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Issue 6: Fall 2016
Nonfiction: 800 words

Introduction: Issue 6

by Clare MacQueen,
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher

As I write this just before Labor Day, the 58th quadrennial U.S. presidential election dominates the news cycle, terrorists attempt to annul the achievements of civilization, and the world suffers the harsh realities of climate change.

What better time to open the curtain on the fall issue of KYSO Flash, allowing our artists and scribes—painters and poets, photographers and memoirists, fiction writers and other conjurers—to flood the global stage with their healing, visionary artistry.

KF-6 presents 120 works (by a total of 75 authors and artists) for your reading and viewing pleasure, including our specialties, flash and micro-fiction (17 works total), as well as memoir (5), lineated poems (14), prose poems (8), hybrid forms such as haibun (23) and tanka forms (11), and more.

If you love the visual arts—and we do in almost every manifestation—we hope you will enjoy our new category, Ekphrastic Works (23 of them!), a genre represented only three times before in KYSO Flash. You’ll also find in this issue six additional paintings (in addition to those accompanying the Ekphrastic Works), five haiga (i.e., visual art + poetry), two photographs, and one graphic illustration.

A few highlights behind the creation of Issue 6:

I’m delighted and deeply grateful that Contributing Editor Jack Cooper has agreed to become my co-editor at KYSO Flash. While Jack continues to contribute poetry, essays, and other works, he now also adjudicates contests, reads and votes on all submissions, and consults on various editorial issues. His pay? Pocket change for coffee, postage, and printing cartridges. Read all about it in our press release, Poet Promoted to Co-Editor.

We were so pleased to receive six richly rendered Ekphrastic Works by previous contributor Charles D. Tarlton that we designated him as this issue’s Featured Author. We applaud his sharp eye and careful research as he extracts meaning and perspective from some of the world’s greatest paintings.

We were pleasantly surprised to see a baseball anecdote arrive in our Submittable box one day. Double Play, a flash memoir from emerging writer Charles Couch, took us back some 50 years to a shocking moment on the field that made a difference in more than one life, then and now. We look forward to reading more of Couch’s work, and to baseball stories in general.

We are proud to share the winning works from our recent Haibun & Tanka Prose contest as judged by poet Matthew Paul, co-editor of the Presence haiku journal in the U.K. Our deepest thanks to Paul, who generously volunteered his talent and time to pore over scores of submissions. His accompanying adjudication report could serve as a primer to aspiring writers in these genres. The winning works, his report and commentaries, and our semi-finalists appear here in our fall issue: HTP Contest Results.

Our next competition, “One Life, One Earth,” which solicits work on the theme of climate change, will open on the 15th of November 2016; and means to reward the observations and inspirations of writers and artists worldwide in the hopes of fostering compassion, understanding, advocacy, and innovation to counteract this devastating threat to life on our planet. To raise the stakes of our own commitment, KYSO Flash pledges to donate a minimum of ten percent of each entry fee received, to an environmental group with global reach and impact. We are considering several organizations and plan to release the name of our choice when the contest opens.

In the meantime, details and guidelines are available here in Issue 6: Competition Opens Soon. Cash prizes and publication (online in our spring issue 2017, and in our print anthology, fall 2017) will be awarded.

If you’re on Facebook, please consider supporting our little journal—and the 248 writers and artists whose works we’ve published in six issues!—by “liking” our Facebook page and by sharing our link with your friends, family, and colleagues. A world of thanks!

As always, we’re so glad you dropped by, and we hope you enjoy what you find on our menu...

Statistics for Issue 6:

  1. Content: The total of 120 works includes 108 written works—98 of which (or about 91%) are new and first published in KYSO Flash—and 12 works of visual art, one of which is new and published here for the first time anywhere (thank you, Janne Karlsson!).

    (When submitting works for publication, please note that we consider works, both written and visual arts, which appear on social media such as Facebook to have been published already, since they may have been viewed and shared by hundreds or even thousands of folks.)

  2. VIDA: For readers and writers like me who are interested in such numbers, KF-6 contains works by a total of 75 authors and artists, 43 of which are women (i.e., 57%). About VIDA: Women in Literary Arts

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