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News: Fall 2016

Announcing the HTP Contest Results

From mid-April through mid-June this year, we challenged writers to send us their best, original Haibun and Tanka Prose, for consideration for cash prizes and publication. We are pleased to announce three winners, three Honorable Mentions, three Publisher’s Choice awards (the PCA is a previously unannounced category), and ten semi-finalists.

Thank you so much to all the writers who entered the contest! And a world of thanks to poet and editor Matthew Paul for so kindly contributing his time and talent to evaluate entries. We especially appreciate his in-depth and well considered adjudication report and commentaries re the winners and Honorable Mentions. And we would agree with Charles Trumbull, former president of the Haiku Society of America, who has described Paul as “perhaps the most perceptive and hard-hitting reviewer in the business.”

In addition to their publication here in KF-6, the winners and Honorable Mentions, the judge’s report and commentaries, and the PCAs will also appear in a chapbook-size anthology (~60 pages) scheduled for release in December 2016. The book, whose working title is “State of the Art”: Ekphrastic and Hybrid Forms of Poetry, will include visual arts and ekphrastic works as well, selected by KYSO Flash editors. All contributors whose work(s) appear in this full-color, soft-cover collection will receive a complimentary copy.

Winners and Honorable Mentions:

All decisions made by the judge are final. Cash prizes will be awarded in USD by our Publisher as follows:

• Janet Lynn Davis:


  First Place: $200
(tanka prose)
• Claire Everett:


  Second Place: $150
• Sidney Bending:


  Third Place: $100
• Sheila Sondik:

In the Beginning

  1st Honorable Mention: $50
• Ray Rasmussen:

Ecotones of the Spirit

  2nd Honorable Mention: $50
• Roberta Beary:

Dear Nancy Drew

  3rd Honorable Mention: $50
(haibun story)

Adjudication Report and Commentaries by Matthew Paul

Publisher’s Choice Awards:

1st: Kelsey Dean   A Year (haibun)
2nd: Debbie Strange   Coming Undone (haibun)
3rd: Ryan Jessup   At the Helm (haibun)

Semi-Finalists (unranked):

The following selections are listed in alphabetical order by author’s last name. In addition to publication here in KF-6, semi-finalists will also appear in the KYSO Flash Anthology 2016 (soft-cover; black-and-white interior), scheduled for release in January 2017. All contributors whose works are reprinted in our annual anthology will receive a complimentary copy.

• Elizabeth Alford:   Looking for Labels (haibun story)
• Claire Everett:   Stealing (tanka tale)
• Urszula Funnell:   The Old Beatnik (tanka prose)
• Bill Gottlieb:   The Husband-Eater (tanka prose)
• Bill Gottlieb:   “’re passing through...” (tanka prose)
• Charles Hansmann:   Undercover (haibun)
• Carol Judkins:   Mise en scène (tanka prose)
• Marjorie Kennedy:   Birdfeeder (haibun)
• Beverly Acuff Momoi:   Practice: because (haibun)
• Gabriel Patterson:   The Here & Now (haibun)

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