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Issue 12: Summer 2019
Poem: 139 words

Holmes County, Ohio, 2011

by Jessie Ehman

Was it God who fell 
that evening, 
God who travelled 
in the form of a bullet 
through atom and membrane, 
splitting wide the white scalp 
of earth—no, not splitting, 
resting, instead, above 
my head like a halo 
before the driving reins 
went slack. 

Moments of impact: 
hay pierced and lifted 
by metal tines, 
a rough apron tossed 
aside like a silk gown 
after a night of dancing, 
and there, in the distance, 
the lake where I swam 
each summer, drifting 
through water pale 
as winter skin.

Down the road, the farmer 
who, in cleaning his gun, 
centered tip and rod 
and steadied a hand 
against the barrel, surprised 
as anyone when the bullet 
left the muzzle—
was it God who put 
the ice in my bones, 
God who turned the horse’s 
nose towards home. 


Jessie Ehman
Issue 12, Summer 2019

lives in Washington state, writes poetry, and formerly served as an editor for Words Without Borders.

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