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Knock-Your-Socks-Off Art and Literature
Issue 7: Spring 2017
Haibun: 88 words

Letting Loose

by Alexis Rotella

Our last day in Jamaica, we wander into a dance hall and though neither of us is really a dancer, we let loose. After 50 years together, our limbs more limber than ever, my husband twirls me with his little finger, throws me over his shoulder as I land feet up. One by one, couples make a circle to clap and cheer us on as the juke box reminds us all that Life is but a dream, sha-boom sha-boom.

from the clothesline a red shirt goes flying


Alexis Rotella
Issue 7, Spring 2017

is a well seasoned, award-winning artist and writer who is widely known for her Japanese poetry forms in English, as well as for digital art. She is the author of dozens of books, and her latest haiku collection, between waves, was released by Red Moon Press in 2015. She has been appointed 2017 Judge for the Ito-en Haiku Grand Prize Contest in English. Alexis is a licensed acupuncturist who practices in Arnold, Maryland.

Author’s website, where her art is for sale: Alexis Rotella Designs

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