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Issue 1: Fall 2014
Haibun: 159 words [R]

Once in a Meadow, Near Los Osos

by Michael McClintock

God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the One who with a single thought filled the universe, God of the Exodus and the empty tomb:

In the year the snows came late and the coastal ranges alone made room for spring, many times dandelions delayed my journey, their faces all innocent, clean, wholesome—they called me off the road, they unraveled my purpose like a spool and threw away my coat, crowding in upon me, they and the daisies and the poppies—most especially the poppies, fields of them, in riot and aflame, wanton and loving with color.

My heart was rampant and willing and so into their beds I went radiant and sprawled naked among them, embraced and kissed, flaring like a candle.

God forgive me what was done among the dandelions, the wildflowers, most especially the poppies.

a poppy . . .
a field of poppies!
the hills blowing with poppies!

— Previously published in Modern Haiku (34.1, Winter/Spring 2003) and anthologized in Contemporary Haibun #4 (Red Moon Press, 2003); reprinted by permissions of author and publisher

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