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Issue 11: Spring 2019
Haibun: 68 words

New Year’s Eve in the North of Italy

by Alexis Rotella

Unannounced, the wind brings with it cymbals and harps from faraway places. It comes with kazoos and rusty cans strung together with yards of twine. It bangs against all that’s solid and scatters everything not tied down. It shreds papers left on the curb, spreads last year’s news to other towns.

Clock tower
in the piazza
always 11 o’clock


Alexis Rotella
Issue 11, Spring 2019

is the curator/editor of Unsealing Our Secrets, a MeToo poetry anthology available on Kindle and Amazon. She is an award-winning poet and digital artist who has been writing Japanese poetry forms in English since the late 1970s. Her passions include her acupuncture practice in Arnold, Maryland and mobile photography, which is featured regularly on Instagram and Facebook sites.

Ms. Rotella’s work has been published throughout the world, and she is the author of dozens of books. Her latest collection of Japanese forms in English, The Color Blue, was released by Red Moon Press in 2017. Her out-of-print haiku and tanka books, as well as her newest works, can be read on Kindle. Her digital art is for sale online at Alexis Rotella Designs.

Digital art, Self-Portrait by Alexis Rotella
Self-Portrait © 2018
By Alexis Rotella
All rights reserved


Don’t try
to figure me out
everything I write
is fiction
all of it true

—From Alexis Rotella’s Lip Prints:
Tanka and Other Short Poems, 1979–2007
(Modern English Tanka Press, 2007); poem and self-portrait appear here with her permission.

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Purple: A Parable by Alexis Rotella, with pictures by Diane Katz (Rosenberry Books, 2008)

Purple, the first poem Alexis ever wrote, and one which has been reprinted many times during the decades since

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