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“Flash isn’t a fad, it’s an art; and while I hope people can have fun with it, its pursuit should still be taken seriously.”
— Tara L. Masih, editor of Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction


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Issue 3: Spring 2015

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About Issue 3
Clare MacQueen Introduction: Issue 3
:: 3 ::
Craft Essays
David Cobb Potentials of Two Different Haibun Forms:
Nikki and KikĊbun
Jack Cooper When Whales Fly: A Commentweet
Bill Mesce, Jr. Tell, Don’t Show
[Part One + Part Two]
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Essays and Memoirs
Angie Athanassiades Lela’s Bones
Gavin Larsen Cinderella
Into the Night
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Featured Author
Clare MacQueen “After All These Years of Wandering”
[An introduction]
Dan Gilmore Just Before Sleep
[A Chapbook: 5 Haibun + 18 Haibun Stories]:
A Smart Fly
Massive Impermanence
First TV [R]
Hollow Scoops
February 1971, Grand Rapids
Forked Branches
Newtown [R]
Being Saved
Junior Mint
A Morning Moment
After Your Stroke [R]
Destiny [R]
No Netflix [R]
My Birthday [R]
Bonsai [R]
Koi Pond
Ménage a Trois
New Shoes [R]
Magnolia Warbler
After I Didn’t Die
Wasp Nest
Just Before Sleep [R]
:: 3 ::
Flash Fiction (501–1,000 words)
Anniken Davenport The Lonely Ones
Richard L. Herring Letting Go
William F. Lantry Changeling [R]
Dan Leach Hands
Craig Rondinone Farewell to a Friend
Eduardo Santiago Perhaps Veronica
:: 3 ::
Haibun and Haibun Stories
Peter Butler Five Haibun from Two Collections:
End of the Season [R]
Homecoming [R]
Men in Green Wellies [R]
The History Teacher [R]
The Left Boot [R]
Pamelyn Casto Aporia
The Feeding
David Cobb Fearing
Knowing Mouse
Jack Cooper Lessons
Lisa De Luca Why you are afraid of growing old
Kika Dorsey Avis
My Grandmother’s Chair
The Strindberg Tree
Dan Gilmore See Featured Author above
Deborah Guzzi Prickly Heat
Charles Hansmann Camouflage
Kyle Hemmings Gone Girl
Three Jesters
Stella Pierides Drawings [R]
Wet Behind the Ears
Thomas F. Sheehan Dowser on the River
Jeff Streeby Elegy with a parked car
Pat Tompkins Canary Girl, 1916
Important American Paintings:
Three Responses
:: 3 ::
Micro-Fiction (up to 500 words)
Anniken Davenport Bless the Sniper
Judy Jordan The Delivery [R]
Thomas E. Kennedy What to Take [R]
Adam Trodd The Watcher
Two stories which contain all prompt words from String-of-10 SEVEN:
Jack Cooper Options [R]
Orianna Cuinn Target Practice [+ Editor’s Note]
Stories from the 100-Word Competition (National Flash Fiction Day):
Morgan Downie The Star, Falling [R]
Angi Holden 4am [R]
Clare Kirwan Slather [R]
Sylvia Petter Uncle Henri [R]
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Poems, Lineated
Ruth Awad Ablution
Jenna Bazzell Alabama
Jack Cooper All of the Above: A Personality Test [R]
Minding My Own [R]
James Dunlap Overcup
Alexis Rhone Fancher Tonight We Will Bloom for One Night Only [R]
Margaux Griffith Hierarchy of needs (by guitar players)
Georgia Jones-Davis Monumental Dog [R]
Judy Jordan Autumn in the Heart
Just the Still World
Unoiled Hinge
William F. Lantry Elation
Bill Mohr Two Ghazals:
The Auctioneer’s Target Practice in the Orchestra Pit
Vicarious Census Count
Bethany W. Pope A “Boy’s Body”
Philip Wexler Friendly Fire
:: 3 ::
Prose Poems
Pamelyn Casto Lilith’s Call
C. C. Russell The Difference Between Poetry and Prose
:: 3 ::
George Held Just Say No [R]
[No Object, poems by Natalie Shapero]
:: 3 ::
Tanka and Tanka Prose
Jack Cooper Two Tanka:
On your long journey
Opening your card
Bob Lucky Happily Ever After
Thomas F. Sheehan Tanka, Linked Sequences:
For My Father Blind Too Soon
Honey Extracts One Last Promise
Pat Tompkins Signs of Water
Philip Wexler Two Tanka:
snow melt trickles down
your slender fingers
:: 3 ::
Jack Cooper A Morning of Nothing [R]:
Poem translated into Spanish, “Una Mañana de Nada,” by Víctor Raúl Le Roy Brito
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Visual Arts

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Janne Karlsson Indifferent as the Moon [Graphic Art]
John Sokol Five Mixed-Media Paintings [+ Editor’s Note]:
Drowning in the Sea of Samos
In the Red Forest
Rotten Berries
Tailing Sirius
Temptation of St. Anthony #36

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