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Issue 12: Summer 2019
Poem: 212 words
Editors’ Note: 90 words
Climate Crisis

Earth Hymn

by Bianca Glinskas

Night is a charcoal cough speckled with ghost lights, 
tired and over-romanticized. Consider space exploration 

as a response to our planetary eviction notice. Twenty-one 
identical radio signals travel three hundred billion years to us. 

Scientists speculate at their ancient origins—invitation or bait? 
The waves hark and hark, phonetic through the infinite darkness—

anonymous abyss. Space beckons to us and we bark, 
eager to consume its conspiracies. Have you seen the rover’s red, 

barren backup plan? This parched planet is being prepped 
like a doomsday base. Meanwhile I sync with the blush 

of sunset, the hush of night. I never want to stop inhaling
this sap-sweet air—this bark breath. I count the exposed 

concentric circles, the beheaded antebellum omens. I swallow 
gulp after gulp of air (as if I could transport the atmosphere in my belly). 

I scatter seeds: little soil-tucked prayers. One day we too 
will be reduced to echo, our own expired surges hurtling 

through hearsay history. Perhaps this is how  
we get to Mars: as a myth, mysterious and unexplained. 

I dream of womanning a small ship into the invisible eye 
of a black hole—Pink Floyd’s “Time” on vinyl, naked and alone. 

I ask myself aloud, “What happens to a soul surrendered to a vacuum?” 

Note From Co-Editors Clare MacQueen & Jack Cooper

We especially like “Earth Hymn.” It’s got poetry and power. It’s a fresh and unpredictable musing on the climate emergency and ecocide. Stars as “ghost lights,” seeds as “little prayers,” and “womanning a small ship”—not to mention “bark breath.” Good stuff! “Earth Hymn” wins our Editors’ Choice Award for Issue 12, with two thumbs up from each of us. The poem earns a cash prize of $50 (USD) and will be reprinted this fall in Volume 6 of our annual anthology.

Bianca Glinskas
Issue 12, Summer 2019

hails from sunny SoCal where she studied English Education and Creative Writing at Cal State Long Beach. She is an emerging poet with plans to obtain an MFA in the coming years. Bianca’s literary journalism has appeared on Poetry Foundation, OnDenver, Drizzle Review, and Adroit Journal.

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