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Issue 1: Fall 2014
Prose Poem: 120 words

The Dead Never Change

by Bob Lucky

I see my dead brother wandering around the back yard. He doesn’t recognize me at first—I have aged—accuses me of stealing his BBQ pit.

We sold it, I tell him.

What gives you the right, he asks.

You were dead.

So what, he says, it was my BBQ.

He starts to come at me, like a crazed zombie, the kind in the movies, not the real ones.

We had to, I explain, the food off that grill tasted like crap after you died.

That stopped him long enough for me to slip into the garage and cover the BBQ pit with an old blanket. That guy never knew when I was screwing with him.

Bob Lucky
Issue 1, Fall 2014

Regular contributor to haiku and tanka journals in the US, Europe, and Australia, whose work has been widely anthologized. His works in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry have appeared or are forthcoming in numerous international journals, including Flash, Rattle, Modern Haiku, The Prose-Poem Project, The Boston Literary Magazine, Haibun Today, and Contemporary Haibun Online (where he edits content).

Lucky’s chapbook of haibun, tanka prose, and prose poems, entitled Ethiopian Time, is forthcoming. He now lives and works in Saudi Arabia.

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