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“Flash isn’t a fad, it’s an art; and while I hope people can have fun with it, its pursuit should still be taken seriously.”
— Tara L. Masih, editor of Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction


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Issue 5: Spring 2016

Fiction Flash
(501–1,000 words)
(up to 500 words)
Results of Triple-F
Writing Challenge
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Writing Challenge

Content Warning: KYSO Flash contains a diverse range of literary and artistic works, some of which are suitable only for mature adults.

However, an “[R]” with titles below simply indicates reprinted works; or, more accurately of course, republished works, since KF-5 is an online publication.

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Just as few folks load a plate with every delectable from the smorgasbord, no one is expected to consume all of 111 works (91 written + 20 vis-art) in this issue. At least not in one sitting! Please feel free to “graze” favorite genres at your leisure... Thanks so much for visiting!

Note: Works by an individual may appear under multiple genres below. For a complete, at-a-glance list of works by each person, see our index.

:: 5 ::
About Issue 5
Clare MacQueen Introduction: Issue 5
Editors Results of Our Triple-F Writing Challenge
:: 5 ::
Craft Essays
Jack Cooper Online vs. Print: A False Dichotomy
William Luvaas Limbo
Ray Rasmussen Modern English-Language Haibun [R]
:: 5 ::
Essays and Memoirs
Skip Eisiminger Democratic Vistas: Two Military Funerals
Joyce Hildebrand The Community of Bread [R]
Ray Rasmussen This Too Shall Pass
:: 5 ::
Featured Artist
Alexis Rotella Cuban Cars [selections from the series]
A Slice of Lime
Ready to Go
Red Boots
Turquoise Nugget
The Maisels
Alexis Rotella Five Artworks
Epiphany II
Look of Surprise
Prayers for Lost Children
Secret Cavern
Sock It to Me
Alexis Rotella See also Haiga
:: 5 ::
Flash Fiction (501–1,000 words)
Jonathan Cardew The Breton Coast [R]
Weight Loss
James Lloyd Davis Butterfly Fingers [R]
Bill Mesce, Jr. The General
Nancy Parshall The Neighbors Will Take the Chickens
Andrew Stancek Call to Arms
Horses’ Heads
:: 5 ::
Haibun Forms
Roberta Beary The Feast of St. Patrick
David Cobb Panto
Kika Dorsey Caring for Lezane
Jerry Garcia Infarction
Dan Gilmore Hackmuth’s Mannequin Dream
“I Feel Good”
On Saying I Love You
Deborah Guzzi A Missive from Genevieve
Charles Hansmann Northerly
Ryan Jessup Mercy
Ray Rasmussen See also Craft Essays
Life After Floss [R]
Lucky Day [R]
Sunspot [R]
To My High School Girlfriend
Alexis Rotella Christmas Morning
Flying Insects
The Wreckage
Nikita Shorikov Season of Fire
The Duel
Paul-Victor Winters Blue
Rich Youmans Connecting the Constellations
The Life You Save
:: 5 ::
Haiga (Poetry + Art)
Roberta Beary Barfly [R]
Frieda Lawrence Dream No. 9
Alexis Rhone Fancher Because He Used to Love Her: A Story in Photographs and Senryu
Un-Still Life-2
Michael and
Karen McClintock
Five Works:
[dandelions!] [R]
[enough is enough] [R]
[for big fat radishes] [R]
[one bird] [R]
[we hear grunion] [R]
Alexis Rotella [snowy owl] [R]
[Peonies] [R]
:: 5 ::
Micro-Fiction (up to 500 words)
Jonathan Cardew An Ordinary Day
Kika Dorsey The Dusty City
Tara Laskowski Ladies Night
Ann Stewart McBee The Changeling
Daryl Scroggins Holding His Own
Beth Sherman Life List
Andrew Stancek Sheol
Pat Tompkins As Student Is to Aardvark
Sarah Ann Winn The Cruelest Month
:: 5 ::
Poems, Lineated
Kai Carlson-Wee Corn Fires [R]
Emily Rose Cole The month after the divorce
Jack Cooper Good News/Bad News [R]
Grandpa’s Tools [R]
If Only [R]
Charles Hansmann Impromptu
Lee Kisling Day One—No Insurance
Carolyn Miller Dog Days
Michelle Perez Reflections in a Diner Window Pane
Dennis Trujillo Spider Bite
Paul-Victor Winters Untitled (Future)
:: 5 ::
Prose Poems
Kika Dorsey Silhouettes
Tony Eprile The Notebook
Bob Lucky Who’s Roosting in the Family Tree
Carolyn Miller Limogne Revisited
C.C. Russell Aloft
Ed Taylor Slur Exercises [R]
Paul-Victor Winters Yellow
Xiaorong Jajah Wu Monsters
:: 5 ::
Katherine Raine &
Sheila Sondik
:: 5 ::
Clare MacQueen “Too Much Perfume for One Heart to Hold”
[a review of The Small, Wild Places, a collection of tanka poems by Claire Everett]
:: 5 ::
Tanka Forms
Jenny Ward Angyal Gaps [R] [Honorable Mention, 2015 Tanka Prose Contest, Tanka Society of America]
Claire Everett Crowkind [R]
The Window Poem [R] [Third-Place Winner, 2015 Tanka Prose Contest, TSA]
Two Storeys
Urszula Funnell Checkmate [R] [First-Place Winner, 2015 Tanka Prose Contest, TSA]
Me and Pa
Through the Window
Time Does Nothing
Clare MacQueen “Too Much Perfume for One Heart to Hold”
[a review of The Small, Wild Places, a collection of tanka poems by Claire Everett]
David Terelinck Carved in Stone [R] [Honorable Mention, 2015 Tanka Prose Contest, TSA]
Pat Tompkins The Spinster
J. Zimmerman Ah Morelia [R] [Second-Place Winner, 2015 Tanka Prose Contest, TSA]
:: 5 ::
Visual Arts

Please do not copy images and/or image URLs from this website without written permission from the copyright holders. All works in KYSO Flash are copyrighted by their respective artists and authors. Thank you for respecting copyrights.

Roberta Beary See Haiga
Claire Everett [The Window] [Photograph]
Alexis Rhone Fancher See Haiga
Suzanne Hawkins [Mission Bay Moon Jellies] [Photographs]
Michael and
Karen McClintock
See Haiga
Ray Rasmussen Lichens Growing on Stone [Photograph]
Alexis Rotella See Featured Artist
Christopher Woods Five Photographs:
Drawn to the Light
Ferry Crossing to Vinalhaven
Heartbreak House
The Sunlit Sheets

An “[R]” with titles in the Table of Contents indicates reprinted works; or, more accurately of course, republished works, since this issue is an online publication.

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