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“Flash isn’t a fad, it’s an art; and while I hope people can have fun with it, its pursuit should still be taken seriously.”
— Tara L. Masih, editor of Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction


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Issue 1: Fall 2014

Fiction 2015
Best Small Fictions
2016 Pushcart Prize
(501–1,000 words)
(up to 500 words)
Nonfiction 2016 Pushcart Prize
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Best Small Fictions
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About Issue 1
Clare MacQueen Dedication
Submission Stats
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Creative Nonfiction (CNF) and Essays
Angie Athanassiades Rosemary for Remembrance
The Antikythera Shipwreck
Tara Deal Every Woman Is an Island [R]
Thomas E. Kennedy A Little Tale of Sunrise
Jenny Lawson Thanks for the Zombies, Jesus [R]
Susan Lerner It’s Not the Size [R]
Alison Luterman The Determined Chicken: On Becoming
an Urban Biker in my Fifties
Amalia Melis A Daring Soul: Tribute to Betty Ryan
Colleen Kearney Rich Group
Larry Silberfein The Bris and the Brisket
Claude Clayton Smith Junk Drawer
A.M. Thompson Vincent in Love
Ken Waldman Writer as Scavenger, Poet as Sculptor
Ginna Wilkerson Fat Girl Yawning, by Diane Arbus (1960)
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Featured Artists
Victor Nunnally Two Stained-Glass Mosaic Windows [R] + Commentary + Editor’s Note:
Journeyman #4
The Nest
Michael Sweere Four Mixed-Media Mosaics [R] + Commentary [R] + Editor’s Note:
Rain Chorus
Note: See also Visual Arts
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Flash Fiction (501–1,000 words)
Deanne Gertner Note to Self
Justin Key Two Sides to Every Story
Ryan Keith McConkey Bulls on Parade
Bruce Holland Rogers Adam’s Curse
The Frog Prince [R]
Eduardo Santiago Toot
Katey Schultz The Last Thing They Might Have Seen
We Owned It All
Claude Clayton Smith Quantum Love
Sarena Ulibarri Half Life
Leslie What Aging in Place
Jajah Wu Kettle Moraine
Red Army Girls Go Battalion
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Michael McClintock Afternoon Garden [R]
Autumn Plums
Once in a Meadow, Near Los Osos [R]
Pat Tompkins Gino
Umbellularia Californica
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Micro-Fiction (up to 500 words)
Roberta Allen Three Amulet Stories +
Three B&W Photographs:
To Attract Men
To Gain Control
To Stop Self-Deception
Nicola Belte Mine [R]
Nilay Gandhi Beathles
Richard Holinger Her Real Work
Looking Good
Tear Out the Page
The Steps
Cory Johnston Courtyard
Thomas E. Kennedy Connection
Wendy Lestina On the Other Hand [R]
Tara L. Masih Rabbit Girl
To Follow: to proceed without plan or reflection
Christopher Merrill Guidebook [R]
Bruce Holland Rogers Advice and Consent
C.C. Russell Break
The Beginning of a Simple Conversation
Katey Schultz A Tiny Disturbance
Born in the Wrong Era
Stop Looking at Me Like That
Time Wasted
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Renée Ashley and
Steve Davenport

It’s Only Then
LoVerne Brown A Sunday Morning After a Saturday Night [R] + Commentary [R] + Editor’s Note
Three Poems:
For Edna Millay
Living With Erin
Jess Dimond Ordinary Hermetics
Six Postcards from the Mountain
Parneshia Jones Bra Shopping [R]
Thomas E. Kennedy From Verses for Drunks, Lechers and Other Miscreants [R]:
A Mystery
Sister of Mercy
Song: European Standards
Steve Kowit Alpha Centauri [R]
The Bus to Pomasqui [R]
What chord did she pluck in my soul [R]
Alison Luterman An Ode to Aspirin
Long Bones
Willing [R]
Christopher Merrill Ghazal (3)
Ghazal (4)
Ghazal (5)
Carolyn Miller Cigarettes
In the Lot
The Barn House, Late October
The Book of the Living
Thomas F. Sheehan Gandy Dancer of the Phoebe Snow [R]
Late Night Guitar [R]
Thomas, Thomas [R]
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Prose Poems
Nin Andrews Confession 6
The Art of Drinking Tea [R] + Commentary [R]
The Price of Red Buckle Shoes
Renée Ashley [I have a theory about reflection] [R]
[neither the cock on fire nor the tin roof banging] [R]
Two Selections from Ruined Traveler
Maxine Chernoff Gesture [R]
Subtraction [R]
The Man Struck Twenty Times by Lightning [R]
Jess Dimond After the Hurricane
Seraphic Interludes
The Boy and the Tree
Sean Thomas Dougherty The Black Flags of Our Bodies
Deanne Gertner When You Stand
Thomas E. Kennedy Amber Hunting [R]
Bob Lucky The Dead Never Change
Tara L. Masih Small Orbits
Carolyn Miller Driving with Robert [R]
Bryce Milligan The Fiftieth Face [R]
Amy Penne Gephyrophobia
John Yau Fisherman
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Bryce Milligan Reduced to Words Redux
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Duff Brenna A Few Words About Steve Kowit [R]
Flashes of War: Short Stories
by Katey Schultz
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Tanka Prose
Bob Lucky Ethnographic Vignette #2
Saturday Morning
The Grater Things in Life [R]
Michael McClintock The Egyptian Exhibit [R]
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Visual Arts

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Roberta Allen Three B&W Photographs +
Three Amulet Stories:
To Attract Men
To Gain Control
To Stop Self-Deception
Janne Karlsson Five Dark Comics:
Even Men Bleed [R]
Look Me in the Eyes
Pass Me the Gravy
Permafrost [R]
To Tame Wildfires
Amalia Melis Three Assemblage Sculptures [R] + Commentary:
Hidden Within
Hop On, I’ll Give You a Ride
Victor Nunnally See Featured Artists
Betty Ryan Apatouria [a painting]
Michael Sweere See Featured Artists

An “[R]” with titles in the Table of Contents indicates reprinted works; or, more accurately of course, republished works, since this issue is an online publication.

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