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Issue 12: Summer 2019
Photo-Poem: 71 words
Photograph + Prose Poem
Climate Crisis

Legacy’s Sunset

by Roy Beckemeyer

Legacy’s Sunset, photo-poem (photograph and prose poem) by Roy Beckemeyer

Photo-poem (image and text) copyrighted © 2019 by
Roy Beckemeyer. All rights reserved.

While we debate, delay, conflate, flay science, heat 
the atmosphere with the antagonism of our arrogance, 
flog logic with the Philistine phlogiston of corporate 
greed, set loose the churn and roil of the rhetoric 
of refused responsibility...

...the Earth simmers, the sky smolders toward spontaneous combustibility, the spark of conflagration conscripts the oxygen our grandchildren will gasp for in the long night of the climate we changed for them.


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