KYSO Flash
Knock-Your-Socks-Off Art and Literature
Issue 7: Spring 2017
Lineated Poem: 137 words


by Peter Galle
The light goes away as the trucks come by
the window of the coffee shop where I sit
lit darkly, lightly, from pass to pass
longer and quicker than a marsh sunset

The land slides into the ocean
we do not hear a sound
farther off the heart pounds within forests deep
long since fettered by the ox tail
and charcuterie

I pour the wine 
and the shopping bags glitter yellow down the old lane
farther north the ice thaws along a wide, alluvial plain
the vaginal currents of the earth divide
in the warm blood of the sea

The mountains climb slower
and all hands, life-endowing
stop dead within the landmark shopping malls
lost in reverie

At night I dream of finances and fire
the stark notes a burnt melody
I hear drunk some mornings


Finalist, KYSO Flash “One Life, One Earth” Writing Challenge

Peter Galle
Issue 7, Spring 2017

is studying Classical and Modern Chinese medicine in Los Angeles. He began his formal training in writing and poetry at the College of Charleston. After graduating with degrees in English and Philosophy, Peter traveled to India to delve deeper into Asian philosophy. A year later he finished his first book of poetry, Atomic Verses. He is currently working on The Man in Question, a novel.

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