Sonja Johanson Leonard Cohen Poem 6
Sonja Johanson Platelets Prose Poem 9
Sonja Johanson Specimen Ekphrastic Haibun 9
Sonja Johanson Votary, Light Poem 7
Sonja Johanson Weeds Micro-Fiction 7
April Johnston Ira Flash Fiction 2
April Johnston The American Way Micro-Fiction 2
April Johnston Waiting by Water Micro-Fiction 2
Cory Johnston Courtyard Micro-Fiction 1
Parneshia Jones Bra Shopping Poem 1
Richard Jones The Philosopher’s Banquet Cento Sonnet 9
Warren Jones III Practice Micro-Fiction 6
Georgia Jones-Davis Monumental Dog Poem 3
Judy Jordan Autumn in the Heart Poem 3
Judy Jordan Just the Still World Poem 3
Judy Jordan The Delivery Micro-Fiction 3
Judy Jordan Unoiled Hinge Poem 3
Attila Jozsef The Song of a Grieving Hungarian Poem 2
Attila Jozsef With a Pure Heart Poem 2
Carol Judkins Mise en scène Tanka Prose 6
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Mary Kancewick Two Grandmothers Prose Poem 4
Janne Karlsson Empty Graphic Art 6
Janne Karlsson Even Men Bleed Graphic Art 1
Janne Karlsson Indifferent as the Moon Graphic Art 3
Janne Karlsson Look Me in the Eyes Graphic Art 1
Janne Karlsson Pass Me the Gravy Graphic Art 1
Janne Karlsson Permafrost Graphic Art 1
Janne Karlsson The Smartphone Creed Graphic Art 4
Janne Karlsson Those Branches Graphic Flash 2
Janne Karlsson To Tame Wildfires Graphic Art 1
Arthur Kayzakian The Sound of a Vacant Room Poem 8
Gloria Keeley Tolkien’s First Cover Poem 6
David J. Kelly Chernobyl is currently 1.00008150762% safe Haibun 10
David J. Kelly Three Senryu [cleansing breath; our cat’s fleas...; umbrella] Micro-Poems 10
David J. Kelly Uneasy Haibun 10
Marjorie Kennedy Birdfeeder Haibun 6
Thomas E. Kennedy A Little Tale of Sunrise CNF Essay 1
Thomas E. Kennedy Amber Hunting Prose Poem 1
Thomas E. Kennedy Connection Micro-Fiction 1
Thomas E. Kennedy Mallow
[poem by Karsten Bjarnholt]
Translation 2
Thomas E. Kennedy Spermatozoa
[poem by Karsten Bjarnholt]
Translation 2
Thomas E. Kennedy Submission
[poem by Karsten Bjarnholt]
Translation 2
Thomas E. Kennedy From Verses for Drunks, Lechers and Other Miscreants Poems 1
Thomas E. Kennedy What Makes a Memorable Piece of CNF? Craft Essay 2
Thomas E. Kennedy What to Take Micro-Fiction 3
Elizabeth Kerlikowske Coping Ekphrastic Prose Poem 9
Elizabeth Kerlikowske Gentle Days Ekphrastic Micro-Fiction 9
Elizabeth Kerlikowske Late Spring Prose Poem 9
Elizabeth Kerlikowske Mandatory Dance Lessons Ekphrastic Micro-Fiction 9
Elizabeth Kerlikowske Phantoms Ekphrastic Prose Poem 9
Elizabeth Kerlikowske Shades of Gray: Waiting Room, Calumet Ekphrastic Prose Poem 9
Elizabeth Kerlikowske The Back Office Ekphrastic Micro-Fiction 9
Justin Key Two Sides to Every Story Flash Fiction 1
Maureen Kingston Scattering Ceremony Haibun 10
Clare Kirwan Slather Micro-Fiction 3
Lee Kisling Day One—No Insurance Poem 5
Lee Kisling Pluto Prose Poem 2
Lee Kisling Three Things We Never Speak Of Prose Poem 2
Lee Kisling What She Said Prose Poem 2
L. S. Klatt The Estrangement Poem 9
Arthur Klepchukov bleedin’ peach Flash Fiction 9
Arthur Klepchukov Dawnsong 94-Word Fiction 10
Arthur Klepchukov lying is the girl 100-Word Fiction 10
Ann Knickerbocker After Watteau Painting 6
Ann Knickerbocker Classic in Sepia Painting 6
Ann Knickerbocker Interrogation II Painting 8
Steve Kowit Alpha Centauri Poem 1
Steve Kowit The Bus to Pomasqui Poem 1
Steve Kowit What chord did she pluck in my soul Poem 1
Minter Krotzer Jersey Shore Rite Aid CNF Essay 2
Kathryn Kulpa Amaryllis Prose Poem 4
Kathryn Kulpa Happy Meal Micro-Fiction 2
Kathryn Kulpa Penny Postcard, 1902 (No Cancellation) Poem 2
Kathryn Kulpa [Redemption Is Found in the Oddest Places] New Shoes by Dan Gilmore Review 7
Kathryn Kulpa Savasana Prose Poem 4
Kathryn Kulpa The Best Small Fictions 2015 [Series editor, Tara L. Masih; debut volume guest-edited by Robert Olen Butler] Review 4
Kathryn Kulpa The Museum of Curiosities Flash Fiction 8
Kathryn Kulpa Under the Ceiling Flash Fiction 8
Kathryn Kulpa Wendy and Brian on the Last Night of the World Flash Fiction 2
Stephen Kuusisto Borges: They Are Knocking the Wind Out of Me in Iowa City Poem 2
Stephen Kuusisto Digressions on Poetry, Prose, and a Lingonberry Bush Commentary 2
Stephen Kuusisto Letter to Borges from Estonia Poem 2
Stephen Kuusisto Only Bread, Only Light Poem 2
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J.R. Lancaster Two Photographs [Dakota Sandstone; Rock On; and Artist’s Comments] Visual Arts 6
J.R. Lancaster and Gary S. Rosin The Shade of a Dog Haiga 6
Nick Lord Lancaster Berceuse Flash Fiction 4
William F. Lantry Changeling Flash Fiction 3
William F. Lantry Elation Poem 3
William F. Lantry Response Poem 3
William F. Lantry Riverrun Poem 3
Gavin Larsen Cinderella Micro-Memoir 3
Gavin Larsen Excellent Memoir 6
Gavin Larsen Into the Night Memoir 3
Tara Laskowski Ladies Night Micro-Fiction 5
Jenny Lawson Thanks for the Zombies, Jesus CNF Essay 1
Dan Leach An Inauspicious Start Flash Fiction 2
Dan Leach Ceasefire Poem 2
Dan Leach Hands Flash Fiction 3
Lynne Leach and David C. Rice Whisper Song Tanka Sequence 6
Victor Robert Lee Flames on a Hot Day CNF Essay 2
Susan Lerner It’s Not the Size CNF Essay 1
Wendy Lestina On the Other Hand Micro-Fiction 1
Nina Lindsay Around the Fire Poem 2
Nina Lindsay Thank You Poem 2
Nina Lindsay To the Evening Poem 2
Chip Livingston Yesterday My Father Was Dying Memoir 4
Ellaraine Lockie Embracing the Tiger Haibun 7
Ellaraine Lockie Montana twilight Ekphrastic Tanka + Photograph 9
Ellaraine Lockie Pollage Number 77 Poems + Mixed-Media Art 10
Ellaraine Lockie The Animal Inside Ekphrastic Poem 10
Michael Loveday Click Prose Poem 7
Michael Loveday Knife Micro-Fiction 7
Michel Lucas and Gary S. Rosin Mist on the Moor Haiga 6
Michel Lucas and Gary S. Rosin Tranquility in White Haiga 6
Bob Lucky Being Right: A Fable Haibun 7
Bob Lucky Ethnographic Vignette #2 Tanka Prose 1
Bob Lucky Finding my Way in Kichijoji Tanka Prose 2
Bob Lucky From The Chronicles of Homo Hapless Prose Poem 9
Bob Lucky Gratitude Haibun 6
Bob Lucky Happily Ever After Tanka Prose 3
Bob Lucky Jack the Anthropologist Haibun Story 10
Bob Lucky Journeys 2017: An Anthology of International Haibun, Edited by Dr. Angelee Deodhar Nonfiction 8
Bob Lucky Meaning Haibun 10
Bob Lucky Not Quite the Music of the Spheres Haibun 2
Bob Lucky Rule Change Haibun Story 4
Bob Lucky Saturday Morning Tanka Prose 1
Bob Lucky Some Answers May Be Used More Than Once: A Carriwitchet Quiz Humor 9
Bob Lucky The Color of Clouds Prose Poem 6
Bob Lucky The Current Situation Haibun Story 4
Bob Lucky The Dead Never Change Prose Poem 1
Bob Lucky The Grater Things in Life Tanka Prose 1
Bob Lucky The Last Time I Lost My Mind Haibun 8
Bob Lucky The Truth Comes Out Prose Poem 2
Bob Lucky Two Vows Poem 6
Bob Lucky Upside Down Tanka Tale 4
Bob Lucky Who’s Roosting in the Family Tree Prose Poem 5
Nancy Ludmerer Aaron’s First Girl Micro-Fiction 8
Nancy Ludmerer Hide-and-Seek Flash Fiction 8
Nancy Ludmerer Learning the Trade in Tenancingo Micro-Fiction 6
Nancy Ludmerer No Offense Flash Fiction 8
Cody T Luff Cup Micro-Fiction 2
Alison Luterman An Ode to Aspirin Poem 1
Alison Luterman Long Bones Poem 1
Alison Luterman The Determined Chicken: On Becoming an Urban Biker in my Fifties Essay 1
Alison Luterman Willing Poem 1
Chad W. Lutz Badlands Poem 6
Chad W. Lutz Bad Transition Poem 6
William Luvaas Limbo Craft Essay 5
Radomir Vojtech Luza Porno Mourno Poem 2
Radomir Vojtech Luza Work to Do Poem 2
Lorette C. Luzajic A Plan Always Falls Apart If You Glue It With Illusion Painting 6
Lorette C. Luzajic The Scarecrow (for Matthew Shepard) Poem 6
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Patricia J. Machmiller and J. Zimmerman Kaleidoscope Tanka Sequence 6
Clare MacQueen Banned for Life
[Poems by Arlene Ang]
Review 2
Clare MacQueen Dedication [to Kelley Marie Smith, in memoriam] Nonfiction 1
Clare MacQueen Ephective Ekphrastics: A Guide to Verbalizing Art [co-written with Jack Cooper] Nonfiction 10
Clare MacQueen “My Belly Is Pregnant With Night”:
A Micro-Review of Kika Dorsey’s Rust
Review 6
Clare MacQueen One More Time and I’ll Have It—Fusion in a Mason Jar Poem + Commentary 10
Clare MacQueen “Too Much Perfume for One Heart to Hold” [The Small, Wild Places, tanka poems by Claire Everett] Review 5
Clare MacQueen Tip-of-the-Iceberg Stories [Grant Faulkner’s Fissures: One Hundred 100-Word Stories] Review 4
Eileen Malone The Lies of the Saints Micro-Fiction 6
Tara L. Masih Rabbit Girl Micro-Fiction 1
Tara L. Masih Small Orbits Prose Poem 1
Tara L. Masih To Follow: to proceed without plan or reflection Micro-Fiction 1
Kandi Maxwell Shattered Memoir 2
Kandi Maxwell Wild Salmon Memoir 8
Ann Stewart McBee The Changeling Micro-Fiction 5
Karen McClintock: See Michael & Karen McClintock
Michael McClintock Afternoon Garden Haibun 1
Michael McClintock Autumn Plums Haibun 1
Michael McClintock Once in a Meadow, Near Los Osos Haibun 1
Michael McClintock The Egyptian Exhibit Tanka Prose 1
Michael & Karen McClintock (dandelions!) Haiga (Tanka + Art) 5
Michael & Karen McClintock (enough is enough) Haiga (Tanka + Art) 5
Michael & Karen McClintock (for big fat radishes) Haiga (Tanka + Art) 5
Michael & Karen McClintock (one bird) Haiga (Tanka + Art) 5
Michael & Karen McClintock (we hear grunion) Haiga (Tanka + Art) 5
Ryan Keith McConkey Bulls on Parade Flash Fiction 1
Kathleen McGookey Boy Meets Girl Prose Poem 10
Kathleen McGookey Circus Love Story Prose Poem 10
Kathleen McGookey Compared to Yours Prose Poem 10
Kathleen McGookey Feather Child Prose Poem 8
Kathleen McGookey On a Scale of Zero to Ten Prose Poem 10
Kathleen McGookey Postcard from Brussels Prose Poem 9
Kathleen McGookey Postcard from Downtown Frankfurt Prose Poem 9
Kathleen McGookey Postcard from the Loire Valley Prose Poem 9
Kathleen McGookey Taxonomy Prose Poem 8
Kathleen McGookey That Couple With Their Heads Full of Clouds Prose Poem 8
Kathleen McGookey You Can Find Joy in Doing Laundry Micro-Fiction 9
Amanda McLeod Public Service Micro-Fiction 8
Amalia Melis Three Assemblage Sculptures
[Hidden Within; Hop On, I’ll Give You a Ride; and Torso]
Visual Arts + Commentary 1
Amalia Melis A Daring Soul: Tribute to Betty Ryan CNF Essay + Photograph 1
Frances Melis Five Paintings [Andros Lemons; Olive Tree in Fall Foliage; The Old Docks in Hora; The Wisdom of the Olive Tree; and Tourlitis Lighthouse at Night] Visual Arts 4
Lloyd Merriam Wrenched Poem + Commentary 9
Christopher Merrill Ghazal (3) Poem 1
Christopher Merrill Ghazal (4) Poem 1
Christopher Merrill Ghazal (5) Poem 1
Christopher Merrill Guidebook Micro-Fiction 1
Bill Mesce, Jr. Tell, Don’t Show [Part One] Craft Essay 3
Bill Mesce, Jr. Tell, Don’t Show [Part Two] Craft Essay 3
Bill Mesce, Jr. The General Flash Fiction 5
Bill Mesce, Jr. Tides CNF 2
Joseph Millar Time-Poem Poem 8
Carolyn Miller Cigarettes Poem 1
Carolyn Miller Dog Days Poem 5
Carolyn Miller Driving with Robert Prose Poem 1
Carolyn Miller In the Lot Poem 1
Carolyn Miller Limogne Revisited Prose Poem 5
Carolyn Miller The Barn House, Late October Poem 1
Carolyn Miller The Book of the Living Poem 1
Bryce Milligan Reduced to Words Redux Renga 1
Bryce Milligan The Fiftieth Face Prose Poem 1
P. A. Milton and Jack Cooper Eleven Lines Haiga 7
P. A. Milton and Jack Cooper Tree Haiga 7
Bill Mohr Big Band, Slow Dance Poem 10
Bill Mohr Enter Here by Alexis Rhone Fancher [erotic poetry] Review 9
Bill Mohr Feasts by Holly Prado (1976) [feminist prose-poem novella] Review 8
Bill Mohr Post-Mortem Elixirs CNF/aphorisms 8
Bill Mohr Scorpio in Transit Haibun 8
Bill Mohr The Auctioneer’s Target Practice in the Orchestra Pit Poem: Ghazal 3
Bill Mohr Vicarious Census Count Poem: Ghazal 3
Beverly Acuff Momoi Practice: because Haibun 6
Marilyn Morgan Cruising Flash Fiction 6
Lynn Mundell She Was Late Micro-Fiction 6
Lynn Mundell The End Smells Like Gasoline Micro-Fiction 9
Lynn Mundell The Phone Call CNF 9
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Amy Newday nor birds nor lightning Prose Poem 9
Amy Newday Taking Down the Pasture Fence Prose Poem 9
Amy Newday That Year Prose Poem 9
Nuala Ní Chonchúir Vincent in the Yellow House Ekphrastic Micro-Fiction 2
James B. Nicola First in Line Poem 4
Don Noel Darwin Micro-Fiction 7
Miho Nonaka Beetle Child Poem 9
Miho Nonaka Distance Poem 9
Victor Nunnally Two Stained-Glass Mosaic Windows
[Journeyman #4; and detail from The Nest]
Visual Arts + Commentary 1
O [Back to Alpha Menu]
Mary Odbert Switch Off Poem 6
Gayle O’Key A Short-Lived Conversion Poem 8
John Olson All I Want to Do Is Root Essay 10
John Olson Brought to a Boil: An Essay on Experimental Poetry Nonfiction 8
John Olson [Five Commentaries on Immanent Doom] Nonfiction 9
John Olson New Grind Prose Poem 8
John Olson Odor Plume Prose Poem 10
John Olson Please, Somebody Help Me Lyric/Craft Essay 9
John Olson Sling Memoir 8
John Olson Strange Matter: The physics and poetics of the search for the God particle Essay 8
John Olson The Debris of Pain Prose Poem 8
John Olson The Mystery of Grocery Carts Prose Poem 8
John Olson Three Lines by Hölderlin Essay/ Translation 10
Keli Osborn But Her Hair Was Always Perfect Poem 2
Keli Osborn St. Petersburg Poem 2
P [Back to Alpha Menu]
Jimmy Pappas Jimmy Gets Invited to His First Tea Party Meeting Poem 8
Jimmy Pappas Last Words Poem 8
Jimmy Pappas Pet Peeve Jimmy Poem 8
Pamela Johnson Parker Art Through the Ages: Botticelli Poem 6
Pamela Johnson Parker Wardrobe’s Advice to Norma Jean Poem 6
Nancy Parshall Real Calcutta CNF 10
Nancy Parshall The Neighbors Will Take the Chickens Flash Fiction 5
Nancy Parshall Where the Piano Stood Flash Fiction 6
Gabriel Patterson The Here & Now Haibun 6
Lynn Pattison Desert Isle Motel 1975 Prose Poem 9
Lynn Pattison I planted it under a giant cypress Prose Poem 9
Lynn Pattison [Two Stories]: Obituary; Obituary II Micro-Fiction 8
Lynn Pattison Remember how droplets skittered the frypan? Poem 8
Lynn Pattison Three Excerpts From The Meaning of Flowers (Alstroemeria; Daisy; Poppy) Prose Poems 9
Matthew Paul Adjudication Report and Commentaries for KYSO Flash HTP Contest 2016 Nonfiction 6
Michael Paul Sarajevo, June 28, 1914 Haibun 4
Amy Penne Gephyrophobia Prose Poem 1
Michelle Perez Reflections in a Diner Window Pane Poem 5
Richard King Perkins II Natural Deceptions Poem 8
Richard King Perkins II Trinkets of Blue Smoke Poem 8
Barry Peters Fingers Flash Fiction 10
Barry Peters How Miriam Became a Poet Micro-Fiction 10
Kate Petersen Postage Micro-Fiction 8
Sylvia Petter Uncle Henri Micro-Fiction 3
LeeAnn Pickrell Hand and Wheel Ekphrastic Poem 8
LeeAnn Pickrell The Ostrich Ekphrastic Poem 8
Marge Piercy My shadow is long Poem 8
Stella Pierides Drawings Haibun Story 3
Stella Pierides Fish Bowl Haibun 7
Stella Pierides Loving Haibun Story 3
Stella Pierides Time Haibun 3
Stella Pierides Wet Behind the Ears Haibun 3
Drew Pisarra Beware of a Holy Whore Prose Poem 6
Drew Pisarra Desk Haibun Story 6
Drew Pisarra Sonnet <2 Poem 6
Kenneth Pobo Selfie Poem 6
Meg Pokrass Recent Rejection Letters Micro-Fiction 10
Meg Pokrass The Price Is Right Micro-Fiction 10
Kayla Pongrac all these little symbols Prose Poem 2
Kayla Pongrac Bee-Begging Prose Poem 2
Kayla Pongrac Borborygmi Micro-Fiction 2
Bethany W. Pope A “Boy’s Body” Found Poem 3
Leslie Powell Stuffed Poem 7
Gleah Powers Time Travel Micro-Fiction 2
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Katherine Raine + Sheila Sondik Plumage Haiga (Rengay + Art) 5
Ray Rasmussen Ecotones of the Spirit Haibun 6
Ray Rasmussen Lichens Growing on Stone Photograph 5
Ray Rasmussen Life After Floss Haibun 5
Ray Rasmussen Lucky Day Haibun 5
Ray Rasmussen Modern English-Language Haibun Craft Essay 5
Ray Rasmussen Sunspot Haibun 5
Ray Rasmussen This Too Shall Pass Memoir 5
Ray Rasmussen To My High School Girlfriend Haibun 5
Ray Rasmussen and Nancy Hull Moonbeams Haiga 6
Lynne Rees A Time Before Haibun 2
Lynne Rees Dream Date Haibun 2
Lynne Rees Hurricane Haibun 2
Lynne Rees Stories Haibun 2
Lynne Rees Wherever we go, there we are Haibun 2
Judy Reeves As If Loneliness Prose Poem 8
Pierre-Auguste Renoir Mussel Fishers of Berneval Painting 8
Alexis Rhone Fancher Because He Used to Love Her: A Story in Photographs and Senryu Ekphrastic Senryu Sequence 5
Alexis Rhone Fancher Death Warrant Poem 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher For Kate Ekphrastic Haibun 4
Alexis Rhone Fancher God As Ice Cream Vendor Prose Poem 4
Alexis Rhone Fancher Hard Rain in DTLA Photograph 4
Alexis Rhone Fancher I Prefer Pussy Poem 6
Alexis Rhone Fancher It Rained Today in DTLA Haibun 4
Alexis Rhone Fancher Kate O’Donnell Photograph 4
Alexis Rhone Fancher Madhouse Pas de Deux Poem 7
Alexis Rhone Fancher Morning Wood Poem 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher My Dead Boy’s Right Arm Poem 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher Nebraska Micro-Fiction 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher Pick-Up Micro-Fiction 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera Flash Fiction 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher Seven Images Photographs 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher Staying Put Poem 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher Sunset Over San Pedro Photograph 9
Alexis Rhone Fancher The Animal Inside Photograph 10
Alexis Rhone Fancher The Competition Poem 2
Alexis Rhone Fancher Thin-Skinned Micro-Fiction 9
Alexis Rhone Fancher this small rain Poem 4
Alexis Rhone Fancher Tonight We Will Bloom for One Night Only Poem 3
Alexis Rhone Fancher Un-Still Life-2 Ekphrastic Haiku + Art 5
Alexis Rhone Fancher Why I Almost Forgave You (Perché ti ho quasi perdonato) Poem 8
Alexis Rhone Fancher You’ve Got a Friend in Jesus (The Cross) Poem 9
David C. Rice Learning My Part Tanka Sequence 6
David C. Rice and Lynne Leach Whisper Song Tanka Sequence 6
David C. Rice and Suzanne Starjash Survival Ekphrastic Poem + Art 7
Colleen Kearney Rich Group CNF Essay 1
Kevin Ridgeway Ghetto Star Gazing Poem 9
Kevin Ridgeway Haunt Poem 8
Ron Riekki Collusion CNF 10
Catherine Rockwood She comes safely over Poem 9
Bruce Holland Rogers Adam’s Curse Flash Fiction 1
Bruce Holland Rogers Advice and Consent Micro-Fiction 1
Bruce Holland Rogers Flag-Draped Coffin Flash Fiction 2
Bruce Holland Rogers Outside Out and Inside In Micro-Fiction 2
Bruce Holland Rogers The Fat of the Land Micro-Fiction 2
Bruce Holland Rogers The Frog Prince Flash Fiction 1
Bruce Holland Rogers Value Added Haibun Story 4
Craig Rondinone Farewell to a Friend Flash Fiction 3
Kimmo Rosenthal A cage went in search of a bird Micro-Fiction 2
Kimmo Rosenthal In a certain sense, the Good is comfortless Micro-Fiction 2
Kimmo Rosenthal Mon Ami Pierrot Ekphrastic CNF 9
Kimmo Rosenthal Ruby, My Dear Micro-Fiction 6
Kimmo Rosenthal Sin comes openly Micro-Fiction 2
Kimmo Rosenthal Very Good Is Not Good Enough Flash Fiction 2
Gary S. Rosin Scene and Unseen Ekphrastic Poem 10
Gary S. Rosin and J.R. Lancaster The Shade of a Dog Haiga 6
Gary S. Rosin and Michel Lucas Mist on the Moor Haiga 6
Gary S. Rosin and Michel Lucas Tranquility in White Haiga 6
Matthew S. Rosin Bridget Walked Flash Fiction 6
Matthew S. Rosin Her Weight Is His Micro-Fiction 6
Alexis Rotella Christmas Morning Haibun 5
Alexis Rotella Cuban Cars [A Slice of Lime; Ready to Go; Red Boots; Turquoise Nugget; The Maisels] Digital Art 5
Alexis Rotella (Don’t try) Tanka 9
Alexis Rotella Five Artworks [Everyone Needs an Angel; Imagination; Morning in Palermo; Night Wind; Spring Is Here] Digital Art & Photographs 10
Alexis Rotella Five Artworks (Flower Doll; Hooper’s Island; Iris Moves Into an Airstream; Resurrection; Solstice [haiga]) Digital Art 9
Alexis Rotella Five Artworks (Epiphany II; Look of Surprise; Prayers for Lost Children; Secret Cavern; Sock It to Me) Digital Art 5
Alexis Rotella Flying Insects Haibun 5
Alexis Rotella Four Artworks (Calla Lillies; Catching a Ride; New Mexico Sunset; and The Meeting) Digital Art 7
Alexis Rotella Letting Loose Haibun 7
Alexis Rotella Not speaking Haiga 7
Alexis Rotella (Peonies) Haiga (Tanka + Art) 5
Alexis Rotella RIP Shaman Bobby Ray Haibun 8
Alexis Rotella Self-Portrait 2017 Digital Art 9
Alexis Rotella (snowy owl) Haiga (Haiku + Art) 5
Alexis Rotella The Wreckage Haibun 5
Alexis Rotella Three Micro-Poems [A drawerful; She’s not there; They won’t be here long—] Poetry 10
Alexis Rotella Three Thousand Miles from Home Haibun 7
Alexis Rotella Welcome to Belfast Haibun Story 9
C.C. Russell Aloft Prose Poem 5
C. C. Russell Another Summer at the End of the World Memoir 2
C. C. Russell Break Micro-Fiction 1
C. C. Russell Casual Revision Prose Poem 6
C. C. Russell Paraguay, Someone Says as a Song Finishes Micro-Fiction 2
C. C. Russell The Beginning of a Simple Conversation Micro-Fiction 1
C. C. Russell The Difference Between Poetry and Prose Prose Poem 3
C. C. Russell The Trappings of Who You Are Micro-Fiction 2
C. C. Russell Traffic Micro-Fiction 7
Betty Ryan Apatouria Painting 1
S [Back to Alpha Menu]
Miriam Sagan Untitled [Venus and Jupiter] Haibun 4
Eduardo Santiago Perhaps Veronica Flash Fiction 3
Eduardo Santiago Toot Flash Fiction 1
Gerard Sarnat Post DT’s Election First Hellacious Stale Breath CNF 8
Katey Schultz A Tiny Disturbance Micro-Fiction 1
Katey Schultz Born in the Wrong Era Micro-Fiction 1
Katey Schultz Paddy the Albino Flash Fiction 4
Katey Schultz Stop Looking at Me Like That Micro-Fiction 1
Katey Schultz The Last Thing They Might Have Seen Flash Fiction 1
Katey Schultz Time Wasted Micro-Fiction 1
Katey Schultz We Owned It All Flash Fiction 1
Daryl Scroggins Holding His Own Micro-Fiction 5
Lisa Segal Desire, Power, and Intimacy: A Review of Alexis Rhone Fancher’s Enter Here Review 8
Sheree Shatsky Bacon’s Revenge Flash Fiction 10
Adelaide B. Shaw Out of New Bedford, Massachusetts, 1847 Haiku Sequence 6
Adelaide B. Shaw Tide Pools Haibun 8
Thomas F. Sheehan Dowser on the River Haibun 3
Thomas F. Sheehan For My Father Blind Too Soon Tanka, Linked 3
Thomas F. Sheehan From an Appalachian Peak, a Small Red Star for Me and My Father Memoir 4
Thomas F. Sheehan Gandy Dancer of the Phoebe Snow Poem 1
Thomas F. Sheehan Honey Extracts One Last Promise Tanka, Linked 3
Thomas F. Sheehan Late Night Guitar Poem 1
Thomas F. Sheehan Sands at Almada Prose Poem 2
Thomas F. Sheehan Signals from a Dark River Prose Poem 2
Thomas F. Sheehan Thomas, Thomas Poem 1
Ashley Shelby Ersatz Café’s Post-Climate-Change Impact Menu Flash Fiction 7
Ashley Shelby Climate Impact Triptych (Migrants; The Recently Released Carbon Felon’s Guide to Job Fairs; and The PCA Card) Micro-Fiction 9
Cindy L. Sheppard [Copper and Calcite] (Calcite Formations; Cavern ceiling; Cavern interior; Cavern stream; Vein of copper) Photographs 9
Cindy L. Sheppard Three Photographs
[Eleven Degrees; The Color of Silence; and The Dance]
Visual Arts 2
Trish Sheppard A Southern Taxi Hail Poem 6
Beth Sherman Life List Micro-Fiction 5
Nikita Shorikov Season of Fire Haibun 5
Nikita Shorikov The Duel Haibun Story 5
Larry Silberfein Pre-Postmortem Humor 9
Larry Silberfein The Bris and the Brisket CNF Essay 1
Larry Silberfein Untitled Humor 9
Hal Sirowitz A Step Above Cows Poem 2
Hal Sirowitz Legal Drugs Poem 2
Hal Sirowitz [Something Worse]
[From “Zombies Are Loose”]
Commentary 2
Janey Skinner Carnivores Flash Fiction 4
Janey Skinner Carried and Missed Micro-Fiction 6
Janey Skinner Marcus Flash Fiction 6
Howard Skrill Five Paintings [Green Water with Ice Floes; Pylons with Puffy Clouds; Radio Towers; Three Towers; and Warehouses from Highway] Visual Arts 4
Charlie Smith Fortune Poem 2
Charlie Smith The River Poem 2
Claude Clayton Smith Junk Drawer Essay 1
Claude Clayton Smith Quantum Love Flash Fiction 1
John Warner Smith Two Poems and Commentary (Inner Space; and Wise Old Men) Poetry 8
Paul Sohar Attila Jozsef Commentary 2
Paul Sohar Dangerously Micro-Fiction 2
Paul Sohar Silver Pirouettes (Sonnet 12)
[poem by György Faludy]
Translation 2
Paul Sohar The Song of a Grieving Hungarian
[poem by Attila Jozsef]
Translation 2
Paul Sohar With a Pure Heart
[poem by Attila Jozsef]
Translation 2
Paul Sohar Stray Turtle on the Jersey Shore Micro-Fiction 2
John Sokol Five Mixed-Media Paintings
(Drowning in the Sea of Samos; In the Red Forest; Rotten Berries; Tailing Sirius; and Tempation of St. Anthony #36)
Visual Arts 3
Sheila Sondik Flash Flood Haibun 4
Sheila Sondik In the Beginning Haibun 6
Sheila Sondik Tangled Branches Haiku Sequence 4
Sheila Sondik + Katherine Raine Plumage Rengay 5
Andrew Stancek Call to Arms Flash Fiction 5
Andrew Stancek Horses’ Heads Flash Fiction 5
Andrew Stancek Sheol Micro-Fiction 5
John L. Stanizzi Fred and Louise’s Old Place Poem 9
John L. Stanizzi Freshman English Micro-Fiction 9
John L. Stanizzi The Barber Poem 9
Suzanne Starjash and David C. Rice Survival Ekphrastic Poem + Art 7
Kathryn J. Stevens After-Image Prose Poem 6
Kathryn J. Stevens Annie Haibun 8
Kathryn J. Stevens Blind Side Haibun 8
Kathryn J. Stevens Elsie Haibun 7
Kathryn J. Stevens Ensorcelled Tanka Tale 6
Kathryn J. Stevens In Such Unstable Times as These... Tanka Tale 9
Kathryn J. Stevens Last Dance Ekphrastic Haibun Story 10
Kathryn J. Stevens Timestamp Haibun 9
Alfred Stieglitz Georgia O’Keeffe—Hand and Wheel Photograph 8
Debbie Strange Coming Undone Haibun 6
Debbie Strange Four Haiga [in my hope chest; peeling paint; snowswept; they called us] Poetry + Photographs 10
Debbie Strange The Other Side of Light [seven photographic negatives] Visual Art 10
Jeff Streeby Colophon Haibun 6
Jeff Streeby Elegy with a parked car Haibun 3
Jeff Streeby Fritz Haibun 6
Michael Sweere Four Mixed-Media Mosaics [Cicada; Gichigami; Haunted; and Rain Chorus] Visual Arts + Commentary 1
T [Back to Alpha Menu]
Charles D. Tarlton A Question of Murder Tanka Tale 8
Charles D. Tarlton A Translation and Variations of Fragment 105 (a) by Sappho Tanka Prose 4
Charles D. Tarlton Andrew Wyeth’s Wind from the Sea (1947) Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 9
Charles D. Tarlton Ann Knickerbocker’s Interrogation II Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 8
Charles D. Tarlton Constable and Turner: Touching Fire Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 6
Charles D. Tarlton Hans Hofmann’s Yellow Burst Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 6
Charles D. Tarlton John Constable’s Branch Hill Pond, Hampstead Heath Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 6
Charles D. Tarlton John Constable’s Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 6
Charles D. Tarlton Native American Flora Tanka Prose 4
Charles D. Tarlton Paul Cézanne’s Kitchen Table (Still Life with Fruit Basket) Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 10
Charles D. Tarlton Paul Cézanne’s Madame Cézanne in a Red Chair Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 10
Charles D. Tarlton Paul Cézanne’s Mont Sainte-Victoire and Hamlet Near Gardanne 1886-90 Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 10
Charles D. Tarlton Paul Klee’s Highways and Byways Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 6
Charles D. Tarlton Richard Diebenkorn’s Ocean Park #109 Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 6
Charles D. Tarlton Taking It to the Limen Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 8
Charles D. Tarlton The Miletus Torso Ekphrastic Tanka Prose 9
Charles D. Tarlton [Antibes] Haibun 4
Christine Taylor (prepping) Haiga [Poem + Photograph] 10
Christine Taylor To the Gills Haibun 10
Ed Taylor Slur Exercises Prose Poem 5
David Terelinck Carved in Stone Tanka Prose 5
Diane Thiel The Minefield Poem 6
A.M. Thompson Vincent in Love CNF Essay 1
Jari Thymian Hair Noir Tanka Prose 4
Pat Tompkins As Student Is to Aardvark Micro-Fiction 5
Pat Tompkins Canary Girl, 1916 Haibun Story 3
Pat Tompkins Freestyle Flash Fiction 2
Pat Tompkins Gino Haibun 1
Pat Tompkins Important American Paintings: Three Responses Haibun 3
Pat Tompkins Laika in Orbit Poem 4
Pat Tompkins Scouting Tanka Prose 4
Pat Tompkins Signs of Water Tanka Prose 3
Pat Tompkins The Spice of Life Haibun 4
Pat Tompkins The Spinster Tanka Tale 5
Pat Tompkins To Play the King Memoir 2
Pat Tompkins Umbellularia Californica Haibun 1
Jim Trainer matchbox luck Poem 6
Jim Trainer Memorare Prose Poem 6
Adam Trodd Bad Call Micro-Fiction 8
Adam Trodd The Watcher Micro-Fiction 3
Dennis Trujillo Spider Bite Poem 5
Dennis Trujillo Vernacular of Trees Poem 7
Meg Tuite E-Go Micro-Fiction 2
Meg Tuite E-Mote Micro-Fiction 2
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Sarena Ulibarri Half Life Flash Fiction 1
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Megan Vered Battle of the Brians CNF Essay 2
Megan Vered I Am a Marionette Memoir 2
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Ken Waldman Writer as Scavenger, Poet as Sculptor Craft Essay 1
Horatio Walker Little White Pigs and Mother Painting 10
Marion de Booy Wentzien Moments Flash Fiction 10
Harriot West In Another Country Tanka Prose 4
Harriot West Picking Sunflowers for Van Gogh Haibun Story 6
Harriot West Portfolio Haibun 6
Harriot West Still Life Haibun 4
Harriot West Transfixed Haibun Story 4
Harriot West Wrangling Haibun 4
Philip Wexler Adoption Criteria Micro-Fiction 2
Philip Wexler drinks Prose Poem 2
Philip Wexler Friendly Fire Poem 3
Philip Wexler Jowls Prose Poem 2
Philip Wexler Paydirt Flash Fiction 2
Philip Wexler snow melt trickles down Tanka 3
Philip Wexler your slender fingers Tanka 3
Philip Wexler We Recover Lampshades Micro-Fiction 2
Leslie What Aging in Place Flash Fiction 1
Joanna White Masks Micro-Fiction 2
Joanna White The September I Turned Six Prose Poem 2
Joanna White UC Berkeley, Sproul Plaza, May 1969 Poem 2
Ginna Wilkerson Fat Girl Yawning, by Diane Arbus (1960) Ekphrastic Memoir 1
Ian Randall Wilson Timbers Poem 6
Sarah Ann Winn The Cruelest Month Micro-Fiction 5
Paul-Victor Winters Blue Haibun 5
Paul-Victor Winters Untitled [Future] Poem 5
Paul-Victor Winters Yellow Prose Poem 5
Francine Witte 1849 Micro-Fiction 9
Nora Wood (now Nora Chisnell) Cleaving Haibun 4
Christopher Woods Final Appointment Flash Play 2
Christopher Woods Five Photographs [Drawn to the Light; Ferry Crossing to Vinalhaven; Heartbreak House; Remington; & The Sunlit Sheets] Visual Arts 5
Christopher Woods Three Photographs [Bungalow; Washington County; Rainy May Morning; and Old House, Fayetteville] Visual Arts 2
Anne B. Wright Journey to Inner Space Micro-Fiction 2
Jajah Wu Kettle Moraine Flash Fiction 1
Jajah Wu Red Army Girls Go Battalion Flash Fiction 1
Xiaorong Jajah Wu Monsters Prose Poem 5
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Ron Yates I Sank the Mandolin Flash Fiction 6
John Yau Fisherman Prose Poem 1
Rich Youmans Connecting the Constellations Haibun 5
Rich Youmans Honeymoon at the Taylor House Haibun 8
Rich Youmans Jeremiah Haibun 8
Rich Youmans Morning Sun Haibun 8
Rich Youmans The Life You Save Haibun 5
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J. Zimmerman Ah Morelia Tanka Tale 5
J. Zimmerman Kukai Haibun 6
J. Zimmerman and Patricia J. Machmiller Kaleidoscope Tanka Sequence 6



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