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Knock-Your-Socks-Off Art and Literature
Issue 6: Fall 2016
Micro-Fiction: 203 words

Live at the Five Spot

by Peter Fiore

The room is half full. A slip of a schoolgirl in a dance class from Flatbush, AWOL from her mother, finds her way to a small table in front, the band in the middle of “April.” She doesn’t know, hasn’t the slightest inkling, years from now she’ll be almost 200 pounds and limping up to the podium...

While the brown man talks to her through his horn, dark skirling phrases like a snake with wings. The drummer fills the gaps with small bursts of snares and cymbals, the pianist whispers along the keyboards, and the horn goes on without repeating himself finding new ways to say the same thing.

He too doesn’t know he’ll be dead in three years, in a Paris hospital where no one knows his name, diagnosed incorrectly, given the wrong drugs.

When the band breaks for intermission, she slides out the back to an alley between tenements for a smoke. He’s already there toking on a joint he offers to her. They don’t exchange a word but their eyes meet as if their own arrangement that lasts all night.

When he vanishes, she counts the days and eventually feels my little heart beating inside her.

Peter Fiore
Issue 6, Fall 2016

lives and writes in Mahopac, New York. His prose has been published in Still Point Arts Quarterly, Sandy River Review, Still Crazy, and great weather for MEDIA. His poetry has appeared in Rattle, American Poetry Review, Poetry Now, Atlas Poetica, Bright Stars, Skylark, and several other poetry journals. In May 2015, Keibooks published flowers to the torch, Peter’s book of tanka prose.

Peter is also a jazz pianist, having played in several venues in the greater New York City area including The Black Whale and LeRefuge in City Island and Pete’s Saloon in Elmsford, New York.

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