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Issue 3: Spring 2015
Haibun: 102 words [R]

End of the Season

by Peter Butler

a final letter
to him
still not posted

Through seaweed dry, mangled like torn sparrow, she toes past the cameras and smart phones, behind which decent men drop decent suits to dress in younger urges.

Onward past the envy of white bellies offered shyly to the sun, pinker bodies limpet glued to pebbles, perched on rubber air. Thin bodies, white, angular, pieces of a jigsaw unwrapped from City streets.

Home to the rhythm of scenery less serene, a crowded train, a busy street, trees no longer green.

beside the keyboard
a dead apple
she left on the desk

—From the haibun collection The Trouble with Mona Lisa (Alba Publishing, 2015); republished here by author’s permission

Peter Butler
Issue 3, Spring 2015

turned to poetry after a long career as a journalist, editor, and feature writer in book publishing and industry. He has published two well-received collections of poetry, Lunch at Shakespeare’s Local and Teatime on the Moon, and his ventures into haiku and its variants have been published in the USA and UK. A Piece of Shrapnel is his first haibun collection.

Butler lives in London and is a frequent guest reader on the poetry circuit.

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