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Issue 12: Summer 2019
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by Roy Beckemeyer

Orbed agglutinant
of midnight regality:
Purple. Globular.

of seeds. Bright-
juiced pips.

Oberon’s choice
for fairy feasts.

Burgundy molecule,
orbit of syrups.
Black nectars bound
by roundness.


Drencher of tongue,

Temptress piercer
of fingertips.

Giver-up of galaxies,
of black holes that dwell
between the luscious confines
of cheeks and lips.

Most liquid of labials.
Once eaten, imbibed,
you make me feel immoral.

Make of me
your enamored berry


Honorable Mention-winning entry in the
2018 Kansas Authors Club Spoken Word Poetry Contest

Video copyrighted © 2018 by Roy Beckemeyer.

Poet’s Commentary

I love reading “Blackberry” aloud. It has all those rich sounds that provide what Edward Hirsch called “the pleasure all this creates in the mouth.”* I confess to it being inspired by Galway Kinnell’s poem, “Blackberry Eating,” as well as by memories of my brother’s blackberry crops.

* Publisher’s Notes:

1. Edward Hirsch: Mere Air, These Words, but Delicious to Hear at Poetry Foundation (23 January 2006)

2. Galway Kinnell: Blackberry Eating at

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