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“Flash isn’t a fad, it’s an art; and while I hope people can have fun with it, its pursuit should still be taken seriously.”
— Tara L. Masih, editor of Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction


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Issue 6: Fall 2016

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Content Warning: KYSO Flash contains a diverse range of literary and artistic works, some of which are suitable only for mature adults.

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Just as few folks load a plate with every delectable from the smorgasbord, no one is expected to consume all of 120 works in this issue—and certainly not in one sitting! (120 works = 108 written + 12 vis-art, by a total of 75 authors and artists.) Please feel free to “graze” favorite genres at your leisure... Thanks so much for visiting!

Note: Works by an individual may appear under multiple genres below. For a complete, at-a-glance list of works by each person, see our index.

:: 6 ::
About Issue 6
Clare MacQueen Introduction: Issue 6
Statistics [for all issues; also includes VIDA data]
:: 6 ::
Ekphrastic Works
Jack Cooper Ekphrastic Elastic: The Literate Palette
[An Introduction]
Heidi Czerwiec 5 by (N°) 5 [CNF/prose poem]
Angelee Deodhar The Tricoteuse [haibun]
Claire Everett But to Each Other Dream [tanka tale] [R]
Ships [tanka tale]
State of the Art [tanka tale]
Sheryl Holland A Little Night Music: Ode to Mozart
[painting] [R]
Sonja Johanson Gainsborough on Another Coast [poem]
Gloria Keeley Tolkien’s First Cover [poem]
Ann Knickerbocker After Watteau [painting] [R]
Lorette C. Luzajic The Scarecrow (for Matthew Shepard)
[poem] [R]
Pamela Johnson Parker Art Through the Ages: Botticelli [poem]
Wardrobe’s Advice to Norma Jean [sonnet]
Drew Pisarra Beware of a Holy Whore [prose poem]
Adelaide B. Shaw Out of New Bedford, Massachusetts, 1847 [haiku sequence]
Kathryn J. Stevens After-Image [prose poem]
Charles D. Tarlton See Featured Author
Harriot West Picking Sunflowers for Van Gogh [haibun story]
Jack Cooper Signs [poem + photograph]
:: 6 ::
Essays and Memoirs
Terry Barr Inside or Outside Meat?
Beth Bilderback Summer
Charles Couch Double Play
Kika Dorsey Dear Mother [R]
Gavin Larsen Excellent
:: 6 ::
Featured Author
Jack Cooper An Introduction:
Ekphrastic Elastic: The Literate Palette
Charles D. Tarlton Three Experimental Ekphrastic Tanka Prose:
John Constable’s Branch Hill Pond, Hampstead Heath
John Constable’s Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows
Constable and Turner: Touching Fire
Charles D. Tarlton Hans Hofmann’s Yellow Burst
Paul Klee’s Highways and Byways
Richard Diebenkorn’s Ocean Park #109
Jack Cooper An Interview:
Seven Questions for Charles D. Tarlton
:: 6 ::
Flash Fiction (501–1,000 words)
Elaine Barnard He Wanted to Fly
Jim Gish Midnight Drift
Marilyn Morgan Cruising
Nancy Parshall Where the Piano Stood
Matthew S. Rosin Bridget Walked
Janey Skinner Marcus
Ron Yates I Sank the Mandolin
:: 6 ::
Haibun Forms
  (See also Ekphrastic Works)
Clare MacQueen Results of Our HTP Writing Challenge
Matthew Paul Adjudication Report and Commentaries
for KYSO Flash HTP Contest 2016
Elizabeth Alford Looking for Labels
Roberta Beary Dear Nancy Drew
Sidney Bending Shallow
Glenn G. Coats Eclipse
For a Period of Time
Kelsey Dean A Year
Claire Everett Fledged
A.M. Gouedard The Miner, Absolom [R]
Charles Hansmann Undercover
Ryan Jessup At the Helm
Marjorie Kennedy Birdfeeder
Bob Lucky Gratitude
Beverly Acuff Momoi Practice: because
Gabriel Patterson The Here & Now
Drew Pisarra Desk
Ray Rasmussen Ecotones of the Spirit
Sheila Sondik In the Beginning
Debbie Strange Coming Undone
Jeff Streeby Colophon
Harriot West Portfolio
J. Zimmerman Kukai
:: 6 ::
Haiga (Art + Poetry)
  (See also Ekphrastic Works)
Janet Lynn Davis ordered [photograph + tanka]
Nancy Hull +
Ray Rasmussen
Moonbeams [fabric art + haiku]
J.R. Lancaster +
Gary S. Rosin
The Shade of a Dog [photograph + haiku]
Michel Lucas +
Gary S. Rosin
Mist on the Moor [photograph + haiku]
Tranquility in White [photograph + poem]
:: 6 ::
Micro-Fiction (up to 500 words)
Jan Bowman Bend in Close
Kelsey Dean There Must Be Lemon Groves in Heaven
Peter Fiore Live at the Five Spot
Warren Jones III Practice
Nancy Ludmerer Learning the Trade in Tenancingo
Eileen Malone The Lies of the Saints
Lynn Mundell She Was Late
Kimmo Rosenthal Ruby, My Dear
Matthew S. Rosin Her Weight Is His
Janey Skinner Carried and Missed
:: 6 ::
Poems, Lineated
  (See also Ekphrastic Works)
Heidi Czerwiec Fall Rondeau [R]
Alexis Rhone Fancher I Prefer Pussy
Sheryl Holland Wabi Sabi Breakfast [R]
Sonja Johanson Leonard Cohen
Bob Lucky Two Vows
Chad W. Lutz Badlands
Bad Transition
Mary Odbert Switch Off
Drew Pisarra Sonnet <2
Kenneth Pobo Selfie
Trish Sheppard A Southern Taxi Hail
Diane Thiel The Minefield [R]
Jim Trainer matchbox luck
Ian Randall Wilson Timbers
:: 6 ::
Prose Poems
  (See also Ekphrastic Works)
Jack Cooper Buddha-Like
Search Worthy
Kelsey Dean Girl with a Strawberry Earring
Kika Dorsey Desert
Jeff Friedman Grief
Bob Lucky The Color of Clouds
C.C. Russell Casual Revision
Jim Trainer Memorare
:: 6 ::
Clare MacQueen “My Belly Is Pregnant With Night”:
A Micro-Review of Kika Dorsey’s Rust
[poems] [R]
:: 6 ::
Tanka Forms
  (See also Ekphrastic Works)
Clare MacQueen Results of Our HTP Writing Challenge
Matthew Paul Adjudication Report and Commentaries
for KYSO Flash HTP Contest 2016
Janet Lynn Davis Approximations
The Singer
Claire Everett Stealing
Peter Fiore Dissolving Boundaries
Urszula Funnell The Old Beatnik
Bill Gottlieb The Husband-Eater
“’re passing through...”
Carol Judkins Mise en scène
Lynne Leach +
David C. Rice
Whisper Song
David C. Rice Learning My Part [R]
Kathryn J. Stevens Ensorcelled
J. Zimmerman +
Patricia J. Machmiller
:: 6 ::
Visual Arts

Please do not copy images and/or image URLs from this website without written permission from the copyright holders. All works in KYSO Flash are copyrighted by their respective artists and authors. Thank you for respecting copyrights.

  (See also Ekphrastic Works and Haiga)
Sheryl Holland Abstract Paintings:
A Resting Place [R]
Horizons 3 [R]
Light for Icarus [R]
Musical Spheres [R]
Ocean of Ki [R]
Janne Karlsson Empty [graphic illustration]
Ann Knickerbocker Classic in Sepia [painting] [R]
J.R. Lancaster Two Photographs [+ Artist’s Notes]:
Dakota Sandstone [R]
Rock On [R]
Lorette C. Luzajic A Plan Always Falls Apart If You Glue It
With Illusion
[painting] [R]

An “[R]” with titles in the Table of Contents indicates reprinted works; or, more accurately of course, republished works, since this issue is an online publication.

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