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Issue 9: Spring 2018
Poem: 59 words

She comes safely over

by Catherine Rockwood

She comes safely over
untouched by Saturday traffic, her body
traversing air between glass parallels.  

The world knew long before we did
that life returned to us by accident
inhabits everyone.

Wide-eyed, a little shaken
she hits the playground walk
like light through a rose window

and says “Don’t worry! Don’t.
I looked both ways.”


Catherine Rockwood
Issue 9, Spring 2018

is a poet and independent scholar based in Massachusetts. Her poems appear or are forthcoming in Psaltery & Lyre, The Mom Egg Review, concīs, The Rise Up Review, Antiphon, and elsewhere. Her essays and reviews appear in Tin House, Strange Horizons, and Rain Taxi.

More on the Web: By, About, and Beyond

A Prayer to Charlotte, in February, a poem by Rockwood in Psaltery & Lyre (5 February 2018)

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