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Issue 12: Summer 2019
Poem: 139 words [R]

Lola the Human Vagina at UC Medical School

by Alexis Rhone Fancher
For 25 years, Lola spread her legs 
for the gynecology rotation, 
decades of eager interns staring 
into her nether regions 
like it was virgin territory. 

Beginning with the labia, 
the Attending physician explained their function, 
pulled the lips apart like a flower, 
then inserted the speculum, 
so they could see all the way in. 

Many had not seen a vagina 
up close since birth. 

Lola assured me she provided a service. 
I make sure they see me 
as a whole person, she said. 

It paid well, and was almost respectable, 
good money for a girl with no college. 

I make a difference, she said proudly. 
Not one of those young doctors 
will ever look at a pussy 
the same way again. 

I try not to laugh. 
I too tell myself lies. 

—Published previously in Diode (Volume 12, Number 1, Summer 2019); appears here with author’s permission.

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