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“Flash isn’t a fad, it’s an art; and while I hope people can have fun with it, its pursuit should still be taken seriously.”
— Tara L. Masih, editor of Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction


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Issue 2: Winter 2015

Fiction Flash
(501–1,000 words)
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About Issue 2
Clare MacQueen Introduction: Issue 2
News: Changes to Editorial Policy
:: 2 ::
Craft Essays
David Cobb Layout in Haibun
Grant Faulkner 100-Word Stories: Writing with Gaps [R]
Bryan Furuness The Wonder of Geese [R]
Thomas E. Kennedy What Makes a Memorable Piece of CNF? [R]
:: 2 ::
Essays, CNF, & Memoir
Skip Eisiminger Well Begun Is a Home Run: Commencements
Minter Krotzer Jersey Shore Rite Aid [R]
Victor Robert Lee Flames on a Hot Day
Kandi Maxwell Shattered
Bill Mesce, Jr. Tides
C. C. Russell Another Summer at the End
of the World
Pat Tompkins To Play the King
Megan Vered Battle of the Brians [R]
I Am a Marionette [R]
:: 2 ::
Featured Artist
Alexis Rhone Fancher Flash Fiction: Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera [R]
Micro-Fiction: Nebraska [R]
Micro-Fiction: Pick-Up [R]
Poem: Death Warrant [R]
Poem: Morning Wood
Poem: My Dead Boy’s Right Arm
Poem: Staying Put [R]
Poem: The Competition
Visual Art: Seven Images [R]:
  California Poppy
  LA Moon
  Mary Fae Smith
  Radio Tower, Sunset
  Rain, DTLA [Downtown Los Angeles]
  Sunset on Sixth Street
:: 2 ::
Flash Fiction (501–1,000 words)
Alexis Rhone Fancher See Featured Artist above
Charles Hansmann Shipwreck
April Johnston Ira
Kathryn Kulpa Wendy and Brian on the Last Night
of the World
Dan Leach An Inauspicious Start
Bruce Holland Rogers Flag-Draped Coffin
Kimmo Rosenthal Very Good Is Not Good Enough
Pat Tompkins Freestyle
Philip Wexler Paydirt
:: 2 ::
Arlene Ang See “Rupture” in Clare MacQueen’s review of Ang’s latest book Banned for Life
David Cobb Doing Eggs [R]
Green Woman [R]
Room [R]
Withdrawing [R]
See also Craft Essays above
Charles Hansmann Layer [R]
Vivien [R]
Bob Lucky Not Quite the Music of the Spheres
Lynne Rees A Time Before [R]
Dream Date [R]
Wherever we go, there we are [R]
:: 2 ::
Micro-Fiction (up to 500 words)
Jack Cooper Assumed
Alexis Rhone Fancher See Featured Artist above
Dan Gilmore Fixing Things
The Triangle Player [R]
Arya F. Jenkins Descent
April Johnston The American Way
Waiting by Water
Kathryn Kulpa Happy Meal
Cody T Luff Cup
Nuala Ní Chonchúir Vincent in the Yellow House [R]
Kayla Pongrac Borborygmi
Gleah Powers Time Travel
Bruce Holland Rogers Outside Out and Inside In
The Fat of the Land
Kimmo Rosenthal A cage went in search of a bird
In a certain sense, the Good is comfortless
Sin comes openly
C.C. Russell Paraguay, Someone Says as a Song Finishes
The Trappings of Who You Are
Paul Sohar Dangerously
Stray Turtle on the Jersey Shore
Meg Tuite E-Go
Philip Wexler Adoption Criteria
We Recover Lampshades
Joanna White Masks
Anne B. Wright Journey to Inner Space
:: 2 ::
Jack Cooper Heartbreak Kid
Pardon Me
Playful Conversations [Commentary]
The Loudest Talk
Christopher Woods Final Appointment
:: 2 ::
Poems, Lineated
Arlene Ang A Driving Student Reconstructs
the Three-Point Turn
Jennifer Bartlett Exit Through the Gift Shop [Commentary] [R]
Five Poems from Autobiography [R]
Karsten Bjarnholt See Translations below
Chanel Brenner 1999
A Gift from My Mother
My Dying Wish
Sudasi J. Clement Head Trauma [R]
David Cobb Liberation and Aftermath: A Triptych
Jack Cooper Fire [R]
Over a Shoulder [R]
Witness [R]
Kara Dorris Benign Bone Tumor City [Commentary] [R]
Self-Portrait with Framing Effect [R]
György Faludy See Translations below
Alexis Rhone Fancher See Featured Artist above
Ona Gritz A Conscious Decision [Commentary] [R]
Hemiplegia [R]
No [R]
Prologue [R]
Attila Jozsef See Translations below
Kathryn Kulpa Penny Postcard, 1902 (No Cancellation)
Stephen Kuusisto Borges: They Are Knocking the Wind Out of Me in Iowa City [R]
Digressions on Poetry, Prose, and
a Lingonberry Bush
[Commentary] [R]
Letter to Borges from Estonia [R]
Only Bread, Only Light [R]
Dan Leach Ceasefire [R]
Nina Lindsay Around the Fire
Thank You
To the Evening
Radomir Vojtech Luza Porno Mourno
Work to Do
Keli Osborn But Her Hair Was Always Perfect
St. Petersburg
Hal Sirowitz A Step Above Cows [R]
Legal Drugs [R]
[Something Worse]
[Commentary from “Zombies Are Loose”] [R]
Charlie Smith Fortune [R]
The River [R]
Joanna White UC Berkeley, Sproul Plaza, May 1969 [R]
:: 2 ::
Prose Poems
Arlene Ang What Happens Next
Jack Cooper A Far Cry
Dan Gilmore Vietnamese Soup
Mark Hoadley Disappointments (1)
Lee Kisling Pluto
Three Things We Never Speak Of
What She Said
Bob Lucky The Truth Comes Out
Kayla Pongrac all these little symbols
Thomas F. Sheehan Sands at Almada
Signals from a Dark River
Philip Wexler drinks
Joanna White The September I Turned Six
:: 2 ::
Clare MacQueen Banned for Life [Poems by Arlene Ang]
:: 2 ::
Tanka Prose
Janet Lynn Davis What if? [R]
Bob Lucky Finding my Way in Kichijoji
:: 2 ::
Karsten Bjarnholt Three poems translated from Danish by Thomas E. Kennedy:
Mallow [R]
Spermatozoa [R]
Submission [R]
György Faludy Poem translated from Hungarian by
Paul Sohar:
Silver Pirouettes (Sonnet 12) [R]
Attila Jozsef Two poems translated from Hungarian by
Paul Sohar:
The Song of a Grieving Hungarian [R]
With a Pure Heart [R]
Paul Sohar Attila Jozsef [Commentary] [R]
:: 2 ::
Visual Arts

Please do not copy images and/or image URLs from this website without written permission from the copyright holders. All works here are copyrighted by their respective artists and authors. Thank you for respecting copyrights.

Don Baccus Three Photographs [R]:
[Great Egret]
[Shorebird at Sunset]
Alexis Rhone Fancher See Featured Artist above
Lawrence Feir Three Mixed-Media Sculptures [R]:
[Figurative Female Torso]
Where’s Watson? [Figurative Male Torso]
Allen Forrest Five Images: City Life [Three Drawings, Two Paintings + Artist’s Statement]:
Fifth Avenue, Seattle
Jazz Guitarist
Skinner Building, Seattle
Wayland House Five Woodblock Prints [R]:
Fishing Village
Isatu the Potter
Jamming II
The Struggle
Three Fishermen
Janne Karlsson Those Branches [Graphic Flash]
Cindy L. Sheppard Three Photographs:
Eleven Degrees
The Color of Silence
The Dance
Christopher Woods Three Photographs [R]:
Bungalow, Washington County
Old House, Fayetteville
Rainy May Morning

An “[R]” with titles in the Table of Contents indicates reprinted works; or, more accurately of course, republished works, since this issue is an online publication.

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